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What to do about my sore balls. 🏀

My current urologist has never heard of pvps. And says after this run of antibiotics doesnt change anything. He usually gives folks the option of trying to live with the pain or epididectomy, with not great success rates admittedly by him. I beleive he offers SCD but the horror stories from that seems like a big NO from me. Now, I’m about 3 months in with treating epididymitis/sperm granuloma pain (im not sure which, he has mentioned it could be either).

Prior to antibiotics I was in a 5-7 pain range at times. The pain seems to emanate from my vasectomy, above/Behind my lefty testicle. when antibiotics seem to be in my system i can get down to 1-4 but somedays shoot up to 5-7 again. Idk if it is placebo, fluctuations in pain level over the course of weeks, or the antibiotic.

I am deciding what should really happen next.
Keep in mind my vasectomy was 4 years ago. With little to no discomfort until early January 2020.

Here is the dilemma I am dealing with at my current state.

Some folks claim that not going for reversal soon enough could mean it is too late. Some have said they wished they had acted sooner.

But some have had surgeries to aid the problem. Reversal as well well as many other options, only to make pain worse, and wished they had just dealt with somewhat manageable epididymitis/sperm granuloma pain.

So in short, some leave it alone and things get worse. Some try to be proactive and things get worse. Some leave it alone and things get better. Some are proactive and things get better.

It really makes it hard to decide how I want to handle this, but ultimately. Healing naturally is the most ideal. I think it is best for me to wait, I am still on antibiotics afterall.

Ive ordered some papaya seed, to reduce sperm blockage perhaps that’s an issue of mine. Anyone else with symptoms similar to mine have good improvement using this method?

Does my description of pain sound like anyone elses? Did it only behave with antibiotics? Or is 1-7 a pain range others deal with, without antibiotics?

If anyone has gotten better or worse with time? Please let me know where you went wrong or right?! (if your situation sounds similar to mine).

I did talk to Dr Daniel in SC today. He sounded like the pro reversal version of my current doctor. Reversal being the only real way in his opinion. It’s hard to trust surgeons for me these days, especially when they get 8k for a days worth of work whether or not things work out for you. Im sure plenty of folks with yacht payments would say the same stuff, but I would love to beleive he is not blowing sunshine up my ass.

It seemed as if he was highly recommended by you guys, and no stranger to pvps. That is a big plus. Anyone have success/horror stories about the guy?

I’d love to hear more input. And once again, thank you all! Idk where Id be without you guys ive only been here a couple of days, and I have learned alot.

@captainsoreballs, thank you for sharing your story. Heads up, I changed the topic category to vasectomy pain because it didn’t belong in medications.

I’m not sure if I can be of much help regarding what you should do next. You have a lot of questions that I don’t think anyone could answer for absolute certain. Concervative options are always recommended first. It’s possible that you might get better in time with those options only. IDK.

Many of us know about many options, but that doesn’t mean they will work for you. Every man sort’v makes his own path, and hopefully based on some educational knowledge. There’s no shortage of information here if you look for it, search for it, etc.

This stuck out to me. You’re urologist has never heard of pvps, but tells you this? What does he/she think is happening? Have they been living under a rock their entire career?

It definitely sounds like BS to me. He is only using the words “sperm grabuloma” and “epididymitis”. “Post vasectomy Pain syndrome” i guess those words have never been put together for him in the past. He’s good and getting in and out in 2 minutes. I told him about this website, but I doubt he is up all night doing research. Very dismissive. Short talks along with another perscription. Only urologist who will take my, Insurance in nashville. Ill ask him if he has heard of it next time, then Ill know he’s lying. :sweat_smile:

I hear you brother :roll_eyes:

I’m not a big fan of the pvps terminology myself, but I’m not sure what else to call it when - or if urologist’s supposedly have no idea why this stuff happens to vasectomized men. Sure, this stuff happens to men that never had a vasectomy too, but sometimes it seems urologist’s use that parable as some sort of excuse for their dismissive, unhelpful antics.

BTW, there are some guys on here with stories that are similar to yours. They made their own paths, and it’s hard to say how they are doing now. One of them sticks out in my mind, and I’m gonna have to give him a shout out. Seems he had a strikingly similar story to yours.

