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Zyflamend Natural Med

Still hanging on to the gains from the mega block with Dr. P. Cut my amitriptyline to 25 mg while taking his compound of tadalafil and oxytocin. I forgot to mention that I also added a natural ant-inflammatory caled Zyflamend. It seemed to have helped me with my flare-up back in 2008-09. Thought I’d pass that along in case anyone else wants to give it a try.

Biked 11 miles on Saturday and 15 today. No noticeable increase in pain . Still down 70-80% but plan to just walk for the next week and not push my luck.

I’m using a no-nose seat called the moon saddle. No pressure on the perineum or scrotum.

Man i hope this helps you. Unfortunatly all the meds i have been on and there is a huge list are just a bandaid they just hide the fact your still in pain, there is some on this forum saying life is better now but if you are on a mixture of drugs each day your just hiding the fact the pain is still there. With myself i am not fixed till i am off the drug cocktails. All the shit we take is no good for us i look forward to the day i can maybe get how i was drug free.

How did you take it?

You can buy Zyflamend in pill form from nutrition and vitamin shoppes.

Thanks for the tip. How far along are you from the start of this flare up? Only 20% pain is excellent. Glad to hear you are biking again.

Did you take once or twice a day?

It’s been 13 months. Definitely feeling a lot better. Thanks for all your tips and input. It’s great having a community to lean on.

Just one time per day.