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Why Did You Get A Reversal: Poll

This forum has a clear focus on pain. Still, the more and more I research, the academic in me is interested in finding trends, however antidotal they may be. For those in this forum who have gone through with reversal, what was your main reason?

  • Testicular Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Sexual Side Effects
  • Prostate Issues
  • Depression
  • Other

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Did Reversal help?

  • Yes
  • Partially
  • No

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How Long Did You Wait For Reversal?

  • 1-6 Months
  • 7-12 Months
  • 13-18 Months
  • 19-24 Months
  • Over Two Years

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You might find my index helpful:

73 reversal stories available, with the code “SGR”

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This is helpful @Ethan_Scruples. A quick glance at this leads me to believe that a reversal was not highly successful in resolving many of the potential issues related to PVP and related effects. That’s slightly discouraging.

Usually what you hear is that about 80% get significant improvement of some kind. Definitely not a guaranteed fix. And a couple end up worse.

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Worth noting also that my index is far from complete, (I have probably more than 1000 stories to post) and there are a lot of stories on this forum that are not included yet.

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This is are my input

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My pre reversal issues disappeared, sexual side effects, testicular pain, depression, prostate, but seems like I ended up with a lovely nerve damage. Have got a weird burning pain across inner thigh, but quietly hoping this will heal with time. Don’t regret reversal, but totally underestimated recovery

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How are you doing now?

Up and down, have recovered to good 95% but suffered an awful setback, around 75% there now

Yes, maybe the helped vs partially helped needs expanded. If it helped at all it help, but are we talking fully resolved or mostly resolved?

Adding in these videos. Hopefully someone gets some help. I am starting PT next month. Tried reversal and bilateral denervation.

I casted a partially vote, but I have a complicated situation and on more then one level. Some of it is so bizarre and contraversial that I simply will not post my entire story onto the internet anywhere.

I had my first reversal 4 months post vasectomy and that was almost 11 years ago. It was a failure out the gates patency wise. I had my second reversal nearly 10 years ago. ~2 years later, my second reversal failed patency wise.

Not long after my redo reversal, I would’ve still voted partially because I certainly wasn’t remotely close to pain free ~6 months post redo reversal. Knowing what I know now - I was doing well enough, and I should’ve left well enough alone, but I hastily choose to roll the dice one more time (ugh).

Some are aware that I had that 3rd procedure (left side varicocele embolized) ~6 months post redo reversal. If you were not aware of that - you are now. I regret having that procedure because it did absolutely nothing positive for me. Instead, it caused vascular congestion and made me considerably worse for quite some time. I’m talking about years of worse and I still have some hiccups to this day.

When I first joined this site over 5 years ago, I was doing considerably better than the majority of men I would exchange notes with on this site, but I still had intermittent issues - the majority of which were triggered by ejaculating in the morning, ejaculating to frequently, etc. Most of my pains seemed more congestive in nature, but I was never certain what kind of congestion I was experiencing as I also had a left side varicocele that apparently hated everything up to that point too. Perhaps I was experiencing both spermatic and vascular congestion - IDK.

To this day, I don’t think my left side varicocele appreciated anything that it experienced - including the vasectomy itself. The typical mid-evil complications, etc.

5 years ago I was also experiencing occasional pinching type pains on the same side. Sometimes related to ejaculating. Sometimes no rhyme no reason. Sometimes it seemed more related to stress. Overall I was doing pretty good for the majority of my days, but there would be times where I was just as bad as many other men that post on this site.

I also have what seems to be some sort of unconfirmed epididymal cyst on my left side that became noticable sometime ~4 years ago. That thing can become painful too. It’s BB sized and gets rather hard and painful sometimes. I try to not pay it any mind. If it isn’t bothering me, I’m not touchy feely with it and don’t allow myself to think about it. Out if sight out of mind.

All that said, I have managed to make very slow progress (and a bit of digress) since I joined this site 5 years ago. We all have our own stories, but I can remember @gwhitman once saying something like he thought he might be making ~2-3% progress every year once he seemingly plateaued. That was posted quite some time ago, but whatever the case, I can relate to some of what he said myself.

Bottom line, never give up on time ~alone as an option. I used to consider various further treatment options, but I am glad that I banked on time and ~occasional meds to get me through work and/or rough patches when I needed it the most and/or to survive.

After I had my 3rd corrective procedure in 2011 that went completely haywire on me, some of the best advice I received was this… A very educated someone told me that they had a hunch that I would make some progress over time, and they were talking about years (ugh). There were no promises, it was just a hunch. That person also suggested that my body probably would not tolerate further intervention.

All and all, nowadays I do pretty damn well considering everything. It is extremely rare that I would feel the need to take anything for testicular pain. Over the last ~9 months, I have been doing well enough to free ball it in the evenings which has been a big no no for nearly a decade. Generally speaking, I don’t take anything for pvp/s anymore.

I do suffer from lower back pain that is the result of an injury/s that pre dates my vasectomy (as did my left varicocele). Whatever the case, I know what I have been through and where I have been, but those physical and mental scars don’t slow me down much anymore. But, my lower back does on ~occasion…

I definitely keep my fingers crossed that I never have a significant relapse like some others here have.

