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When are we all getting revenge on urologists?

If your urologist lied to you in any way or was dishonest. Have you went back and complained?

Myself I have never went back however I did leave a review stating this has ruined my life on google reviews of the clinic.

I know of one case that a happened in 2014 were a guy went to the clinic that did his and shot 2 urologists and then himself. His neighbours stated he was complaining about a botched vasectomy.

I have tried posting comments on youtube about how the vasectomy ruined my life. Does not seem very effective. I also tried to find videos on youtube about bad experiences. I only found about 1. It only had a few thousand views.

We need to get revenge. We cannot just sit in silence. There seems to be thousands of people that use this site. Surely we can do something. ?

I understand your sentiment. I’m sure many of us have had dark thoughts at points in our lives post-vasectomy. I get it.

Still, I suggest you re-consider the word “revenge.” This forum is extremely valuable, and we could lose access to it and our collective voice if anyone ever connected a violent act by a vasectomy victim to this forum.


I second that. Revenge isn’t a good word around here.