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Worst that can go with wrong a cord block?

I am scheduled for a cord block with Dr P on February 16. Apparently this is required for insurance to approve my orchiectomy.

The problem is, I am what’s called a floxie. I had a serious reaction to Cipro and deal with tendonopathy and peripheral neuropathy which flares with NSAIDs, steroids, and sometimes without rhyme or reason.

Dr P acknowledged this and said he will not use any steroids, it’ll just be a numbing agent with anesthsia. My body is in a very weak with a hypersensitive nervous system and I really don’t need any more problems here.

I told Dr. P I am not interested in denervation and he had no trouble moving to orchiectomy as an option. This cord block is not necessary but if it’ll save me $5,500 (the self pay price) to go through insurance I guess it’s a risk I must take.

What am I in for?

As i know if cord block doesnt work than it means orchectomy doesnt work. Plase ask this to Dr P. ???