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Youtube post by Dr P

Found this on YT -

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The video is ok, the British guys 1 in 150 is an interesting data.
I didn’t like his answer on open ended option, the real issue there based on what I have read is the sperm granuloma at the exit of the pipe.

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Great point. Open-end vasectomy and conversions from closed to open ended should, IMO, at least be labeled as controversial and with mixed results. Like so many approaches and therapies, the reports on this forum are a mixed bag.

Kevin Hauber, the pioneer victim of PVPS, states in his book “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It” that his open-ended conversion was his biggest regret and that extra surgery created more damage.

In my case, I was specifically warned by my vasectomist (not least favorite uro) and my reversal surgeon (my favorite uro) that leaking sperm out into the open CAN be dangerous to some men. Neither said it’s 100% dangerous, just warned me against thinking it was a great option.

In my case, I turned out NOT to have epi congestion. During the reversal, the uro found I was actively leaking sperm from both vas tips. I had blown through the cauterization. Made me think of eff Goldbloom in Jurassic Park where he says “life finds a way.” He removed a great deal of scar tissue during the reversal which, presumably, came from my immune system attacking the sperm outside the reproductive tract.

Personally and from my non-medical perspective and experience, open-ended vasectomies (which is what mine had effectively become) are playing with fire. Your mileage may vary.