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Will a reversal help my ED, Low Sex Drive and Tight ‘High’ Testicles?

Hi All! I’m new here but I’ve been reading the forums for a while. I had a vasectomy about a year ago and ever since I’ve noticed the following issues that I’m pretty confident are related to the vasectomy:

  • Testicles sit higher and scrotum can be really ‘Tight’. Sometimes when I ejaculate it feels as though my testicles are very close to going back inside me!

  • Sometimes my scrotum can look saggy and like a webbing has formed on my penis.

  • Penis looks smaller!

  • My erections aren’t as hard and I need more physical stimulation. Before visual would have got me going very easily. I also seem to ejaculate much quicker than before the vas.

  • Once I ejaculate my penis loses hardness nearly straight away. Before vas I could have sex with my partner, ejaculate and then be ready to go again soon after. Not any more, my penis just seems to have had enough after 1 session! Seems to take a good day until it could go again.

  • I have what I assume is a sperm granuloma on the right testicle. Can be tender if I touch it, and seems to feel worse if I’ve prodded it of had a few ejaculations.

  • I get a strange tingle in my testicles! Almost like pins and needles (Feels kind of nice haha. But defo not normal).

I’m very lucky that I don’t suffer from pain like some of you poor chaps do, but I’m thinking that could all be a matter of time…

So. Has any experienced any of those symptoms. And more importantly, has anybody had a vasectomy reversal that has fixed the issues? I’ve found someone who looks good and I’m close to booking it.

I’ve has my T tested which came back ‘normal’ but I understand that T levels are quite a wide range, and it could be that mine have still dropped?

Thanks for any info and help offered.


Hi Mark,

Welcome to the forum, sorry you are here.

Yes a lot of your symptoms sound similar to mine, especially in regards to erections. Same as you I used to get erections very easily, just from simple kissing or touching. After vas it took more effort to get the erection and I needed more stimulation to keep it. Told wife to be more rough with me when it came to sex. Erections were no longer rock hard, but more rubbery. Actually did not have issues recovering and having sex again soon after. I think because the sperm didn’t go anywhere and my body didn’t feel finished so to speak. Also agree penis didn’t look as big, but maybe because the erection was not as strong, less blood, smaller penis perhaps.

In regards to pain, same here I didn’t have too much initially, more of my issues have been sexual.

I had reversal a couple weeks ago. Still healing and have not ejaculated yet (doctor said to wait a few weeks) but I can say at this point erections are better. They feel rock hard again and not rubbery. They seem to hang around longer as well and not dissipate as quickly. Hoping this all points to positive things going forward, so far so good.

Good luck if you decide to move forward with the reversal.

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Hi ThunderTrain. Thanks very much for replying. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

I’m happy that your erection issues are improving, and that’s only after 2 weeks. Wow. Mine feels very similar to what you described.

Did you have issues with the testicles sitting higher and feeling tight? Feeling of tingling in the testicles?

I’m defo going to get this reversed, and hopefully improve the issues. Who did you get reversed with?



Yes I have this problem too. Hot baths and heat pads help me release it. Same with physical therapy and stretching.

I haven’t had the same sexual problems a lot of men complain about. I do get pain afterwards though.

My dick “looks” smaller now relative to my giant swollen balls. It’d be funny if it didn’t hurt so much. I’m headed towards a reversal too.

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You are certainly not the only one with these issues, in fact I would say most of what you describe is pretty common around here.

In regards to you question about the testicles sitting higher, I didn’t really have this issue other then during recovery after the initial vasectomy. Not really any tingling to speak of either.

Im in South Florida, and had my reversal done by a specialist at the University of Miami. Ill message you with more details. I can also say, and Im sure this is not the case for everyone, but the reversal recovery has been less painful then the original vasectomy. Ive been taking it extra easy since I don’t want to risk any issues with the reversal, but overall the recovery has not been bad.

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wtfMyNuts Wow. It’s crazy that so many of us have problems yet the medical world just aren’t interested. I hope the reversal helps you mate. I hope it helps anybody who chooses to go for it. I feel really lucky that I don’t have the pain that a lot of poor men have.

If you go for a reversal let me know how it goes. I’ll do the same for you when I go for one which should hopefully be soon.

Welcome to the forum, and thanks for sharing your story.

No promises, but I think it has a good chance to help.

Good luck, and for better or worse, post some updates if you do it, or don’t do it.


Thanks mate. Appreciate that. I’ve seen others do a log when they have reversals. I’ll defo do the same. I’d love to be able to help others

My ED problems have been very similar to yours. From all that I’ve heard, a reversal has a good chance of fixing it.

Unfortunately, I’ve got a bigger issue now. My knees, hands, fingers, feet and elbows are very tight and tingle like they are asleep for hours at a time and hurt some. I was extremely athletic before my vas a month and a half ago and now I hobble around like an 80 year old man. I can barely go up and down the stairs. My joints don’t look swollen either, they just feel super tight. symptoms started within a day or two of the vas and have gotten worse.

I eat an extremely anti-inflammatory diet, but that certainly isn’t fixing it (hopefully it’s slowing it, but honestly, at this rate, I’ll be in a wheelchair within months). I’m hoping the reversal will help with all of this, although I’m really only expecting it to help the ED and hormonal issues.

I’ll keep you posted on how I do with reversal; for anyone else who gets one, please do the same. Thanks!

That’s crazy that it’s affecting your joints mate. Unbelievable. There’s so much these Dr’s and GP’s don’t realise about the vasectomy. It just baffles me that they don’t believe any of us and can’t see the connection.

Is your reversal booked in then? I’ve just booked mine for August time with a pretty well known guy.

Fingers crossed. Like you say, I’ll document how it goes for others to see. I think if anything, even if nothing is fixed, it will be nice to know everything is ‘back to normal’ anatomically.


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I’ve heard from others who had the joint issues too. With me there is no doubt the vas caused it since it was almost immediate. I went in with zero history of any kind of health problem and came out with 10+ horrible symptoms. I have a second consult on Tues. I’ve made my mind up to get the reversal. My symptoms are advancing so fast I don’t want to wait much longer. I think it will help at least some and, like you, I just want to be put back together to heal or to deal with what I must.

in general, a reversal helps with those issues but there are no guarantees. its another procedure you will have to decide on whether its worth it or not.

it was worth it for me, but it did not fix all my issues, mainly libido and erection quality.

A lot of my issues resolved after reversal, but saying that, just be mindful that you may have a rough recovery which could last for a couple of years. Reversal is far more invasive compared to vasectomy itself.