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Wound Dehiscence

Just another heads up for anybody considering a vasectomy. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a scalpel or non-scalpel, single or bilateral incision procedure. Wounds left open are more likely to heal badly. Some doctors may allege non-scalpel procedures need no stitches and therefore are safer. Untrue. Same for those making stitches anyway. If they’re not done correctly or open along the way, it may lead to a painful scarring process with bad results. Aesthetically-wise, it’s shit. It took me years to finally understand that my adhesion problem (outer skin of the scrotum glued to groin muscle) was caused by a stitch that popped slightly open. God knows how many dudes may have pain because of a bad scarring process, adhesion causing those pulling-tugging feelings and many more problems that can’t even be considered malpractice because it’s one of the many ‘unlikely’ outcomes of a vasectomy.

Anyway, wound dehiscence. I wish I had single aspect of this procedure explained to me four years ago before I went on with something that changed my life for worse.

A quick Google search leads to many questions like this:

And doctors just dismiss it. If your wound is not properly closed or you stitches break open, it is indeed a major concern. Not only for infections but because it will heal badly, look badly and possibly be painful.

It’s absurd how they simply respond somehow like this: “Open hole in your ballsack at incision area? Just wash it clean and it’ll be fine.”

Another complication that I have seen a handful of times is where the proximal vas adheres to the back of the scrotal skin. Sounds like something that could be really psychologically disturbing. There can even be a fistula where spermatic fluid leaks out through the scar.

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Yep. Probably because of the fascial interposition method, in which one segment of the vas deferens is left out from one side of the fascial tissue in hopes of preventing sperm from reaching the other segment.

Doctors should simply put it like this: “Once you’re cut open (by all means non-scalpel also makes a hole in your body) for surgery, we’re basically rolling the dice and anything is possible.” Fine if it’s a matter of life and death. Not fine for elective surgery.

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Yeah, the thing I had zero knowledge about was the antigenic quality of sperm. To me, that puts vasectomy in a completely different category of surgery. It’s presented as like getting a wart removed. In fact, it is acquainting your immune system with a fountain of irritating sperm cells that will probably not shut off until the day you die. Hopefully it’s fine!

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As of today, we’ve got ~5 or more scrotal adhesion complication stories on this site. The most recent one was the vas adhered to the spermatic cord.

For those that are on the fence regarding if all this post vas sperm stuff has any merit to it - might want to check out the link below.


Thanks Ringo, that is an amazing paper.

@RingoStar I posted that paper to the subreddit, along with some commentary that may give men who are considering vasectomy some pause:


The meme or idea that a man’s body will absorb the sperm as it always has seems to be an absolutely misleading statement, or an absolute lie. Take your pick.

The same or similar can or could be said in regard to how a man’s body reacts to his own sperm leaking from the vas. There’s plenty of evidence that suggests there is way more to it than your body just absorbs the sperm - just like it did before or otherwise. That’s just more misleading nonsense from those that are advocates of vasectomy.

Be sure to download personal copies of all the PDF studies you come across. I’d guess those who promote vasectomies as moreless perfectly safe, no change afterwards, more and more nonsense, etc, would like to see such studies removed from the internet.