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Why go on? It’s not gonna get any better

I know it’s my first post, Hell of a way to introduce myself. But it feels like it’s been five years of misery, in reality it’s only over a year and a half. Urologist have no idea how to deal with it, family doctor wants me on drugs that just put me to sleep all the time, I’m sure he’s happy because I’m not complain any more, because I sleep all day and sleep all night. I’ve been waiting a year to get into the “chronic pain clinic” . Right now they are saying it’s going to be 14 months before they think about looking to when they can schedule me in. I can’t think of a single reason to go on if this is what the rest of my life is going to be.

How do you guys do it?

I’m so tired of lying, so tired of trying to believe that it’s all in my head; if I had a better attitude the pain would go away. If you don’t have an answer that’s OK, I’m not looking for pity, I’m useless as fuck now and my kids would now be better off without me. I’m so tired of lying and telling everyone that I have a sore back. I really can’t believe the doctors do this to parents like me with little kids. I really can’t believe that I volunteered for this.

Yes, I’ve thought about street drugs, never did them before, Other than what I’ve seen in the movies I have no idea where to start with them. I am so ready to go

I’m so sorry you are here and this happened to you. I don’t know any of your story or what type of pain you are having but I do know your kids will not be better off without their father. I know that hopeless feeling and not being the dad I want to be is the worst pain of all but be strong for them. Things can get better and we are here for you.

Can you describe what type of pain you’re experiencing? Did it start immediately after vas or sometime after? What treatments have you tried? Are you seeing a pvps doctor or urologist that performed the vas?

Stay strong brother. You are not alone and we understand the lying, disabiling pain and associated anxiety/depression that comes with it. There is hope even though it doesn’t feel like it right now.

I am tired to and my vasectomy was 28 years ago next month. AND I STILL GET PAIN NOT AS OFTEN. we are voting to legalize marijuana next month and I am all for it

Scrotum was on fire The night I had the vasectomy, this went on for a few days, anabiotic’s, shooting pain in the taint if I tried to pick up anything, example our tiny dog. Sitting is very painful, a little bit of walking around, maybe light yardwork is OK. Laying down hurts. The doctor That destroyed my life says I have yet to epidimitis, my family doctor says I have nerve damage, another doctor says I have hyper active cremator muscles. The first urologist says that I have post vasectomy pain. The second neurologist Who specializes in reversals, says I have post vasectomy pain and he doesn’t think that the vasectomy reversal he does would solve the problem and might make it worse. I’ve been on Lyrica which did nothing but ruin my mood and eventually caused blood to drip out of my ass. Then I was on Cymbalta, I quit the Cymbalta when it was ruining my hearing, the ringing in my ears was horrific, And I was driving one day; did not want to put my foot on the brake pedal because I knew how much pain it would cause my testicle. So obviously the Cymbalta wasn’t working and I was losing my hearing to the ringing in my ears. I try to do things with the kids, not much, an hour of swimming or something and then the next day I’m laid up in bed all day. Can’t do anything I used to do, what am I supposed to do with my Jetski, my quad, my jeep, can’t even drive to work without pain. Your example of years of pain with no end is why am asking the question. Right now my epididymis is burning, I’m at work I can’t sit in my chair to type. So I’m kneeling on the floor. Winter is coming, ploughing the driveway is going to kill me again.

Previous to this, I would have thought that if I had chronic pain, I would’ve been all over marijuana. But now that I have chronic pain I don’t want to be drugged up at all.

There’s also other funny things, like I can see myself needing a knee replacement in 10 years because of the vasectomy. I’ve been walking clubfooted with my right leg since the vasectomy, I can’t even turn my foot straight forward to walk or stand any more. Having said that, the knee pain is the least of my worries.

Hi sounds like your describing my vasectomy. The day I had mine was on a Friday at 2 30 by 3 30 pm I was in so much pain. My wife had to drive the 35 klms home. I could Harding walk into the house. My pain was my right testicle. 3 years after the vasectomy and being told constantly that it was all in my head I went in for a reversal. The urologist said after I was prep for surgery that he can’t do vas too vas but he could do another way to reverse it. Move foward 2o years when I finally afford the reversal the urologist said he can only join the left as I was given an epididectomy and my testicle has shrunk as the blood supply was injured. My advice mate is to look into any corrective surgery. And DON’T LET THEM SUGGEST AN EPIDIDECTOMY. THE PAIN NEVER WENT AWAY. stay safe and be wise. For the want of a better word the vasectomy screwed me / US OVER.

