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Will I ever get better?

Glad to hear your recovery is in line with the Dr’s expectation. Hopefully you get good news from your SA. Do you notice if your testicles hang different or higher post reversal? If so, is it uncomfortable? Thanks for your updates, I am on the fence about going for it myself and want to learn as much as I can from others experience.

They were a little high and tight for the first few weeks but have mostly returned to their normal hang. I’m confident they will be mostly back to normal in time.

Dr. Russell did say my original vasectomy was done closer to the epi than he would have done, but he also said that most vasectomy docs just grab onto whatever section of the vas they can get to. So, he was able to do a vas to vas reversal, but the one end of the vas was very close to the epi and was narrower as a consequence. He did not think it would complicate things, but did mention it was a slightly trickier stitching to get them back together.

@Roman Please keep me posted about how things go with Pelvic PT. I am a bit over one year into this misadventure. Vas 1/18 with pain since, reversal 10/18- no change in symptoms. Just now got into see a PT whom I think is good. I am considering spermatic cord denervation but given my track record thus far, hoping to avoid. Cannot say much from having had only one session so far, but can keep the forum in the loop.

Make sure you do your homework on scd. Read some real horror stories on here of it making some much worse. No easy answer for sure but I haven’t read too many success stories vs horror outcomes when it comes to denervation. It certainly could help but just giving a heads up that there are some cases of guys on here who became worse off afterwards. Make sure you use the search feature to read up just so you know all of the risks and benefits beforehand.

@Help : Noted! Am doing my homework now. And this Forum is part of it. Very helpful info and support here. Hadn’t realized until now that different levels of neurotomy (SCD vs Ii vs Gf) were an option. I’ve had two anesthetic blocks to date with 100% relief the first round and 80% the second, both lasting about 8 hours. I think that makes me a reasonable candidate - have follow up with my urologist next week. But still will give the pelvic floor PT my all for a couple of months before committing. @keebler456 you seem to have some success there.

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Good stuff, keep us all posted on your progress! Best of luck!

@Roman, did acupuncture help you at all?

Wondering if you felt better with or without underwear. I’ve settled now on double pouch underwear as that gives some support as I can no longer wear tight underwear like I used to. Not sure why compression is now a problem where most seem to need support and compression? Still learning as I’m about five months out from VAS and still not healed.

Is their a particular kind of double pouch underwear that has worked well for you? I’m coming up on 4 months post vas and have cycled through a bunch of different types of underwear. UFM and UA Boxerjocks were helpful for a time, but are now giving me some problems. I’ve gone back to regular boxer briefs, that provide some support but not too much. Thinking about giving double pouch underwear a try.