Ya, Id take not posting as a good sign! Id love to chat with anyone who has had similar experience, so Im real new to the subject aside from my own experience.

And there are many different versions of pvps clearly.

That sounds good in theory, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Since my previous post, I remembered that the guy I was referring to had an inciting event in his story. It doesn’t seem you mentioned such a thing in yours. Inciting as in - a physical event that seems to be associated with the on set of pain. Whatever the case, if you search through this place, you will find stories that are similar to yours (timeframe, etc).

That’s the best I got at the moment. Perhaps someone/s else will chime in.

Good luck

Ah yes. I suppose Ill just update my story here. I first noticed very slight pressure after a blowjob to be completely honest. And not a bad one. All of 2019 and years prior I was and still Identify as a stud! Although, my performance has been thus hindered. This was after new years 2020. Prolly around the 3rd or 4th. I consider this to be my Sobriety date basically, because as soon i knew something was up, a day or so later, I quit drinking, all last year I would put down a half pint of whiskey a night. And had a hard time quitting. Pain set in,and haven’t had a drop since. 60-70 days or so. I just now realized that sobriety date I was so proud of is also the date my pain began.

So all of 2019 i dont know what pvps is, and the last time I was worried about it was before my vasectomy and my urologist assured me, there were no scary monsters gonna pop out of my balls. I Had/still have a serious sex drive. I could ejaculate 4 times in 12 hours, and my wife wouldnt have a bad time either. We definitely did it 5 - 9 times a week with lots of foreplay and fun. I am 33 and I was very proud of my sexual stamina and rebound time. I mean, i seriously, a couple months ago. I. Was a LOVER. I am A professional artist and I literally sign many paintings “sex machine” and I specialize in pinups and I’ve been obsessed with porn and erotic art/fetish for a long long time. I am now done bragging about how great I used to be in the sack. Needless to say. This had been pretty devastating not only to my persona ‘the stud’. But my life has made a complete turn around, from paradise, to avoiding feeling like i’ve been kicked in the nuts at all costs.

Okay. Sorry for the backstory. Fast forward ti first instance Life is good, I live in a small home with my wife and two kids and it’s perfect.

I have a couple days after new years
Off of work, the wife gives me oral, i was never nervous about ball play, none of that. The entire event It only felt good. Instantly when it’s over i feel alot of pressure on my left testicle. Right where my vas is cut. There seems to be a small lump above my testicle where the vasectomy is, Always been there,
Or at least ive noticed it a while before it ever hurt. Not quite pain, but uncomfortable. 2 out of 10. But it was there. I inspected my scrote and it looked normal. Woke up
The next day, was definitely in a 3-4 range and getting concerned.

Worked for a day with that pain, I am comfortable sitting leaning forward at a desk to draw. i do tattoos, I can lean over when I draw and my balls almost dangle off the cushion and Im comfortable drawing. Mostly comfortable tattooing, I dont have to get up too much once Im working as well. Thank God! But I am definitely uncomfortable tattooing at times in a 3-5 range. Fortunately I seem to find comfortable positions sitting.

By day 3 or 4 ive have Surges of pain up to 6-7 range, Im trying to get in touch with a doctor. She gets me antibiotics and referral to my urologist . That was around the second week of January.

Things behaved real well with the first batch of doxycycline. But I only had one weeks worth. It lapsed a day or two. And the urologist gave me 2 more weeks of doxy at our first visit.

Much better on the doxy but still some discomfort . I visit the doc
To follow up. im improving, he grabs my balls and insists any epididymitis is gone and it’s likely sperm granuloma, just take ibuprofen. Im thinking, it’s almost over.

And now Im remembering that my sobriety date is wrong :sweat_smile:. After a day or so After the doc im feeling mostly low pain1-3 one day at least I had NO pain. Got a bottle of whiskey and pounded one out on the wife, like my balls were made of brass. BIG mistake.

Felt sore as soon as I was done. Hopped in a hot shower, balls were thumpin. Went from a 0-1 to a 3 out of 10. Woke up to 4 out of 10 and could not sleep the next night with pain surges 5-7 out of 10. Called doc instantly, they had me come right in. He said likely my epididymitis had relapsed. Now, heads up. My epidimis feels like it always has, to me anyways. the pain is definitely coming from my vas and radiates to other areas As it intensifies.

