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Whew, I got through unscathed (haha)


Had the surgery a month ago and the worst was a little puss at the stiches a few days post-surgery. The doctor said that’s normal with dissolving stiches and he was right. I have a little tingling from time to time but I see that as my boys reminding me I’m shooting blanks! yay! no kids ever!

I am glad I did this. I was worried by other men’s postings but figured the odds were in my favor. so far so good. let me know how long into the future problems could arise.



most of us figured the odds were in our favor. 1 month in i also had no pain. I hope you dont develop chronic pain, but frankly i think your choice to go through with this knowing what we’ve gone through is fairly bold. I’m not sure I really understand the point of this post either. “problems” could arise probably anytime in your future.



My pain started 8 months after the vasectomy. Perfect recovery after the surgery. Nerve pain from any surgery can start 1-2 years post-op.



Thank you for the response. I’ll count my lucky stars one month at a time. i’ll post if things change - meaning i’m going downhill.



Great news man. Now get outa here and go have a good life. Don’t look back.



So what’s the point of this shitpost?

You’ve posted in a support group for men who suffer life-altering pain from vasectomies, where some guys are in enough pain to either consider or commit suicide and you feel the need to rub it in our faces that you’re all good!

Don’t forget that a whole bunch of guys here had pain develop 6 months, 9 months, one guy even 10 years post-vas!

Oh yeah, and don’t forget about the 10% increase in lethality of prostate cancer (Harvard Med) attributed to vasectomies - and - here’s a good one - the primary progressive aphasia (an early onset type of dementia) link to vasectomized males - See Weintraub’s research.

My condolences to your testicles.



Easy, easy. He’s okay. He spun the chamber and pulled the trigger and got a click. One less miserable sob in this world. Wish I was him frankly.



Glad someone said this! Like someone going to that funeral today in charlottesville saying, “Yay, I survived the car crash.!”



You bet – it’s like jumping into the pool with now swimming trunks. well, not yet. i gotta wait and make sure there are no swimmers left lingering down below. little turds.



I hope karma is a real thing…



Im trying to figure out whats worse- promoting violence and suicidal thoughts or speaking positively of male genital mutilation (vasectomy) on a forum full of men whose lives have been devastated by the procedure. (What a DICK: Victor’s word not mine).



Every vasectomized men is a PVPs candidate. Unless your sperm production decreases quickly to aliviate pressure or you really have excellent nerve terminations. The odds are always against us.

No pain, no granulomas, no scars, no skin adhesion? Man, that’s what everyone signed up for.

Anyway, glad you’re fine and hope you remain ok forever.



I was okay after surgery too. Peas and TV for a couple days and back to work. By the end of one year though things must have been getting bad because I just one day went to home depot and bought a foam garden kneeler and piece of the interlocking foam floor matting and spray glue and made a cushion with a slot cut out in the pereneum area. I did not link the burning pain I had sitting at work to vasectomy for another two years although it kept getting worse and worse. Crazy. @NoPain was obviously a little worried or he would not be here. I was not worried after my vasectomy about my vasectomy, not once, for a couple of years. Just couldn’t figure out the burning pain. By the third year it was impossible to not notice and it was as if I could feel the scar tissue tingling/burning most of the time. Like I had a piece of glass in my spermatic cord/base of my scrotum. This guy is okay and that’s a good thing. It’s good when your nuts/groin don’t hurt.



I was ok for 11 1/2 years. The research shows that PVPS can occur up to 14 years and 9 days after vasectomy.
4.3% score over 5 on the VAS pain scale after 10 years. Sorry to inform you. The ugly truth.
Good luck



What Mike said stop trolling us



LOL and if all those don’t get you according to some research I have found studies all V men die about 7 years earlier wonder why?? Hmmmmm



Can you post a link to those studies? I’d love to see them



I got nothing against this guy. But whats odd is if you had a vasectomy and you were good why would you go looking for a forum of sick people, it wouldn’t even enter my head. What really concerns me is i was reading in a magazine of people (bored housewives etc) making fake accounts on forums, making out they are pain sufferers just for fun. How would you know? You dont!!!Weird people.

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Yea I was also thinking this was kind of suspicious. Could be a real patient with good results. Could be a troll. Could be a doctor.



I am not a P.V pain sufferer, however i do have moderate to sever idiopathic testicular pain, and glad to be allowed to be part of this forum.

However, I think the hostility is a little untoward. Perhaps the guy posting is seeking a little support after making the decision to have the vesectomy or maybe he is having some minor post op pain and is seeking resources or perhaps he is a troll, not for me to say.

What I can address, is if he is feeling alone, or in need of support, based on his decision to have the vasectomy, then perhaps we should be less hostile and a little more supportive… I have felt terribly isolated and alone dealing with this pain, and finding this forum and knowing others, although not with identical issues are also out there makes that isolation less dark!

Let’s try to be more like a great pair of underwear to each other, supportive and comforting as opposed to a thong, which is pain in the Ass… (sorry for the sappy analogy… I am a warped sense of humour)