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Will I ever get better?

Hello all,

I just want to thank everyone on this forum as you have been the only light helping me navigate this dark maze on insanity. I am also sorry that you have all been going through this nightmare. I have read many many posts on this forum over the past 3 months and have finally gotten myself to mental state to join the group

I had my Vasectomy 9/5/18, a couple days after hiking with my wife and two young children (the last physical activity I had in the past 3 months). The surgery was a standard “No Scalpel” with cauterization and no obvious complications. I stayed on the couch, took my antibiotics / Ibuprophen and iced with strong support for the next 4 days.

By day 5, the end of the Upper Vas site became very large, hardened and painfull for the next 5 weeks. Over this period of time, my Urologist had me try a round of Doxycycline and use Meloxicam. After that, he tried Cefdinir. Finally the pain at the surgical site began to calm down after 5 weeks and the knots have reduced to a normal size. It was at this time that Epi pressure and testicle pain took over.

For the next month, both testicles had chronic aching with swollen tender Epi’s. On occasion they would have strong cramping. My Urologist said we need to wait it out and prescribed Methylprednisolone. This caused horrible insomnia, nausea, and acne with no noticeable improvement. Every appointment was met with the same answer of wait it out. I could not do much more than stay on the couch all day, fortunately my job was very understanding.

I saught advice from a Psycologist, as I was having panic attacks processing what has happened to my life. Based on her recommendation, I went for a 2nd opinion from a teaching hospital. After reviewing my case, notes, diagrams, lab reports, he said that he would try a reversal on me, even though he doesn’t typically treat pain patients.

During this time, my left testicle (which has more vasular congestion) began rotating, causing more pain on the tender Epi.

I have since that time consulted with a couple of other Urologists and most are also recommending trying a reversal, but vary on the time frame. I am so limited physically and loosing my mind. I used to workout 4 days a week. I am scared that the longer I stay this way, the more damage is taking place, which would reduce my chances for surgical recovery.

The pain does not seem to be getting any better. I am not sure what to do and am reaching out to this community for advice. If reversal is the path, I would rather just start this journey as I know the recovery can be up to a year.

Also, are there any recommendations for good reversal specialists in NC? I also have family in NJ, so a specialist recommendation in NJ / NY is also appreciated if its a better option.


People tend to get better during the first year. I don’t think you will be making your prospects worse by waiting a year before deciding whether or not to get additional surgery. Outcomes for reversal are best when done within 3 years after vasectomy.

And obviously your referring to better patency statistics in the quote above, which doesn’t necessarily refer to long term patency statistics. It’s all a crap shoot.

@GoingNuts, nobody can tell you whether or not you will get better. Chances are you will, but there’s no guarantees.

Thanks for sharing your story BTW.

“Will I ever get better”?

Honestly, inquiries like yours are the kind that can start wars on this site. Some would argue that you will most likely get better over a period of 1-2-3~ years, others may be on the fence about it. Where you draw the line far as what’s acceptable will likely be different than the next guy, and so on. Ultimately, these are choices you must make, live with, etc, nobody else.

If you’ve been reading threads, posts, and so on here, and likely elsewhere for several months, I’m thinking you already know your options at this point.

Yes, many of us understand your dilemma. Unfortunately, there’s a slight chance of making things worse, and that’s likely what puts many on the fence far as rolling the dice sooner than later.

You may change your mind in time too. You might be the next guy complaining that he’s fertile again afterwards. You would definitely wish you’d waited if by chance you do end up in a worse situation in the long run as well.

It’s all a crap shoot. I’m not trying to encourage you, or discourage you. It’s got to be your decision.

Here’s a thread from a couple weeks ago that gets into some more reasoning regarding your inquiry.

Please ask questions if your uncertain about anything.

There’s a ton of reversal threads on this site that get into pretty much everything one could want to know about beforehand that they likely know nothing about if they haven’t done plenty of homework.

I’m curious to know more about what you refered to as possible vascular congestion. What’s your reasoning for your thoughts regarding your case?

Thanks for the responses and thread link (just finished reading it). I understand it is all a crap shoot, it’s just hard to wrap my mind around. On my left testicle I have visible large dialated veins both internal and external to the testicle. CT scan reported as congestion and the Urologist says it’s not varicocele. One Urologist thinks the internal one feels like a blood clot, but doesn’t understand why it has not resolved.

Your saying that the CT scan says it’s blood related congestion? You only said congestion in the quote above, and I’m assuming you mean vascular, not spermatic.

One urologist says it’s not a varicocele, and I’m assuming it’s the same urologist that refered you to the CT scan.

Is it the same urologist that says it feels like a blood clot?

I’m not sure if a CT scan picks up on blood flow, but I am certain that a ultrasound would pick up on blood flow. Unless I am missing something, that sounds like the next logical step if the CT scan isn’t capable of picking up on blood flow.

mate I waited 26 years and it never got better, your decision on what to o, all I know is I which I was never vasectomised

And BTW, beyond telling you if there’s blood flow or not, an ultrasound would also be the tool to find a varicocele with as well. Not sure what ultrasound may or may not say in regard to a blood clot.

