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Would you do it?

If you had very little or no pain at all, would you go for a reversal? It is not as expensive in my country and I am terrified since I found this forum. I am 30 years, no children. 2 months post vas. A very experienced urologist says that he could do the reversal any time.

I think most of us experienced pain almost immediately, if you’re not having symptoms and feel fine I would leave it be.

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Hey Fighting, I’m wondering why you would be considering a reversal if you have just had the vasectomy and are not in pain? I would strongly recommend against the reversal - the surgery is much more invasive than the initial vasectomy, and the pain afterwards, even if all goes well is quite extensive. If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

Thank you. Well, Im afraid of possible outcomes like pain and sperm antibodies. I dont want to wait for epididymitis blowout either. This two months have been a nightmare. I spent a week in a mental institution shortly after I found this forum. I dont trust doctors anymore but if the urologist says the reversal is not a big deal, Im going for it. If it aint broke? I think we are all pretty broken down there…

I replied to you on another thread and just now realized you are the guy that started this thread.

We welcome everyone here but you don’t belong here if you are not in pain. I would first suggest that you not worry because most guys end up fine. You seem to be fine now and you will more than likely get nothing but better.

If you were having problems you would know it.

I think you may want to seek out professional help for your anxiety. This site is for emotional support for men suffering from chronic post vasectomy pain. We share our experiences and that’s it.

My wife and I agreed that neither of us will ever go under the knife again unless it is for a life saving procedure.