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What has (mostly) worked for me for relief - tips and experience

I finally decided to write this up and posted on Reddit’s r/postvasectomypain forum as well. Here’s the copypasta:

Been almost 2 years since vasectomy. The procedure itself was incredibly painful — yes I realize I should have been numb, but it’s like 99% of me was completely numb but 1% wasn’t numb at all. So most of it would be OK, then suddenly I’d have full sensation of them stabbing me. The stab would happen at least once a minute for about 20 minutes. And of course I couldn’t move or do anything about it other than crush the nurse’s hand as she tried to comfort. It was torture.

Things I’ve learned since then:

(before, if you’re still deciding to get it done)

An interesting note regarding orgasm sensations: This is totally anecdotal but after talking to many men and reading countless stories I began to notice a pattern. Men who described their orgasm sensation being entirely or almost entirely in the shaft of the penis (this seemed to be most men) did not have any negative vasectomy experience. Men (I am in this group) who describe their orgasm sensation as being entirely or almost entirely in the testicles had a much higher rate of post vasectomy pain. I really feel there’s something to this but I’m not equipped to study it scientifically.

Take NSAIDS . If you can’t due to severe stomach issues, don’t get a vasectomy. This isn’t just a “I’ll deal with the pain, I don’t need it” it’s a matter of inflammation can cause long term damage to the area. So either take NSAIDS or don’t get snipped.

If you have chronic abdominal pain issues , you are higher risk of complications (so says my urologist, though I have no data to back this up) These include things like celiac, crohns, Hirschsprung, IBS, etc. I have a double whammy of celiac and Hirschsprung so I should not have had a vasectomy.

Get knocked out . If you have the option, go full under and go to a big hospital. Even if everything else had happened the way it did for me, this would have at least saved me the trauma of what was essentially being operated on w/o being numb. I went to a very reputable national clinic that I respect greatly but it was not a hospital. I don’t blame them and I will not name them, but in retrospect I feel I should have gone to a facility that could have put me under.

(after, if you’re experiencing significant pain long term)

Acupuncture ! It has helped my pain significantly. It varies widely by practitioner. I’ve seen about 4 different ones and only one made a significant difference. She treated “blood stagnation” (Eastern medicine term).

She also recommended an Eastern herb blend called Stasis in the Lower Palace . I no longer take it unless I have a really bad flair up, but I used it for at least 6 months during the worst of the pain and I believe it helped. Bonus : women, from what I’ve heard it helps with cramps!

(disclaimer: I am not a practitioner nor am I licensed. This is not medical advice, I’m informing what worked for me and what my provider recommended. Please seek professional advice, this is just a reference)

CBD cream ! Applied daily - it’s not cheap, but it’s legal here. I won’t go into the brand I use so I don’t sound like I’m advertising but if people really want a specific recommendation send me a PM.

Swimming . It’s so important not to lose fitness for both physical and mental health. I found swimming to be the best exercise that did not cause pain.

Communication . Please talk with your significant other, be open with them, be vulnerable with them. This experience can be a huge strain on a relationship. Don’t bottle it up.

The first 6 months after the procedure were the worst. The first 4 weeks were unbelievable. One of my first post op check in appts the nurse very gently touched the area on top of the right testicle and it threw me to the floor. She was horrified and sent me to the ER. I missed 2 weeks of work, was high on opioids for a couple weeks. Would have been longer but I got off ASAP. Had an ultrasound which found nothing wrong (I swear this is worse than finding something). After the first month it was only slightly better, I was still walking funny, couldn’t lift heavy things, still constant pain and horrible shooting nerve pains from naval / appendix area down through right testicle. My right leg had an odd semi-numb sensation (anterior) that extended down to my big toe. I tried a few different meds but none helped. After months of acupuncture treatment it started to stabilize slightly but still had pain attacks on a regular basis.

These days (been this way for about a year) it’s incredibly sensitive but most of the time only mildly sore. I cannot lay on my left side for more than 5-10 minutes (something to do with the way the testicle hangs?). I still have periods of a day or week or two where it will flair up and be significantly more sore. Every so often my cat jumps onto my lap just wrong and what should be mildly uncomfortable feels instead like an ice pick in my groin.

About the only up side is I think my testosterone went up after the surgery. From what I’ve read there’s some percentage of men this happens? Odd, but I’ll take it - mine used to be a bit low.

I know most people won’t read this all so I tried to highlight the most important bits. I hope it helps someone.

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Where do they place the needles for acupuncture? Do you know what specific nerves or other areas they are targeting with that?

They were no where near the groin, if that’s your concern. There are many, many points throughout the body that connect to different places. The closest points she used were just below my naval.

Hi Bro and sorry to hear your story. I am one of those rare cases with lower pvps pain levels (than most in this site) but severely in suffer mode because of “cold penis” syndrome that happened to me post-vasectomy. The issue is more complicated than what you described below. I have a pattern of posts here in this forum that you can read in your convenience, but to be brief I can give you a couple of high points:

Post vasectomy somehow the region between my butt hole and penis shaft has changed and is now different. This is the area right between the two legs, a large muscle connecting the the penis to the prostate region and includes nerves that control ejaculate pressure as well as the penis sensation.

This is exactly where the problem is: the muscle and nerves are somehow numb now, it’s almost like the sensations of the penis is gone and like the nerves are sleeping!!

1- when I urinate I cannot empty my bladder fully I push so much that I :dash: most of the time (it’s embarrasing at work) - this is likely because the muscles that cause the contraction and expansion of the whole “system” are not working properly, and this is likely related to sperm that used to flow in this system freely but is not available anymore. The other cause can be the inflammation (you mentioned in your second bullet) that may have caused some damage.

2- During sex and when I am close to climax I am almost senseless around my penis shaft and tip areas which takes away all the joy and feeling of relief. When coming I don’t sense anything, fluid flows out like urine, that’s it. This ha NOT improved since vasectomy, strange but true. While pain levels dropped from 3 to 1 because of antibiotics and then papaya seed usage, this issue unfortunately persists.

3- During sex when ejaculating the fluid flows slower with a lot less pressure (resembling dripping) as compared to the way I could shoot the ejaculate in my good years (I.e pre vas). Post sex there’s discharge of ejaculate flowing slowly maybe for like two hours or so which is extremely annoying.

I think vasectomy causes cutting sperm to my system that leads to complications. Ejaculate flows from the prostate region, and normally prostate constantly receives sperm from testicles and mixes it with the ejaculate fluid. But in my case it seems the lack of the chemistry is causing damage to the system and numbness of the area. I think nervous system breaks down there and this results in malfunctioning muscles, etc. There is also the fluid itself that is now thicker and more viscous because of lack of sperm mix, there is material online and in this forum about this as well.

4- The feeling of disconnectedness that many here also talk about is there too. It adds up to the lack of sensitivity.

When I visited a urologist early this year (to get a balanced opinion I chose to visit someone different than the one who butchers me) - he told me that “the nerves in that area are in shock” - note that my drilling for more info he did not want to get into the detail of what “that area” means what “shock” means - probably he saw my type of insurance and the potential for milking my insurance company; but I did not allow that because he suggested epididymectomy and I refused to do it. He suggested “injection” that he does. He did not say what it was. I assume it is a steroid, I so far have not done it.

I have been asking members in this forum about whether or not this issue can be fixed by reversal but never got a solid answer. I hope one day I can figure out if this issue can be fixed by reversal and I will go ahead and do it.