If I’m understanding you correctly, like I said, an ultrasound would seem to be the logical next step, not a reversal.

I had an ultra sound 3.5 weeks out from the vasectomy when my primary complaint was pain and inflammation at the surgical site. At the time, it came back showing normal blood flow with slight varicocele. Perhaps things have changed since that time and the CT scan, but the doctors keep using it as proof that all is normal and are reluctant to order another.

I just re read your initial post. I’m still not seeing anything that sticks out that I missed yesterday. Looks like your only 3~ months post vasectomy, and I do understand the misery, and anxiety your experiencing. Many of us understand for that matter.

Any reasonable doctor, urologist, reversal surgeon, etc would want to know what the anomalies, or abnormalities you are describing are before they choose reversal, more surgery, etc. If they didn’t, I would run like hell from them, fire them, etc.

I still say get another ultrasound to rule things out. Hard to understand why one doc says you do not have a varicocele when your previous, and fairly recent ultrasound suggested otherwise.

I didn’t see where you’d gave papaya seed powder a try, perhaps that’s another option. You said you’ve already been through a course of antibiotics, perhaps another round may be helpful as well.

These are my best thoughts based on your text. Given all you’ve pointed out as unknowns at this point, it still seems very logical to get better answers to your questions, and/or a better diagnosis before you rush into anything surgical.

I thought about papaya seed powder about a month ago, but had opted against since it looked like reversal was the path that I was on. Also, perhaps I am wrong, but it seemed like the majority that tried the papaya route had limited success and did a reversal anyway. As you stated though, every case is different and that is a much less invasive option. I will be seeing yet another Uro next week and will see about another ultra sound and / or antibiotics.

Sound good buddy. I think your on the right path trying to get answers to your questions, and/or uncertainties before you rush into anything surgical.

I’m a varicocele pain guy myself, and I choose to have a reversal approximately 4~ months post vas. My decision to rush into reversal was based on many things, including some of what your describing, same and/or similar reasoning, etc. I had bilateral sperm granuloma, and also suffered from severe sexual side effects post vas, which made me more hasty to have a reversal so swiftly.

I didn’t regret having a reversal, I just regretted whom I choose to do it. It was a failure patency wise, and beleive me, I was pretty upset about that. A year later, my redo reversal surgeon said to me, your just a baby in your timeline, and I can definitely get you going, and he did. Ultimately, that one eventually failed as well. So, should you end up getting a reversal down the road, choose your reversal surgeon wisely. A redo is not recommended for many reasons.

I know of many guys that had a reversal within 4-6+ months post vas that have positive stories to tell, but I’m not thinking they had a story like you and I have. Hard to say with any absolute certainty as you don’t have many, if any answers to your uncertainties.

Keep in mind that if your way off in regard to what’s going on with you, a reversal may not help at all, could make you worse, etc. Take my advice with a grain of salt, yet take it very seriously at the same time.

I wouldn’t assume people had bad luck with papaya seed powder. Lots of guys have gave it a whirl, and many had decent, to excellent results with it. And that’s based on whom all actually posted a review regarding their experience with it. I guarantee you many have tried it, and never posted a review.

You’ve got a dedicated thread going here. Keep us posted, and ask questions if you have anymore, etc.

Good luck.

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Thanks Ringo! I am aware of your story and your reversal surgeons from prior threads, as those are my top two prospects. I will keep this thread updated.

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No wonder Dr’s don’t want to stop doing vasectomies, look at the money they make by us that are lead to believe that vasectomy is such a great birth control option. I spent the same money going from Dr to Dr only to get the same answer that it is all your head. In my opinion men need to make their own decision based on truthfulness and told of the complications that can arise from vasectomy, I sympathise with you mate as I know that living with pain does your head in, and clearly go down the path that is right for you. I am free from pain now and I only had one side reversed, cheers

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Sorry you are going through all of this! It is no fun. I’d highly recommend getting your stress and anxiety around this down to a minimum, to let things calm down and see what is really going on. When I got stressed about this, it got 10x worse. This site does not help either… as it just increases the paranoia that life is just about over. Once I got my stress under control and started relaxing my pelvic floor muscles and stretching, things got better quickly. You are still in the recovery phase too. I never did any papaya seed, FYI. I am still taking amitryptaline, to calm the nerves, but am planning on getting off of that soon, as I am not sure I really need it anymore. My procedure was 4/18/18 and I was in pretty rough shape through September. Food for thought. Good luck and you will get through this…

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I have my reversal on Monday with Dr. Russell in Ohio. I also consulted with Dr. Schep in Louisville.

I’ve been in pain since last February. Had the original vasectomy in June 2017.

Had an ultrasound and CT to confirm nothing else was going on.

I tried the NSAIDs and hot baths, exercises, and amitriptyline. Amitriptyline helped some, but I hated the side effects. I decided enough was enough and didn’t want to wait any longer. My pain never goes away and is usually at about a 5, with strange flares taking it to like 8.

Anyway, I just hope to get some relief by putting things back as best they can be. It really sucks to have to pay all this money, but as I see it I don’t really have a choice.


Good luck with your recovery! Updates appreciated!