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You still have plenty of options mate. From what you describe, your pain seems to be mainly localised to your scrotum? If so, this is somewhat positive in my view. Things start getting clouded once referral pain and other symptoms are in the mix.
Have you tried any nerve blocks?
Hang in there mate!

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Nerve stripping is the only option I have. I’m in Canada not many options. And they don’t even do nerve stripping in my province, need to drive almost 1000km or 600 miles.

Cord blocks and things like that I’m told are done at pain clinics. They say It’s gonna be at least 14 months before they start thinking about scheduling me.

Dr. Jarvis is your best bet but I’m assuming he’s the reason for the 14 month wait. You could always head to Florida for @S_Parekattil_MD . There are answers, you just have to find someone good enough to figure it out. Unfortunately, most docs fall well short in treating PVPS.

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Yes was just going to suggest dr. Jarvi. I’m in Ontario as is dr. Jarvi. He does nerve blocks himself and one of, if not the best urologist in the country. Get a referral specifically for him. PM me if you need anything or post any questions in here. Seriously he’s amazing. Not all of these issues are easy fixes but he is good at diagnosing and offers the blocks.

I’m no where’s near Ontario. Thanks for the advice. What exactly is a cord block? Is it just novacaine that wears off in a couple hours? I’ve read that when they do nerve stuff down there, everything can go numb.

Because post vasectomy pain never happens, it’s really hard to find real information.

I’ll leave that to some of the guys that have more experience with blocks.

I know it’s difficult right now with Covid restrictions and difficulty pvps can have regarding travel but maybe an option down the road if things are still really bad. Heck I would even consider going down to those guys in Florid and Texas if it gave a better shot at finding something to resolve this hell. Good luck in your fight man. Don’t give up. Sucks so badly but I’ve modified the activities I do with my kids and still a big part of their lives. Yes I wish I could rough house and be more active with them but I read them more bedtime stories, play board games (while I’m laying on couch) and things like that. Good luck brother.

There are diagnostic nerve blocks and there are therapeutic nerve blocks. Diagnostic are like you state, the numb the nerve with an anesthetic. If the pain stops, then they found the culprit. If the pain doesn’t stop, then they try another nerve. With scrotal pain from PVPS, the main potential culprits are the II/IH, the GF, and the pudendal (others have had blocks of something call the sympathetic nerve system, but I don’t understand enough to explain that). Many urologists will block the entire cord.

Urological surgeons often use the diagnostic block to determine if cord denervation might work. Other surgeons use diagnostic blocks to determine if neurectomy might work (nerve snipped higher up).

Pain Management specialists will generally do therapeutic blocks with both a short-term anesthetic and longer-acting steroid. Same idea, though. If you get no benefit, then that nerve is, in theory, not the culprit.

I’ve had both types done to the II/IH and never got relief. I’ve had both types as well as pulsed RF ablation of the GF and got some relief each time. I’ve had both types of cord blocks and got some or even a lot of relief each time. My last two cord blocks included botox and were done by Dr. Parekatill in Florida (I live in Ohio).

I’ve had 3 bouts of PVPS, first for 18 months 2005-06, second for 6 months in 2008-09, and last for 30 months 2016-18. Been pretty much pain free since the cord blocks with botox.

Just wanted to give you some hope.

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Hi mate I wonder if you could tell me if these testosterone figures are okay.
(N=6.0./ 26) cheers Francis

So, Basically I’m gonna be chasing this for the rest of my life? I’m already dead and I just don’t realize it.

Not necessarily. He has had many years pain free in between those bouts. Many get better and pain doesn’t return. I personally know a guy who did go through hell for 4 years but then it went away and never came back. That was over 20 years ago he’s been pain free now.


Correct, not necessarily. It’s conquerable but left my body with a weakness that occasionally gets re-injured. I’ve had longer periods without pain than with pain since the original vas. From late 2006 (post-reversal and recovery) through April 2016, I was pain-free except for a 6-month setback late 2008 through early 2009. I know I’ve been fortunate compared with some, less fortunate than others. Even this last, most stubborn setback was able to be put at bay, so I’d advise everyone to try everything before giving up.

Sounds like you have nerve damage. I had this happen to me during my reversal. It could take your body awhile to adjust to the damage. I was in pain off and on for years and almost no pain now. I had to do a lot of stretching and exercising, with as much pain as I could manage, and many, many painful days like you describe. There are many treatment options especially if you go see Dr. P. Read some of the stories on this site. Many people on this site have been through it and come out ok on the other side given enough time.