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Would you consider a Reversal a year out if you felt basically fine but knowing what you know now?

Would you consider a Reversal a year out if you felt basically fine but knowing what you know now?

I’m just thinking, man if this settles down (right now I’m at work typing at my desk with my knees on a pillow so I look like I’m sitting, but funny I can’t sit right now) knowing all of what could go wrong do I consider trying to a reversal before bigger stuff hits me?

Who on here is in the spot where they are a year out, is contemplating it? Who did and the doc advise against and why? And who knowing what they know now, and are some years out after there vas, even feeling their vas a success for X years) again BEFORE issues have risen would consider doing one?

Because I tried talking to ac cousin who had a vas but has some aching down there and he doesn’t want to hear about… And he’s 5 years out. I guess if the nerve and general pain settle down the biggest thing is leakage, or blockage possibly causing and exploded epy or infection is the biggest things to worry about after?

Personally, I wouldn’t do anything.

Read up on the others who have had a reversal. They are fine for a few months and then back to the way they were pain wise.

I just don’t think after going thru a vas that that is an area that should be messed with at all!! Like unless you are dying, and they only way to live would be having surgery down there…maybe. But if it’s an elective thing, don’t mess with your junk.

Way too many problems and too much pain. Too many doctors lie about the whole “i’ve never had a patient with an issue or heard of any issues”. The doctor who performed mine, still hasn’t called me back for more than a year! My thinking is, if he doesn’t respond, he can keep saying that he hasn’t had anyone who’s had an issue. Which of course is bullshit as I did(told him about it) and I know someone else who had a problem with him.

Personally, I wouldn’t even consider messing with the area again.

So your saying if all settles down wait and see if I’m one of the lucky ones that nothing else happens to? I don’t like the thought of being poked again, but I had my kids both the first shot out of the gate so I am thinking I’m pretty fertile and sacred to death about back up leading to an exploded epi or leakage then an infection or an autoimmune response.

Just curious on other folks going thru worse and know more at this point. Thanks for responding.

It’s definitely an interesting question. I wouldn’t give the autoimmune issue much thought. While I don’t disagree that vas can cause issues, I don’t think a reversal is going to change anything. Once the cats out of the bag, there’s no putting it back in. I will say I’ve heard too many say, “I was fine with the vas but have had pain ever since the reversal.” I’m convinced that most post vas issues are a result of nerve injury and our bodies neuromuscular response. Every time you cut through the scrotum you roll the nice on a traumatic injury. I’m in a similar boat now. Do I settle for how I feel now? Or do I roll the dice with the devil to maybe feel slightly better. It’s a tough call, but if I get any worse, I’m not sure I could handle that. I’m getting used to my current state. It would certainly have to be a last resort type of decision.

I don’t think everyone who has a reversal ends up back in pain. There are a couple people on the old Yahoo board for whom it really helped and they just don’t post on here anymore.

Time can be your friend after both procedures (vas and reversal) but it can also be your enemy. For some time makes everything settle down.

For me after vasectomy it was like a frog in a pot of boiling water. My symptoms got worse and worse with each passing year. By the end I was in so much pain I had to do something. I was “okay” right after the vasectomy. If it had been bad immediately, which it wasn’t, I would have known it was due to vasectomy and would have been screaming bloody murder.

I didn’t have any choice by year 5, I would have committed suicide if I didn’t do anything and I chose reversal because I had one bout of epididymitis where the back of my testicle swelled up like a giant slug and it so disgusted me I just wanted to get things flowing again.

Had I never gotten epididymitis who knows what I would have done.

I will say this. After my reversal my left side, which was my bad side before reversal became my good side and my right side became my bad side.

Heres the thing: Over time, after the reversal, the right side has settled down nicely. Time was my friend on that side and it doesn’t give me any problems. The left side was great and then something catastrophic happened at month 10 1/2 and I had a huge spike in pain, which then settled down and then drifted worse to a point where it really bugs me again.

Is it as bad as before reversal? Not even close. Is it bad. Yes it can be bad, like a piece of sand in your eye bad. You can’t quite get comfortable. I have strange odd moments where I am pain free though.

You need to be patient.

When you have to act you’ll know because you will be in agony. I was in agony. I was afraid to go to sleep because when I got erections in my sleep it hurt so bad I would wake up with so much burning pain my heart would be pounding.

Yeah, the fucker that did this to me told me 1 in 1000 then 1 in 3000 and then he said he never saw anyone with an issue.

I should have run out the door and told my wife to stuff it when he said that.

Thanks for sharing guys. Interesting enough I wish I could find the link. But there was or is a set of guides for presenting a vas to someone and most certainly doctors don’t follow it. Also I think we are one big experiment. Due to the fact some men bodys can adjust while others can’t. They want to find out why. I know very big brother in thought. But kind of how I’m seeing it. Think about all these poor blokes in third world countries having similar issue and no way to get relief. Just guinea pigs.

