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Wife of post vasectomy


I am the wife of a two day, post vasectomy procedure of my husband. He is curious as to how much pain he might experience when we initiate sex post vas. He is two days post OP and has a little discomfort only when he stands and removes his briefs to urinate. Our doctor told us he could have sex as soon as 5 days post op but my husband feels that is way too soon. What is your experience with sex and pain within 2 weeks post op?
I’m also sorry to hear a lot of you have a lot of pain post vas. I know my husband didn’t do a lot of research and depended on the digging that I managed to do. Our insurance paid 100% for the procedure and of course the doctor asked us at least twice if we were completely sure. Husband is 26 and I am 25. We have two beautiful children and have been considering this procedure for 2.5 years since we found out we were pregnant with our daughter who is now 2.
Bless you all for taking one for the team! And also for those who did it for yourselves even. I can’t say I would step up for a surgical procedure.


My thought is that this soon after the procedure, it would be best to take it easy. If you’re going to have sex, don’t do anything vigorous that might set things back. I think I waited a week to masturbate and it was a while before I had sex because the doctor told me it would take 15 ejaculations or so to flush the swimmers out. I was in a lot of pain from the surgery, though. I was definitely not one of those “back to work immediately” cases.


5 days is not necessarily too soon, but don’t put any pressure on your husband. It looks like you did most of the “homework” on the vasectomy and continue to do so, and that is not a bad thing. But my recommendation is that you let your husband do what feels right in terms of recovery and the timing of his “return to action”. Any pressure to perform is only going to hurt things. He may not even be able to comprehend sex at this point in his recovery and any thoughts of it might induce fear and anxiety, but next week could be a different story altogether. Just be supportive, and chances are you will both be back to normal in a few months.


I completely respect his wishes. He is the main instigator when it comes to sexual activity and he didn’t want to ask. He’s a very private person, just like many other men I have met and I understand. Thanks for your input!


So in most cases, ejaculation is a little painful at first? I’m not on the train to start having sex quite yet due to the procedure, but he seems to be recovering well. He is very active, might I say. He was just curious to see what comes of sex post procedure.


On thing that I believe has hurt the field of urology is that men won’t always communicate what is going on. Many men suffer alone because they either didn’t want to complain about their genitals or they didn’t fight back when a doctor told them it was all in their head.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve decided that we all have sex organs and they all give us problems from time to time and there’s no shame in talking about that.


Hey wife,

My two cents-as a recent (sept 18) guy who went the no scalpel route, my doc was wonderful as I was about hyperventilating during the procedure. He said about two weeks but (as you know) my wife could get pregnant for up to 8 weeks.

Doc was way off on the two weeks, although everyone was different as my buddy was fine in two weeks. My pain went away after about 48 hours but I listened and didn’t work out or anything for a few weeks. We attempted sex after about 8 days and I ended up in the fetal position just before ejaculating it hurt so bad! The pain came and went all in about 1 minute-but it was horrible and I did not ejaculate. It slowly got better and was tolerable after about a month. Pain was 100% gone after about 6 weeks.

For what it’s worth, I’m one of those guys who was sure i was screwed because of that pain. I thought something went amiss in the surgery but i just took longer to heal.


I’m glad you were able to recover and I hope for the best between you and your wife. In the scheme of things, I know he will recover. We were reluctant at first but we did attempt for the first time 5 days post op and it went swimmingly (no pun intended). Our doctor told my husband he could resume sexual intercourse within 3-5 days. I was a little surprised and by no means expecting to get back to it that quickly. We had a great doctor it seems. We still have a ways to go to get to the sterile period so we will see if his discomfort comes back but so far, he hasn’t had any issues.
We were instructed to keep ice on for 36 hours at least…I have to say, my husband was pretty dedicated to that rule. He kept ice on it and slept in the recliner for 3 straight days. He has no problem doing that though.


I completely agree with you. I don’t understand why people end up skirting around sex organs and terminology. He isn’t one to talk and I figured what place could be better to ask the questions he isn’t willing to? If he were to ask his physician, they would tell us 3-5 days post op we could begin. I was quite surprised at first but hey, maybe the doc knows what he is doing.
Luckily, we tried 5 days post op. My husband had just went back to work Monday and he agreed he felt fine. Before and After! I can’t say he won’t have any pain or discomfort for the next few weeks but it looks like he might be in the clear.
I believe men have just as many questions as women do when it comes to genitals. With my husband, I know it isn’t pride, but I also know it isn’t due to embarrassment. Whatever his reason for not asking, I respect it.


Glad to hear he’s doing well. Many of us went through this to be able to enjoy more intimacy with our wives never expecting the opposite could happen. I wish you guys all the best.