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Hi All,

I haven’t posted openly here in a while,although I’ve kept up with some of you pm wise.

I have been in the process of looking into reversal,today I travelled to a reversal surgeon.

I went through my symptoms start to date unfortunately he believes I’m more likely a nerve pain guy ?

His reason for this was
A I don’t have a tender epididymis
B that my symptoms are unilateral
C I have a nerve pain which has got better but is focused in my left foot same side as bad testicle.
D Although my Second opinion Urologist and original vasectomy guy said I had a sperm granuloma he doesn’t believe I do,(this guy has done over 4000 reversals)

My pain is manageable at the best of times but it ramps up after sex for a couple of days.Lately I have had a squeezed testicle feeling at the top of my testicle quite uncomfortable!!i have had this previously.

My sex life has been destroyed by this all and I’m at a loss what to do.

He has said that I could try a reversal says that it won’t make it worse (but we’ve heard that before) but he also said it would be crazy to do both sides he would suggest just the problematic side.He did say that for some guys the clean up involved with a reversal can help these issues.I have seen a few guys on here say that this is why they believe most people get relief rather than from congestion.

He also said try not to leave here in a negative way as he did say it is possible it could be congestion.

He has said that I could go to pain management first but frankly I’m at a loss what to do feeling pretty low right now.

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@Cannon83 I am in the same boat as you with most of my pain being Nerve related.(Back, Hip, lower Stomach) I am still considering a reversal even if my main issues are nerve related for the many other issues the Vas has caused. As many on this site, I have not felt normal since the VAS. I had my T checked and it came in at 355. I am going to continue to pursue conservative options but reversal is at the top of the list of my first surgical options but obviously this is a difficult decision based on the unknown outcomes.

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@Ben do you have pain with sex ie next day etc??

I don’t have any of your above nerve pain in those areas mine is solely in my leg but as mentioned has improved definitely more foot focused most of the time.



I did have some pain the next day after sex early in the VAS but not recently. I do have some leg numbness on occasion



Hi @Cannon83 I had congestive pains, they have been cleared quickly with papaya seeds, there’s a good thread in here about it. Give it a go and see how you feel after a week or so.



I tried Papaya seed powder for a month not that long ago,didn’t see any major changes



fresh tumeric root tea or powdered tumeric root capsules can help to relieve inflammation, reducing pain, i am finding it useful with the pain i am experiencing.

Also, St. Johns Wort tincture can help relieve nerve pain. Maybe these could help a little if you haven’t tried them already.

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Three uro’s I’ve spoken with over the past decade have said that pain after ejaculation is a telltale sign for them of congestion.

It’s really hard to know what to do. I was there 12 years ago and am here again now. Back then, I had a reversal and was pain for post-reversal in late 2006 through early 2016. Not permanent but a great overall result. Take my opinion here as just one data point, but given your symptoms, I know if I was looking at surgical options, I think I’d put reversal ahead of denervation.

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I taught I’d add to this post,I’d like to share my taughts.

It’s been a tough battle with my pvps I can safely admit that,emotionally at times I’ve reached levels I never taught existed.

One thing that sticks out in my head is the different symptoms all of us seem to suffer from no man seems to be the same as the other.

I will say my own symptoms have got better with time I find my pain pretty much manageable at the best of times of late.

But it’s still there and I somewhat feel it has plateaued,I avoid sex and have somewhat blanked it from my mind.

My own battle has been made harder with the fact that from what I gather I’ve been pretty much messed around by the medical profession here,this is hard to take as ultimately I live in a country that is far from third world I expected more…

On a family level I often think about the guys here and there families I somewhat feel that this is lost in the forum due to our own pain but I know that we all think about them they also live this crap with us.

I have after much taught decided to go for a reversal (I know it’s a risk)fingers,toes,ears crossed!! that this will help!

Thanks to all on here who I have spoken to or communicated with I appreciate your help.

Keep your head held high men!!

We must always believe.





Good luck @Cannon83 with your reversal. The family is overlooked for sure. I am the sole provider for my family and in a position I can barely make it to work due to lower back pain. If things don’t get better for me soon I may have to roll the dice on reversal or other options. It’s a difficult decision that we shouldn’t have to be in a position to make.



@Cannon83 Good luck Mark. Keep us updated.

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Good luck @Cannon83 Hope it helps.

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Best wishes. I hope reversal works for you.



