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White Blood Cells Post-Vasectomy

I noticed that a semen analysis 4 years after my vasectomy noted high count of white blood cells. Is there any significance to this such as the possibility of an infection contributing to my problems?

The only time I’ve had prolonged improvement of symptoms was after I was on 30 days of doxycycline followed by 10 days of NSAIDS. My perennial and scrotal discomfort disappeared, and my ejaculate volume which had dwindled to nearly nothing improved as well. Symptoms came back after about 2 months and subsequent antibiotic treatments did nothing. I wonder if another round of antibiotics may be worth a shot.

Hi, I’m not an actual doc but have some knowledge due to my work in life sciences- high white blood count is almost always due to infection/ inflammation, possibly thyroid issues but less common.

All these meds can increase it too:
epinephrine , allopurinol , aspirin heparin , quinine, corticosteroids