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Would I have had pain regardless of vasectomy?

So I wondered, based on something a doctor once said to me. Would I have had the pain I occasionally get had I not had a vasectomy? Plenty of non-vas men get testicular pain, epi inflammation, orgasm/ejaculation changes as they get older or for no apparent reason at all. I had my vas at 36, I’m now 42. That period of time and age, natural changes do occur. Changes in lifestyle/diet etc. all have an effect on sexual health.
I am by no means agreeing with any of those medical professionals out there who say this is all in our heads but so far my symptoms have included; orgasm change, libido decrease, epi inflammation and pain, tiredness, mood changes, gained weight due to inactivity from pain. I personally can’t imagine this would have happened had I not gone through vas but the question still remains…
I sometimes feel we are the 1% and just have to live with whatever comes from the choices we made

To the contrary, I’m more inclined to blame a ton of post-vas medical problems on the vas. The vas sets off a race against the clock. Most men have it a 35-45 when they have another 35-45 years expected life. I believe vasectomy effects every man negatively, it’s just a matter of degree and rate of degradation.

My vasectomized father came from a healthy lineage. He died a couple years ago at 75 but effectively died at 60 when his truckload of medical complications began. He developed problems that weren’t in his family…heart, cardiovascular, pituitary tumors, normal pressure hydrocephalus, and more. He never reported scrotal pain (what men do) but I’m convinced all that sperm running about his bloodstream compromised him and led to his death. Can’t prove it, of course, but the more I’ve read, the more I believe vasectomy is a tremendously unhealthy choice.

So, no, I don’t think you’d developed pain had you not had the vasectomy.

Here’s another school of thought.
Since my post vas symptoms began I have been hell bent on proving that the vas was to blame. Since the vas I have become A LOT less active hence the weight gain. So I googled link between vas and weight gain; loads of results came back saying there was a link. So you get depressed thinking you’ll never get your pre vas body back no matter what you do. You eat more to compensate the ever increasing sadness! More weight gain which is not only obvious unhealthy fat wise, it takes its toll on your sexual health. Gain fat around your waist and pubic region. This puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on your cord and nerves perhaps causing issues further down.
Then the food isn’t enough so you stay up late watching tv getting less and less sleep so are tired all the time. You constantly blame the root cause on your vas, get more angry and depressed and start blaming your wife cos she’s on the pill still after all these years, why did I need the vas in the first place??!

So, all that aside, I’ve decided to live with the pain, manage it and change my lifestyle back to what it was pre vas. It will be tough but I’m going to stop blaming the vas for my current situation and make a massive effort to rewind my body.
I also know full well that there are people, many on here, in a worse position than me, much worse but I need to at least try to put this behind me otherwise I will spend the next 30/40 years resenting everything even remotely related to having the vas. I can’t do that!!!
Good luck to you all. BE POSITIVE!!!

Also, sperm in my blood?? Surely that means I’ve got more testosterone running through my veins?? :muscle::weight_lifting_man:t2:‍♂


I hope you’re right, but most of us with an impact on Testosterone were impacted negatively. I don’t know what it was pre-vas, but post-vas, I had two T tests register around 300. Two years post-reversal, it was up to 400. Today, 13 years post-reversal, I’m ranging 650-750.

Never had mine tested so unfortunately don’t even have a baseline. Not sure I want to know…