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Vasectomy 2011

Occasional bouts of epididymitis (right side only) that seemed very random. Extreme throbbing/stabbing pain (9/10) that only lasted a minute or so. One time it happened while I was driving and I passed out and put my car into an oak tree. Shattered right thumb. Sometimes would wake me up at night, but ibuprofen (800 mg) and ice alleviated the pain quickly.

April 2018–Removal of scar tissue nodule on upper vas (right side)

Had a week long bout with what I guess was epididymitis (right side). Wasn’t as intense as past experiences, but a steady (4/10). Uncomfortable to walk/sit. Notice a nodule sticking out on right side when I raised testicle up to examine it. See urologist who says he can remove it. Opt to do that thinking it would help. Big mistake. A few weeks after surgery right testicle is on fire, epi is very swollen and tender, and of course ultrasound comes back showing epididymitis. Get put on Augmentin which destroys my appetite. Barely eat anything, drop 15 pounds in maybe 2 weeks, and develop insomnia and panic attacks. End up checking myself into a psychiatric hospital (what a humbling experience that was) for 3 nights in June. Admitted on my Birthday…yay!

July 2018

Epididymitis went down significantly after taking prednisone. Try not to take any medications, but seem to have a constant discomfort/ache in my right testicle still. Epididymis feels a bit enlarged but isn’t too tender to touch. Tried taking hot baths but get that seems to inflame it and make it more tender. Went to PUR clinic and currently treating there. Have to get it double-checked, but initial testosterone test had me at 130, which I know is pretty low. Maybe going on TRT, and also thinking about getting a reversal.

Also seem to have more lower back tightness (right side) and right hamstring tightness, and when my right epi hurts these areas also seem to bug me. Ive been stretching often but still seem to have issues. Also started walking because I figure some exercise may help.