While I have not gone and gotten a reversal, I would avoid it for me anyways. I don’t need anyone messing around down there anymore. I have been poked and prodded enough without a release for me to keep going at it.

I am hoping for time to be the cure. But who knows. I have tried drugs and other things without success.

My biggest thing is all the things I can’t do anymore. That’s what kills me. It really eats me up inside especially since my wife is hugely to blame on this whole thing. And then that just leads into more depression and more anxiety.
It doesn’t help that the wife doesn’t want anything to do with me since I had the vas. That was supposed to be the whole idea-more sex! But we haven’t in a long time. Which of course she blames on the vas which was her idea.

So yeah, I don’t like the idea of messing around downstairs anymore. I don’t like the odds.

Not sure that is a good question. If you did decide a reversal was needed, for sure check out Dr P and his biowrap method down in Florida.

For what it’s worth I had a reversal almost 2 years ago now and it’s given me back my life. I knew going in that it may not do anything, could even make things worse, or it could help partially/fully. Total roll of the dice. I still have rare down periods where I’m uncomfortable but otherwise I live day to day without even thinking about my balls anymore and without issue. I will say this, it was a LONG recovery…months, but for me it has definitely helped.

My proposal is just one out of curiosity. My thinking is more along these lines though. If your one of 999 and you are living life happily, again according to what I have garner from folks post on here, 20 to 30 percent of those guys will have complications later. So is it best to reverse while you are at your healthiest after the vas? I’m only two months in I have trouble sitting for long periods occasional shooting pain. Feeling of blue balls a quarter of the day in total mostly off and on. I think for me it’s blood flow more than anything when I walk or am too active every thing aches…

Curious if anyone has read up on the actual production of sperm maybe best when and how often to ejac and how to kill the whitetails to relieve congestion in the smartest way possible…

That is a tough question.

I haven’t been around much in the past year or two. But if you search on my username you can find my story.

BIG knock on wood - I am now about 5+ years post reversal and I would say I am back to normal 99% pain free. I leave the 1% only because I am so much more aware and pay attention to things down there after a good ejaculation I feel a little twinge of the epis contracting (like they should) [heh].

Anyway just wanted to chime and say that there are some long term success stories out there for PVPS.

The only other thing I can add, besides my story up on other parts of this site, is that in my research your chances of a successful reversal do decrease the longer you wait after reversal. Things like the vas deferen tubes become harder and less pliable - things like that. Also your testicles do start to get damaged from time being closed up and the sperm not able to escape - pressure.

FWIW after going through what I went through if the reversal did fail I would very most likely have another as it worked for me.

Good luck

Who got scapel vs non scapel here?

I wanted to add that the procedure I’ve seen associated with a return or worsening of the pain, at least lately, has been denervation. Most guys get better with reversal… Even if it’s a little. For me getting the burned cauterized scarred up ends out helped me immediately. I can sleep through the nigh now whereas before if I woke up and had a sleep erections the burning pain would keep me awake. I started to take Motrin and Ambien to get back to sleep. No two drugs you want to be taking a lot of.

non - scalpel cauterized method for me.

Basically, I have the same question. 1.5 years after non-scalpel, closed ended, cauterized vasectomy I can say that most of the acute pain has subsided. I would not say I’m 100% back to normal but symptoms shifted. Right after the casectomy I had 2 granulomas, could not sit for long, even sleeping on belly was a no-go. And I had this really painful spot on the top of my right epi, which almost killed me on even the slightest touch. It all went away without any special medication or change of diet during the past 3 months. I wanted to give this information to the guys who are new to this - things can improve, even after a year. So do not lose your hope.

Anyway, I still have issues that prevent me from forgetting this crap. I have numbness in my left leg for a few minutes almost every day, I got strange twitches in the scrotal area (mostly before falling asleep) which kind of radiate into the whole body, stinging pain in prostate once a week and a tingling feeling in the scrotum. I quit biking and running so my overall state of health dropped, as did my energy level and libido. Not sure if this is a result of being inactive or a consequence of the vasectomy. And I ran across a new problem: Anxiety. What if the pain comes back? What if the epi bursts one day and there is no treatment option left?

That’s why I still think about reversal quite often. I know that the reversal-window will not be opened forever. I have to come to a decision. Did anyone have a reversal help with the symptoms I described above? What is more likely - pain from vasectomy returning within the next 30 years or having a reversal leading to more problems (in terms of pain or sexual dysfunction/libido)?

@flop we have a lot of similarities. I do the dance at work and people look atv me like I’m crazy. Different parts of body ache cause I am always in weird positions to relieve pressure from down there.

Anxiety is really bad for me right now since I know someone who is going thru epi probs as I type this.

That’s why I wrote a topic on how active have those who are 10 years out and then have epi blockage granulomas problems.

How active have you been monthly on average (sex +masturbation )? Were the 10 yeariers + super active maybe 1 or twice a week for 10 years or so, or were they 1 or two timers a month and thes probs devoloped?

If you pace your sex and manual ejac can make it til something else gets you?