Post Vasectomy Pain Forum



Had a vasclip vasectomy May 2011. Pretty standard recovery, then started to get sharp pains @ 5months post-op radiating from the left vasclip.

Pain increased enough that I had the clip removed Jan 2012. Then everything went to hell. Hospital acquired infection, misdiagnoses for a month, then meds (so many meds!).

After all that, my pain problems weren't actually resolved and they started to get worse over 2012. By the end of 2012, I could no longer sit without being in pain. Had a targetted robotic neurolysis @ Winter Haven hospital by Dr. Parekattil in Feb 2013.

After a bumpy recovery for a year, I think I'm almost fully recovered.

I got and Campbell's Walsh Urology 11th edition to revise their reported numbers.

Medication history here if anyone wants to compare notes.