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Why do people say there's no male birth control pill?

One of the side effects of Rapaflo is that no semen comes out during orgasm. Assuming no microscopic swimmers get through, that sounds like a birth control pill to me. Strange that it hasn’t been studied or marketed for birth control.

I’ve done quite a bit of my own homework on your inquiry. I certainly wouldn’t consider rapidflo to be a safe, guaranteed, long term form of male birth control.

Some have suggested long term use of TRT, but that’s certainly very debatable as safe. In all honesty, it’s anything but safe, risk free, etc when it comes to long term usage, especially to guys that are perfectly healthy, have no issues beforehand, etc.

Based on my own research, everything I’ve read about that’s actually considered a true form of guaranteed male birth control are considered as toxic to the man’s system.

I could post links to the data, studies etc I’m speaking about, but simply don’t have the time to put something together. The data, and research is out there to be read if you search for it. I’ve actually posted at least one link on this site in the past that lead me to much of what I’ve read in the past.

To my knowledge no such thing exists at this point. No such thing as in safe, guaranteed, side effect free thing at this point, etc. And where does one draw the line far as what’s debatably a safe option? I’m sure that’s a matter of opinion.

Sure, all forms of female birth control have some sort of risks, but they aren’t to be confused with what I’ve read in regard to forms of male birth control that have been explored in the past and deemed as toxic to a man’s system. Options are continually being explored to this day.

I haven’t researched the gates foundation male birth control pill that’s being pushing world wide. Might want to look into that data if you can find much out there. Seems some countries flat out told the gates foundation to get the hell out of their country/s. That should tell you something.

And who in their right mind would consider this to be a great alternative? A dry ejaculate? I’ve heard of men in forums like this one that had this
accidentally happen to them as a result of specific medications that refered to the experience as total mind fu*k.

A dry ejaculate certainly isn’t for everyone. I can only imagine what a survey regarding this option would turn up should scores of men actually give this option a whirl.

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That’s all I’m saying. Vasectomy is here to stay but why does it have to involve so much destruction of healthy tissue. It’s overkill. I can’t believe no one has tried to create a method where the vas/lumen is just scarred down in one small spot with no cutting. I would think there are any number of agents or methods that could cause this in very small amounts. You could probably do it with RF ablation I would think if you could isolate the heat to the very tip of a probe and place it in the vas near the the lumen.

I think this is a function of imaging technology. If you could create a machine that with some human assistance could get a needle into the lumen accurately every time this would work well. Again without cutting and pulling the vas deferens out of the body. That’s where the problems are caused in a lot of guys I would imagine.

I didn’t mean to sound harsh in my first quote above @Sentosa. Obviously you think this might be a good option, but I’m absolutely certain many men wouldn’t.

Perhaps rapidflo is an option for some that are ok with such side effects providing it was ever proven to be a guaranteed form of male birth control.

I’m certainly not trying to create an argument, or go back and forth with anyone, but this methodology certainly comes with its own set of risks that have been discussed on this forum many times, including recently. An obstruction within the vas deferens is proven to cause complications within the congestive aspect at minimum. That’s not maybe, that’s a fact. Tack on hormonal, the prostate, and then some as potential negative side effects, and things don’t sound so positive.

I totally agree that taking cutting, clamping, crimping, electrocauterization, foreign objects, etc, out of the equation would lead to better outcomes, but…

Ultimately, and at this point, there are no risk free male birth control options for men, not even close. Condoms are likely the safest all around option to date, but we all know the cons to them.

Pvp, pvps, side effects, etc, certainly aren’t inherent risks involved with condoms. Risks to relationships being destroyed because of pain, resentments, etc, are basically non existent with condoms. Nobody is going to become unemployed, disabled, nor need an unpredictable expensive corrective surgery because of condoms. I could go on and on.

Sure, condoms aren’t perfect, but I’m sure a multitude of men wish they would’ve stuck with them instead of resorting to vasectomy for one reason or another.

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If they can ever sort these new procedures we are talking about out to the point where dissolving the obstruction without incident was 100% guaranteed, this will be the way to go if they can figure out how to pull it off.

Even then there’s still going to be guys that get screwed up via congestive complications at minimum.

For those that are new to these discussions, here’s a couple threads that get into the procedures we are talking about.

I just typed male birth control into the search bar on this site, and many threads, options, discussions, etc, pop up.

Here’s another link to a recent thread regarding male birth control.

The first thing that comes to my mind is that something that eliminates ejaculate may well be limiting contractions which doesn’t sound like fun to me.

This sounds like TRT lite to me. From what I understand, Androgel is absolute bullsh1t as a testosterone replacement delivery method.

I guess this method is more reversible for some reason? TRT can shut down you balls pretty hard and I don’t think it’s always 100% reversible.

I pretty much made the same comment in the thread your referring to, lol.

Great minds think alike…

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