Then begins 4 weeks of doxycycline. He knows it reacted well to it before. (I am also taking 2400mg if ibuprofen a day since this began as well, I am paranoid about other damage to my body so I keep it under max dose). 4 weeks go by, at first, im thinking things are good, but never below 0. Then the pain escalates all the way to 5-6 out of 10 a week or so in. And for the remainder if that month, Could be anywhere from 2-6 out of 10. Short surges 7 out of 10 had happened as well. All the way until yesterday, which was my follow up with my urologist again. Who now has me on 4 weeks of levifloxacin.

Yesterday I was 3-6 out of 10. Stayed in front of a drawing the whole time. Could be down to 1-2 out of 10 when sitting drawing. Today, I was 1-2 out of 10 resting and drawing, surges of 3 out of 10 when walking and moving today. But remained mostly still drawing for the past 2 days.

Triggers are ejaculating too often. Im trying every other day.

Walking, i wouldnt dare run. I am no longer thinking I need a motorcycle.

Any sexual position that is not “prone bone” and twice so far I was comfortable and aroused enough for her to be on top and stay clear of my balls. and lemme tell ya, im no acrobat in either position. And I have hurt myself experimenting. Its been hard for me to accept how hard sex is to have now. Wifes pissed im still in the bath tub. Hope this isnt too much information. I just got in the tub and typed.

So far im just taking ibuprofen/ antibiotics and chamomile/turmeric/ginger.

Lots of coffee.

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Sorry it took me so long to respond @captainsoreballs.

Let me clear something up. An inciting event doesn’t have to be physical in nature. For example, it could be a bicycle ride, a hike in the mountains, sex, a set of chains snapping back and hitting a man in his groin, an infection, a vasectomy, and so on. All that said, it does sound like you fit the profile for an inciting event on several levels. From sex to possible infection and so on.

Back to you’re urologist telling you that your pain could be related to sperm granuloma or epididymitis, or presumably even both, he could very well be correct.

A bit if information below. Possibly for self diagnosis. Educational purposes. Etc


Sperm granuloma

Men that never had a vasectomy do get epididymitis. It’s also a common risk associated with vasectomy. I have never heard of a man that never had a vasectomy getting a sperm granuloma. I suppose some exceptions may apply, but the links above suggest it doesn’t happen either.

I still don’t have much input regarding what you should do. Seems you are already aware of papaya seed powder, and testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Both of those options will reduce your sperm count. One is a natural supplement, and the other is pharma. Both carry risks of their own. At this point, I’m not sure if either will help you, but they are worth considering. Seems you’ve already ordered some papaya seed powder. Perhaps it will help. IDK.

Antibiotics - seems you’ve already been down that road. At what point does one throw in the towel on antibiotics? IDK. I’d guess that would depend on some things, and I’d guess that you are aware that antibiotics carry risks of their own.

Various NSAID’s are worth considering. From OTC to prescription. Seems you have already tried ibuprofen. Again, they all carry risks of their own.

Natural antiinflammatories. Seems you are already aware of those. Again, there are some risks to consider.

It’s hard to comment much on this. I’m sure he’s helped many men. I’m also sure that some men fell short of their expectations. Did you ask him if anyone had ever been made worse? Reversal carry’s risks of it’s own, including financial, emotional, mental, physical, failure, etc. As I basically said earlier, I’m sure a lot of men had a positive experience. I’m also certain that some others didn’t.

Anyway, feel free to respond. And please don’t forget to post some update/s in this thread as your journey progresses.

Good luck brother.

(Edited for clarity)

A thought on the original post: if you take the papaya seed, I’ve heard it takes a few months to fully kick in, and you have to be sure to take enough. So just be aware if you go that route not to jump to judgement too quickly about if it works or not. I’ve heard some say it helps and, although research is limited, I believe it is proven to reduce sperm count and motility.


