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Will I ever get better?


Thanks everyone. Yes, the stress is horrible living in this nightmare that you can’t believe is true. I have an appt with my primary care doc on Tues to discuss options for depression / anxiety.



Best of luck with your reversal!



Please keep us posted. Your story sounds like mine in that the pain started 7-8 months after the vasectomy. I had nearly 10 good, pain-free years after my reversal. Best of luck with your recovery. Post-reversal is no picnic but was worth it for me. I’m convinced many of us get benefit from reversal from the clean-up and, in my case at least, the end of sperm leaking out into the open creating more scarring.



Anxiety is your biggest enemy. I had pain within a week of vasectomy (aug 2018) and I went through severe anxiety (as I was never warned of the pain and recovery times and other complications of vasectomy), which in turn led to prostatitis type issues. My first 3 months were very bad mentally and physically. I got better in the last one month and the things that helped me the most are meditation, deep breathing and pelvic floor therapy. Anxiety and stress do not help healing. They lead to increased perception of pain. Mind is very powerful and it can play havoc with our perception of pain and well being.

What I am suggesting is difficult when u have pain. But please try these.
-Practice deep breathing exercises
-find a good pelvic floor physio therapy specialist. I did research to find a great Pelvic floor specialist (trained and certified by Herman Wallace foundation). She massaged the knots/granulomas in the scrotum and it greatly helped with the pain. I am doing it myself every day. Hold the knots with your index and thumb and move upward/downward and side to side motions. Apply pressure on them and it’s ok.
She is also doing internal massage which also seems to help. Find a pelvic floor specialist who will do these. I went to three pelvic floor specialists before, who just wasted my time and money and would just stick to exercises.

You have to break the pain cycle and feel that there is hope u will get better. I am not feeling perfect but I am in a much better state than I was a month back.



Lots of interesting input since yesterday. Yes, getting anxiety under control is very important.

The thing about the OP story that we all have to understand is he’s seemingly getting the run around by several urologists at minimum, and hasn’t got any concrete answers to the conflicting things he’s been told by them. He doesn’t seem to have any concrete answers to his own concerns, and/or observations, etc.

He seems to have things going on that others probably cannot relate to. I don’t think it’s a waste of time and money to explore the nature of the unexplained, and conflicting opinions he’s getting regarding his anomalies. Doing so is actually highly recommend, and goes along with the best thoughts and ideas from some of the best of the best out there.

I’ve actually heard of at least one guy being diagnosed with an infection within his epi tail around 5~ months post vas. Can you all imagine what would’ve happened to him if he would’ve been advised to not go back to his doc because it would likely be a waste of time, and followed through with that advice?

I try to give people unbiased advice, and input. I try to not steer anyone into anything. I try to give them multiple options to consider, and leave it in their hands. We all have to understand that what works for some of us likely won’t work for others. Some people don’t want to try certain things, this, that, and the other. Everyone is a unique individual, and our goals tend to vary man to man.

Good luck to you OP, and let us know what you find out.



The diagnosis I’m speaking about in the quote above was actually made via ultrasound.



I specifically talked about wasting time with pelvic floor specialists who are useless if they don’t do internal/external massage. I agree that one should pursue all possible solutions to see which works best. I met four urologists, four pelvic floor specialists, acupuncture and tried more medications in the last 3 months than my entire 35 years of life.

Also, I think more or less all urologists are useless unless someone deals with reversals or post vasectomy pain. I should have found someone early in my journey and it would have calmed my mind a lot.



I actually wasn’t referring to you specifically @Roman. If I was actually referring to anyone, it would be guy/s that pressure others to get a reversal without perusing investigation’s that are definitely worthy of further investigation.

Far as that goes, nobody should be pressuring anyone to have a reversal, or any other surgical procedure for that matter.

As for all the internal/external massaging, that’s certainly not for everyone. I know of piles of guys that never did any of that that are in a better place now, and got there taking paths of their own. I know of piles of guys that skipped all the blocks, PT, etc too, and have no regrets about it. Everything you mentioned are definitely options that every man should be aware of, but they aren’t for everyone.

I do agree with much of what your saying brother. I actually had to get involved with my ultrasound tech rather than let her do her job based on the bland meaningless referral paperwork she was trying to work a diagnosis off of. My input was very helpful to her.



If I had believed everything, and stuck with my original vas urologist, I can’t imagine where I’d be now. He was in complete denial regarding my complaints, and concerns post vasectomy. He treated me like I was a lawsuit waiting to happen post vas. When I called him out for not warning me about pvp, pvps, etc beforehand, he looked like a deer caught in my headlights.

I jumped through hoops several times many years ago. I switched urologists, switched pvps experts, I did things most would find hard to believe.

I have a pretty wacked story that I wouldn’t post the entirety of online. Many would find it unbelievable, perhaps offensive, and then some. Like many, I was put in a bind, and blazed my own path.

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Thought I’d mention that I hope my input yesterday wasn’t overbearing. I just hate to see anyone encourage anyone to have surgery’s whether it be reversal, de-nervation, or whatever.

