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Why is it almost always the left side?


I’ve noticed that the majority of men here have more issues with their left side than their right. This is certainly the case for me. Is there any possible reason why the right testicle is less prone to complications?


The left side hangs down further, correct? Maybe that has something to do with it.

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Yes, I think it’s lower in something like 80% of men. Seems like the left side might actually have a little more vas length to work with, then.

The only effect this has (that I can think of) is that the right testicle rides up over the left one when the scrotum is compressed. However, my left side was hurting more than my right one from day 1 after surgery. I wonder if there are any other differences from left to right.


I read something here or elsewhere, can’t remember, that explained why the left is more susceptible. Both testicles start off inside the body and descend, I believe as we grow in the womb. I believe the left side is a more complex “drop”. Probably worth a google search on this but I recall there IS a medical/scientific reason for the left to be more delicate.


Wondered the same thing myself, as my pain is left sided. May be due to a difference in circulation. Found this helpful description in Wikipedia:

Since the left testicular vein goes all the way up to the left renal vein before it empties, this results in a higher tendency for the left testicle to develop varicocelebecause of the gravity working on the column of blood in this vein. Moreover, the left renal vein passes between the abdominal aorta and the superior mesenteric artery en route to the inferior vena cava, and is often compressed by an enlarged superior mesenteric artery—this is called the “Nutcracker effect”.[1]


I believe something like 95% of varicoceles are left sided and something like 15% of all men have varicoceles, with the vast majority experiencing no symptoms. Wouldn’t be surprised if this pre existing condition places us at a higher risk of pain. I have a left sided varicocele and PVPS on the left side. A prominent PVPS dr. I consulted with thought it was possible the varicocele was playing a role in my pain. Of course, like everything else with this shitty disease, nothing is definitive.