Post Vasectomy Pain Forum



Open-ended Vasectomy 24th October 2020

Reversal booked for 26/8/21, 10 months 2 days post-vas

Bloods, urine, stools - No issues
Ultrasound of abdomen & renal tract - No issues
CT of kidneys - No issues
CT of brain - No issues
X-ray of Abdomen & Chest - No issues
Ultrasound of testes - No issues
Osteopath - No serious back problems
Endoscopy - No issues

Officially diagnosed with PVPS on June 10th 2021, Pending “urgent time sensitive” referral for reversal by Andrologist, hopefully ASAP - NHS said “NOPE” Private reversal scheduled for 26th August 2021

Started Amitriptyline 10mg on 2nd July 2021, no relief so far from what I can tell - Stopped after about 4 weeks as it didn’t seem to help with pain and also gave me surges of depression