It’s hard to imagine someone keeping a family around while going through this, but those are some special people that can help you and stick with you through a pvps situation. For the most part in society men come in as 2nd class citizens to women and are treated as such. Whatever problems we may have as men such as financial, emotional, and physical pain are met with a “tough it out, you are a man” response. Which is true to some degree, but we are all human and have our limits. Just don’t expect people to be “understanding” is all I’m saying. Stay positive and trust yourself and you’ll get by just fine.



Just wanted to add to this:

So I’ve had my reversal I could go into what I’m feeling pain wise etc but it’s too early to go into this.

But I do have something that has been on my mind of late:

Throughout this whole nightmare I have kept my condition pretty much to my close family.

Not one of my friends,neighbours people that I can work with time to time,clients etc have any idea what I’ve been going through.

I know some guys here are quite open to people about their issues.

But I have spoken to others who are the same as me.

The reason I speak about above is I’m thinking about being more open about my condition.

The reason I haven’t is probably because I feel I’ll be ridiculed by some (this will happen,I shouldn’t care as it’ll be by people who I don’t care about or are any part in my life)

I also live in a small town 9k people and my home town is 30mins away again similar size town,my country is also pretty small 4.5 million people.

But am I not contributing to the "oh it’s in there heads brigade by not speaking out " & also playing into the Vasectomy Cliniics/Urologists hands 1 in 2000 bullshit.I honestly feel the reason these guys get away with this is because we as men don’t speak out.

I’ve also started to think what I & We have put ourselves through and I feel I’ve almost accepted it but why the hell should I.

Maybe I’m rambling and feeling sorry for myself and should just get up and get on with it.

I’d be interested to see what others feel on the above and how they approached it.

Cheers Mark.

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Early on, I was very open about what was happening to me. For one, I was hoping to find someone locally that had PVPS or at least knew of someone that had vasectomy complications. This forum is one of the few places you won’t feel like you are only one, and although that’s helpful, I wanted to be face to face with another person. Second, it was pretty obvious that something was bothering me because my demeanor, work attitude, general disposition changed so rapidly that other people noticed and asked me. I was open and honest.

Now, however, I feel like I’m tired of talking about it. It’s now just something I want to deal with myself. I don’t even talk to my wife about it much. She’s very helpful, but I just don’t want to seem like a buzzkill anymore. I’ve also realized that every person has some type of problem in their life and mine is no different or more disruptive than theirs.This mindset has helped me to take the focus away from my problem, and helps me appreciate what positives are in my life. That being said, I’m in a generally better place than I was last year, and the pain doesn’t consume so much of my life anymore.

That being said, if someone asks me how things are, I tell them. If someone mentions vasectomies, even in a joking manner, I tell them about my situation. I’m open still about my pain, but i don’t make it a catalyst to start a conversation anymore. I don’t actively avoid discussing it, but don’t generally bring up the topic on my own anymore. I think it’s a delicate balance, but people need to know that these issues exist, so they can make an informed decision.



Hi Mark I believe that it’s time to make a move, I was silent for 26 years and if I was asked now I would say that vasectomy ruined my life, and my marriage, sex was never the same, anyway not to ramble, I also think I live in the same country as you, and if we do then it is the country that has the most vasectomies per head of population. It needs to start with our women who believe it is a simple operation, and it might be but it has by far a lot of side effects.
Cheers mate



I’ve been pretty open about my experience (when talking to friends or when the topic comes up). At some point I just decided that adults should be able to discuss personal things without embarrassment or what’s the point of growing up? It has come up a few times recently because I tend to travel with my papaya seed powder and I tell people what it’s for.

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@Cannon83, @Kyvas @raising4girls, @Ben, @SomeGreyBIoke, I hadn’t shared much initially…perhaps some prudish taboo about talking about my privates. I shared too much with my wife and she doesn’t want to hear it anymore…which bodes poorly, I know. Then I opened up to some close friends and have been surprised in many positive ways. So. Much. Empathy. What sucks however is that two friends noted discomfort years after vas and one, decreased sexual satisfaction. If only I had been more open sooner, I would not have travelled down this rabbit hole. I’ll talk to anyone considering vasectomy but probably wouldn’t steer conversation there otherwise. I am thankful for all of you on this forum. I’ve been responding here and there (this is my first experience on a Internet forum of any kind), but will put out my whole story here shortly. Sadly, it’s a story that many of you have read before.



Sorry your here @Roy. I can say since my post in this thread I have seen some minor improvements. These improvements can’t be measured in days or weeks but when I look back a few months I am a little better. I have done a lot of therapies, blocks, etc to get to this point. With that said I will be coming up on a year soon and still looking at surgical options. Good luck