This place has actually taken some flack from several members regarding that kind of stuff in the past, and guys like myself agree with them, and/or I respect their input. I want every man to feel comfortable posting their stories on here, and I don’t want anyone to feel pressured into doing anything unreasonable, or into doing something that carries significant risks without warning. A lot of guys do ask for input, advice, Q n A, etc, on this site, but there has to be a place where we all draw the line.

There’s a big difference between guys talking about surgery/s, benefits of, option’s, etc, and guys that jump into threads basically recommending surgery’s to others with no other significant input.



Good luck with your reversal @myballshurt. Sounds like you’ve ruled out other possibilities for your issues with CT scans, ultrasound, etc. Not sure if you have a dedicated thread of your own, but it seems you do. Either way, get a dedicated thread going to post some updates in. I will surely be reading your updates as well.

Best regards



Good luck mate, just be mentally ready for a recovery as it can be tough. Lots of rest in the first week, ice and anti imflammatory medicine is best



Figured I’d level the playing field a bit @GoingNuts

In regard to your quote above, and in regard to my personal experience’s that you are already aware of, I could point out threads where several of the regularly mentioned pvps reversal surgeons on this site have their failures, successes, and then some (pro’s, con’s, etc, etc).

I really don’t think there’s a one size fits all answer regarding whom anyone should have a reversal with. Theres so many things to consider, and we all consider differently. From reversal specialists, to well rounded groin surgeons, etc. From fertility, to clean ups, to both, and then some. People must make these educated choices for themselves.

I also really do not believe that anyone has to use any of the regularly mentioned pvps reversal surgeons on this site. I feel confident saying there are many of them in North America, world wide, etc, that are quite capable, have enough experienced, etc.

To me, or in my opinion, it’s really all about experience level, methodology, follow-up, etc. Some may omit follow-up, but I’ve wrote enough in the past regarding my personal opinion about that aspect.

If you actually decide to go through with it, get it right the first time.



@GoingNuts Thanks for your story and very sorry to hear about your situation. I can totally relate to the growing anxiety and panic attacks as the days, weeks, and months pass with to no change in pain or it getting worse. Sitting there saying, “OMG, what have I done to myself”. All situations are different and this may sound trivial, but my big turning point was around month 3. I found something called Underwear For Men (UFM), they have a drawstring that go under your man bag and support things like nothing else I had tried. I wear those with another pair of more traditional spandex “supportive” underwear over the top. 24 hours of wearing those the pain started to subside enough that I mind shifted to “I may actually have a chance to heal”. Pre-vas I was doing big workouts 4 days a week. Post, nothing for 3 months. New unders helped, month 4 I started walking w/ the blue-hairs on the track at the gym, months 5 and 6 was back to light weights and high reps, months 7 to 10 I’m back to heavy weight. I still can’t run or jump safely, but it’s micro-improvements each week. I was trying lots of other things (check my other posts) including a very qualified pelvic floor therapist with internal and external massage. The dumb underwear (I’m not affiliated or compensated by them in anyway) was what brought me back a little closer to normal. Keep trying things, any elective surgery including reversal should be, IMO, a very last resort. Best of luck - keep your head up.



@drebin123 thanks for your suggestions and encouragement. I will check out the book and UFM, as I have also seen differences in pain depending on what I wear that day. The frustrating part is, what works one day is painful the next and vice versa. It’s a complex situation that is always changing. Glad to hear you have slowly made your way back to the gym, that is encouraging for me. Right now, I will take getting to the point that I can walk more than a block. As many have said, it’s still early and time helps.



I’ll second what drebin123 had to say in that my biggest improvements started around the time I tried to find the best type of underwear. Try a bunch and maybe you’ll get lucky and have that significantly help.



Hi all,

So I’m 9 days post-reversal. I still feel pretty sore and it’s uncomfortable sitting all day at the office, but the pain is distinct I think from what I was having before. I spoke to Dr. Russell again yesterday and he said this is totally normal and that recovery can take up to a couple months.

The procedure was a little bit more than I expected but went very smoothly. It took just over 3 hours and I was completely out the whole time. Anesthesiologist and nurse team were really great. Dr. Russell said my fluid looked good and he was able to do a straightforward vas to vas on both sides. He was also able to remove a good deal of scar tissue while in there.

Ice has been my constant companion. I didn’t have much swelling at all and the incisions are healing quickly.

Let me know if you want any other specifics. Dr. Russell is a super guy. Very personable. He calls and texts me on his personal cell.



Take it super easy for the next couple of weeks mate, recovery can be slow, take anti imflammatory medications and ice.



@myballshurt, how is your reversal recovery going?



Very slow as recoveries go. I am 6 weeks out from reversal. The two incisions have fully healed, but are still sore themselves, especially when I walk over a half mile.

Dr. Russell has been very accessible and we’ve spoken regularly. He says my experience is completely normal for 6 weeks. I do have less pain in my testicles overall, but the entire area is still sore and hurts a lot of I walk around too much. I am going in for a semen analysis tomorrow to see if the vas is flowing again.