Thanks alot guys. I have been taking at least 1/2t of papaya daily. Its been maybe a couple weeks. Im almost done with my 4th run of antibiotics. And I follow up with my urologist, I doubt he will be offering me much more help. His suggestion at this point is epididectomy, which i feel I have found more bad than good about. I am very interested in reversal. Hut the states got me locked down for coronavirus until the 24th of april at least.

I gave been better off and on while taking antibiotics. But idk if its the antibiotics as I have not been without them. I hope
They havent been doing anything, because if the higher levels of pain return Ill be in trouble. Lets hope this corona buzzs off so I can go get a reversal if I need it!! And also so the world doesnt end

Don’t do epididectomy. I am giving you the same advice like don’t get a vasectomy. Man I had an epididectomy and it’s like the end of the road if it doesn’t work. Next option loose a ball or two. Also during the operation they damaged my blood supply to that area and now one of my right ball is shrinking. Just saying please investigate, thoroughly and best of luck what we’ve you decide.

Hi CaptainSoreBalls, sorry to hear your story - too many of us out here with long term damage! I had vasectomy in 2019, was in continuous pain and had a reversal three months later, thinking the sooner the better. That was 14 months ago and I am still in pain, I don’t know obviously what I would have felt like now without the reversal!

My personal feeling is that my pain was related to nerve damage, and that further surgery just increased the damage done. Now I have pain AND fertility, not ideal. I would suggest that you wait up until a year before committing to a reversal. I am on Lyrica and Duloxetine which bring my pain down to a 1 - 3 most days.

Good luck!

Very good advice sir. It’s good to hear criticism of every angle. To know the possibilities. I have been trying papaya seed for over a month now. I feel like it has been contributing to lessened pain from ‘acute’ epididimitis that occurs often. Still get epididimitis symptoms once a week maybe but they have been less and less that they were months ago. i also take epsom salt bathes twice daily. Scared to miss a bath, last time I missed one the pain showed up big time. I wonder if the combined hot water bathes and papaya seed are lessening my sperm count, and as well, my pain.

We have improved since this has began, but I am in covid 19 quarantine and I dont move much, If i mowed the lawn Id be in full pain.

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Glad you’re seeing improvement - actually I’d be interested in a thread on how covid lockdown has affected the community! I’ve been in the house a LOT obviously. I find working at a standing desk has helped me immensely. Sitting at a desk still my worst pain trigger.

As soon as the gov said TN was on lock down i was like “sweet! My balls are sore as hell, im gonna sit here and do nothing.” I CAN sit, thank god. I cannot recline or lay on my back for long though :man_shrugging:.

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That thread is in the link below.

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Did you get an ultrasound? I’m surprised none of your docs ordered one.

Urologists, in my experience, fall into two camps. One deny pvps, the other want your scrotum as a coin purse.

I left it alone after my incident, didn’t wank for several months, things seemed to heal on their own.

They have not ordered an ultrasound, to be honest, I picked a bad year to try to get some medical attention to my highly peculiar and very rare Condition. I am hoping to get further medical examination, as soon as lockdown has ended. Davidson county (nashville) is still on lockdown. And Im hoping I can find out more information when non emergency medical is available again.

I have been experiencing some progress, but things sure haven’t “got better” in any way that has returned life to the way it was before pvps. I’m fortunate enough to have a very empathetic partner, and “prone bone” has become the sole sexual position.

Sometimes I seem to be doing quite well then all the sudden we’re doing doggy style and 3 to 6 hours laters Ive been kicked in the nuts. Self control has never been my strong suit.

I wonder if complete abstinence from ejaculation would help? How many months? 2? Id need to be in a monestary or something. I’m pretty frustrated after 48 hours, especially with testicle pain, and knowing that I can get some relief from regular ejaculation. Or at least it seems that way.

Im starting to also notice a correlation with weather and my pain, during storms I am at my most uncomfortable. I also have been inside for 7 weeks, so, I could also be going crazy. I recently got some compression socks hoping that they would be the magic solution, guess what dudes. It aint the socks. Sorry, back to the drawing board.

I had to wear a jock strap and not cum for 3 months. I didn’t get the kicked in the nuts feeling, I just had incredible pain and a giant swollen testicle for 2 weeks.

I think you’re onto the right path with the papaya seed, I took those near the end, and it may have helped, but you need to decrease your sperm production to make it less painful.