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Writing Campain to Dr. Oz & the Doctors

I been trying to make the pain issues come out to Dr. Oz and the Doctors in L.A.
My questions have gone unanswered. I am one voice. Maybe if all of us write into these programs to bring it more coverage. Maybe we can get the help we need.

Address the envelope to: New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia Milstein Hospital Building Room 7 GN 435 ATTN: Dr. Mehmet Oz. 177 Fort Washington Avenue New York, NY 10032

I can’t find an address for the Doctors but they do have a FaceBook page and a website. Any suggestions?

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Dr. Oz show ideas/topics can be submitted online.

Maybe if we all submit a barrage of the same pvps request, they’ll take notice. Maybe.

I’m also going to write to Sanjay Gupta, he’s a medical correspondent for CNN, and also a doctor. It probably won’t get me anywhere, but it’s worth a shot.

The daily mail did a story about a guy with PVPS, but his sounded like a pretty minor case and they didn’t really touch on the serious PVPS issues.

I wouldn’t waste my time with the doctors. They’re pretty pro-vas from what I’ve seen.


Personally, I think waiting for those guys to reach out and help is a mistake. I guarantee you most of his viewers are women and they would probably lump it together in a show or segment with a panel that included at least one hardcore pro-vasectomy feminist type that would just trash us as whiners. We can do things on our own to hold providers accountable and grow awareness. When that is being done in a serious disciplined manner then you will have a story that will write itself. It’s a PR thing. When we have extreme whining, of which I have been guilty in the past, we marginalize ourselves. Am I going to do anything to get it going. Probably not. I had some suggestions of building an online registry of people that have been wounded with times, dates, names, provider names, symptoms, a notarized form. We would need to have disclaimers because this is PHI. There would be some legal expertise required so we were HIPAA compliant and could not be held accountable for libel. Sending providers letters that they have a PVPS patient and it is being tracked in our database confidentially. Sending out mailers to the major medical/urological groups with the current AUA guidelines as well as a 5 point list of suggestions about informed consent, pain, incidence of pain etc… Letting those providers groups know that are record of the correspondence has been kept.

We would also have guys considering vasectomy make inquiries if a provider they are considering is on our list of pain outcomes.

If you had that in place, a responsible organized campaign of awareness and education as well as tracking you would come across as a responsible group and not isolated whiners. We also need to strongly police any sort of ranting on here that would marginalize us. Some ranting is okay. People need to see the devastation, but it needs to be balanced.

Those are my suggestions.

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I agree with all of what you said Mike. I will go a step further and say, vasectomy is deeply embedded into our world, and society. It’s embedded into our medical system’s, our legal system’s, our social system’s, and so on.

The only people that will likely change anything about how vasectomy is sold are those at the top of all of it. I really don’t see it happening anytime soon, if at all.

There are those looking for better, and less destructive ways to make a man sterile. There are also those that are urgently looking for a one step, easy fix for the ongoing pain associated with traditional vasectomy. I refer to that as the “holy grail of vasectomy”. If someone, or some entity can figure that out, it will change everything, and further strengthen the strong arm, juggernaut of vasectomy.

I will add here that these entities that have been suggested to contact, get on a show, etc, etc. These are great ideas, but not new ideas. These avenues have been explored in the past with no luck.

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I want to say that, I hope what I have to say about campaigning in regard to awareness, change, etc doesn’t come off as negative, or oppressive. People fight for change, and sometimes they fight indefinitely. It’s possible that things can change, as unlikely as it would seem.

It’s not just awareness, it’s the sale and regulation of vasectomy that could use a serious overhaul as well.

Vasectomy is so poorly regulated. Urologists are allowed to create their own paperwork, and consultations based on what they see fit to disclose. They are not required to tell their customers what the AUA, or the NHS have to say in regard to PvP, pvps, and so on. Of course the people, or entities that sell this stuff likely have a round table of attorneys helping them create bulletproof ways of selling their procedures.

While I do not condone major ranting, hating on your wife all the time in public, acts of violence, self harm, defamination, etc, I do encourage anyone to do their part far as bringing awareness to all, and fighting for real change. Perhaps someone will get through eventually.

Good luck

The Doctors show did a segment on a man considering a vasectomy. He was having reservations. The female GYN on the show (no longer on the show thankfully) showed graphics of both tubal ligations and vasectomies. Her conclusion was that the vasectomy was an office procedure and therefore much safer than a tubal ligation. She ignored other options. I agree, those folks probably won’t take up the topic.


It will probably take a lawsuit or two to get their attention. If a victim of PV pain showed that the doctor didn’t disclose the risks, and of course found a willing attorney, doctors would start thinking twice. It’s of course too bad the vasectomy often causes trouble, as it is easy and convenient to do.

How about a writing campaign to the Catholic Church?

The Catholic Church is against Vasectomy and Tubal Ligation, but does not know about PVPS or Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome.

The Catholic Church’s rationale against vasectomy dovetails with the occurrence of PVPS.

Catholic Church is perhaps the only organization or religion that is out-rightly trying to reduce the number of vasectomies.
But, like I already stated above, the catholic church is not aware of PVPS. The catholic church needs to be informed of the severity and prevalence of PVPS so that they might use it in their argument against vasectomy.

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I agree,. I tried to speak to him about this and at the time got the brush off. I even gave him information on men dealing with groin and testicle pain in his hands. I guess he tossed it (2013). I had gotten a call from the “doctors” back than but was not able to travel out there. Anyway, Just say when. I am for it.

Sadly NPR does a story every year at the time of the Final Four. And they bring on guys who talk about how great it is that hey get it done and then sit on the couch all weekend and watch basketball.
If anyone were to actually take up the topic, they’d bring on Jonathan Stack. Or they’d bring up the whole bullshit of well she bore the children you should do your part now.

No one will ever take the topic seriously UNLESS it is put on by someone like us, for people like US and we can pick the people on the panel.