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When to have denervation/neurolysis


From my experience and others that I have read on here, I would only have denervation if:

1/ You only have testicular pain after vasectomy
2/ You have testicular pain due to some other reason

I would not recommend denervation if you have pain in the vas deferens and the pain seems to spread everywhere - back, legs, hips etc after vasectomy. This pain could be nerve pain and it seems like it would make sense to block or cut these nerves, but in my situation it only made the nerve pain worse. I’m not sure if this is due to the inflammation and/or scarring from the denervation, or the nerves growing back and being more sensitive, but my nerve pain actually got worse 6 months post surgery and every day since.

I was in a position where I would do anything to get rid of my pain. Looking back I should have opted for pain modification and making changes in my life instead. Anyway just wanted to let you know that nothing is a guarantee in life and in some occurrences, can make things worse.


I am sorry to hear about your experience. It hurts to read stories like yours, I feel with you.
Where did you get the denervation, i.e. at the cord (microsurgical cord denervation) or were nerves cut higher up in the inguinal canal?


I had cord denervation


I tend to believe you’re right. I think SCD MAY be helpful for localized scrotal pain but if the damage has gone further up the cord to the groin, legs, etc., I think SCD is like trying to put toothpaste back in the tube.


I’ve read your story and been wondering how you’ve been holding up and then I came across this. Sorry to hear you’re still in pain. I was hoping with time things would have settled for you. If it helps, you are literally saving lives. Dr. Jarvi recommended scd for me and because of brave people like you and others on this board I have chosen not too and seen some improvements myself with time.


Yes, I forgot to thank you for posting your story. It’s a shame that some of these therapies make matters worse.

Can you tell us about the prep you did prior to the SCD? The uros all seem to prescribe it if and only if you have a positive response to a cord block. The evidence on this board doesn’t seem to make that a hard and fast rule.

Also, it sounds like you had pain outside the scrotum based on your recommendation to only have SCD if your pain is localized, correct?

Last question, would you mind stating where you had the SCD surgery?