Hey RingoStar, I got an email alert so figured I would chime in. Doing pretty good these days. I keep up with exercise, stretching, meditating, and the foam roller. I get pain maybe once or twice a year now. Things still seem to be healing as I can still feel a thicker spermatic cord and some build up in the epi, but pain wise seem to be fine. How long will it last, who knows? I just try to stay in shape as much as I can and keep moving, some days I’m exhausted and don’t do anything. Have to listen to your body. If the congestion pain starts back up will try the papaya seed powder as this seems to help some. My T levels seem to be holding up ok over the years. I had my reversal due to congestion and it seemed to have helped with that issue, but did cause additional pain which seems to be resolving. Would I be in better or worse shape now if I didn’t have the reversal, that’s hard to tell as my pain wasn’t severe as most when I had the reversal, but I could have had more issues down the road. Haven’t had a recent sperm count so don’t know if the tubes are open or not?


Yep, I stay active physically and mentally and do basically the same things. My routine is a bit different but IMO it all equals the same.

In your case, I wouldn’t bother getting an SA any time soon unless you have some sort of legitimate reason to do so (like a significant relapse or something along those lines). Knowing that you might be shooting blanks would very likely cause you to digress mentally for at least a short period of time. It would also likely cause an anxiety spike - etc.

I am certainly not a fan of men not knowing what is really going on with the status of their fertility post reversal, but there does come a point where knowing may not be helpful on many levels. All at the same time, if a man is sterile at some point post reversal and condoms are really crapping on his sex life, knowing exactly what is going on would likely be beneficial. Obviously there is more than one way of looking at this. Another example would be - man gets a VR and his wife rushes out and gets a tubal ligation immediately afterwards. Here we go again…

I could write a long one here in regard to post reversal SA’s, how important they are, why they are important, etc. In a nutshell - people generally assume way too much post reversal, and that includes in pain forums like this one.

We have several second hand testimonials on this site in regard to long term patency statistics that supposedly came straight from the mouths of their VR surgeons. IDK where those VR surgeons even come up with those statistics because the truth is - they are not tracking and compiling every single piece of their own data to truthfully say what the statistics really are.

To actually achieve this, all VR surgeons would somehow have to get every single man they preformed a VR on to get at least one annual SA indefinitely. As far as I know nobody is doing that. Having another baby post vasectomy is one thing. Long term patency is another. I digress for now.

At this point, I am very skeptical about long term patency statistics. I know of very few studies (~2 maybe 3) on that particular aspect of VR. A couple studies doesn’t cut it for me and it shouldn’t cut it for anyone else either. Look at all of the conflicting data we have already amassed in regard to vasectomys. Why would anyone assume that VR statistics would be any different.

I could go on and on…

Thought I’d mention, for those that read my above paragraph and had some other ideas - there are other ways for individual VR surgeons to achieve some sort of long term patency statistics of their own. I wouldn’t consider them to be as accurate as I was suggesting - whatever the case, at least their long term patency statistics would actually be their own.

I think it is fair to assume that any VR surgeon is capable of having an up to date annual or preferably biannual SA control group of ~30-50+ men that they followed out indefinitely. If any of them actually did that, one would also need to know all of the details of the control group.

In other words, they would need to know the details about those men. The type of VR that was performed - for how long had they been vasectomised - what exact surgical methodology was performed - the exact follow-up protocols - one would need to know all of the details because there are a lot of variables to consider.

It sure seems that at least a ~few VR surgeons have done some small sample studies (small control groups) in the past regarding long term patency. I wouldn’t be aware of ~2 maybe 3 such studies if someone hadn’t done something like that before. But, the fact is, to the best of my knowledge, I have never seen any long term patency data from any of the VR surgeons that do and do not get a lot of recognition on this site and elsewhere. I have seen data that highlights the fact that X Y and Z VR surgeons can restore a man’s fertility, but not for how long.

I should also mention that I am quite aware that everything I am talking about would be a PITA for pretty much any VR surgeon to fund themselves, keep up with and/or document all of the data, etc. Whatever the case, I digress…

People that are new to these kinds of topics probably think there are only 2 ways to perform a VR (vas to vas and vas to epi), and while this is true, the details get far more technical than that.

Anyway, I am quite aware that there is more going on with VR for pain than just congestive related symptoms, congestive pains, etc. That is not my opinion - nowadays that is a well known fact.

Just one example… Over a decade ago, I was consulting with several highly experienced VR surgeons about a potential redo reversal. I clearly remember one of them telling me that if I had already had one full clean up already, it was unlikely that I would get much relief from a redo reversal.

In one hand, I did/do agree with that particular VR surgeons assessment, but obviously there is no one size fits all answer regarding redo reversals. If the man experienced patency failure right out the gates, a potential redo reversal might help. I suppose everything is dependant on individual cases and/or situations. FWIW, there certainly are other potential scenarios to consider as well.

I suppose one would have to go down all of the rabbit holes trying to figure out why their first reversal failed patency wise in the first place. There are to many potential reasons to list. From potential blockage, poor methodology, poor follow-up protocols, amount of time vasectomised, experienced surgeon has a bad day, rushing, cramming, etc.

Some further information on this topic can be found in the thread below.

My thoughts were going in several directions earlier today. Edited for clarity