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Worsening of PVPS symptoms after COVID vaccine?

Hi everyone
I was on the verge of getting the Moderna Covid vaccine, but a few days before I talked with a pain Dr who said “I cannot tell you not to get it yet, but I have had several chronic pain patients who have had a large increase in pain after getting the vaccine. You may want to wait a bit until your pain is more under control.”

I am just wondering if others here have gotten the vaccine yet? And if you did, did you notice any increase in scrotal pain? Just looking for a few more data points before I decide when to get it.

I had the Pfizer vaccine and maybe it ramped up a bit at first and then subsided after the first dose. My symptoms are almost next to nothing now, but I have been diagnosed with inguinal hernias. Could also be the amitriptyline kicking in :man_shrugging:

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I had 2 x Pfizer and no change in pain. Haven’t noticed anything else, either.

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