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What position do you sleep in?

Do you sleep on your side, front, or back? (Or some bizarre sleeping position like hanging from the ceiling?)

Through trial and error, I have learned that when I sleep on my back, and don’t roll over into any other position, I wake up with less scrotal pain and have less pain throughout the day. It’s hard for me to do this because my natural position seems to be front or side; so it’s been difficult training myself. But I’m pretty sure there is a difference in scrotal pain.

Same as you, I sleep best on my side and turned more toward on my belly than back. However, this causes more pain in the morning. When lying on my back there is less pain, but I can’t sleep well. It’s a “pick your poison” thing for me.

On the side with cussions between legs

I usually sleep on my side, although my wife tells me I sleep in a variety of different positions at times :joy:

There have been times in the past when sleeping on my left side caused an increase in symptoms. It was definitely worse for quite some time after my third corrective procedure. It still happens sometimes, but it’s not nearly as bad, nor as frenquent anymore.

Sleeping with an extra blanket bunched up in-between my knees / legs was absolutely necessary many years ago. I’m far better than I was then, but I still sleep like that no matter where I am. It’s still helpful at times.

Before my vaso vaso I slept witf a pillow between my knees. No need to say this causes abnormaal hip flexion but yeah took that for granted. Nowadays I sleep without the pillow but when slepping sideways I almost immediatly experience pain in the nut region. So I sleep more or less sideways. Meaning my spine is in torsion. Which is also not al to good but hey I sleep!