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What happens if i lost one of my testicle

From my previous post You May know my problem. Now my Uro offers to remove one of my vas deference. As i understand vasoctomy creates New pains. So Uro ask if am i ready to lost one of my testicle. İ want to ask what happens if i lost one testicle and its was deferens… İs there any one who lost one testicle.???

do a search for orchiectomy. lots of guys here have had one or two removed.

Physiologically losing a testicle usually results in the body compensating and the remaining one producing more testosterone through the feedback loops in the body/HPT axis. You would obviously want to monitor those levels if you went forward with that.

Please read up here as we have had varying outcomes on this procedure. We’ve had some good and some bad.

I can only speak for myself but it seems like being okay with it mentally is important because it can have a psychological impact.

Hormonally you can get that stuff from a needle if for some reason it results in a hypogonadal state/the other testes for some reason can’t compensate.

I think the idea of having a pain free state/life might be something that can add clarity to your decision, especially if you’ve been suffering for a long time.

It’s not a small decision. I’m sorry you are faced with it. You can count on this site for moral support no matter what you decide. We don’t give medical advice here. We share our own outcomes and what we know as guys who’ve lived it. We all obviously have read a little and made some judgements based on what we have seen here but that’s not the same as medical advice. We all have to decide what we think is best based on what our caregivers tell us and what we can glean by doing our own research.

Though not from a vasectomy I have suffered acute testicular pain for a decade. First decided to remove the left…after removing left testicle the pain just moved next door to the right. Then had the Vas cut, with denervation of spermatic chord and epid removal…sorry to say the pain did not depreciate one %. Uro’s Eyes glazed over after 5 mos of no recovery— after promising 98% of some relief…alas, nothing.
He backed off and pronounced it fanthom pain, washing his hands of it, leaving me on disability and only 800 mgs of ibuprofen to cope.
Living with the one testicle however, has not effected my sex life one iota…so at least there’s that…I’m still functional, tho need scalding hot bath afterwards to reduce inflammation along with the Motrin.

Thank for replies. Is there any one who lost his one testicle.? İ just want to learn sex life , lobidoo and orgazm sensetions. Many man in here mentioned loss of pleaseure arter vasoctomy. So what is the condition after testicle removal. ???

I’m one testicle short. It was tough for the first few weeks, had symptoms similar to when women go through menopause. 8 months on and reversal later, sex drive, libido is as pre vasectomy. I still have some pains and numbness in the inguinal canal where I was cut, but it’s very slowly improving.

Did you have vasectomy at all?

No my vas deference tube iş damaged and casing pain. My doc offers remove the vas. İ know it casues New pains. So the Uro ask to remove All spermatic cord and one testicle. Now i feel pain in sex. İf it doesnt create problem for sex life libido and orgasm sensetions … i will evaluate it.

Dear somegreybloke … how old r You and How is your ejaculations and libido…after testicle removal…

Hey @dsyejaculation. I’m in late 30’s. It’s not bad, I had added complications of previous vasectomy. Orgasms are not as strong as they use to be before vasectomy, but 75% as intense. After reversal on my remaining testicle, my libido is slowly increasing, and am getting strong erections. It did take me good time to heal from orchectomy, around a year to be in a good place.

A friend of mine lost his one kidney and he said that the other started to cause pain. As i learn , the other kidney started to enlarge and the outer membrane cannot be stretched and cause pain.
Also he lost his kidney 25 years ago and feels phantom pain at the removed Side.
Any of You, who lost his one testicle… Do You feel phantom pain or pain at the remaining one…
Thanks for replies …

No phantom pains, but we’re all different. Remaining one did hurt to start with, but now it grew fair bit, and for around 95% of time, I don’t have pain in the testicle anymore. Still have healing pains from the reversal

Dear SomeGreyBloke
Do You feel pain or strange feelings during orgasm/ejaculation… After vasectomy or after orchiectomy.
Thanks for Your reply.

losing one…didnt effect my sex drive at all or orgasm.

I still have what i think is phantom pain…overall pain is alot better than before removal but im still not back to normal. My pain is heighted by most phyiscal activitys, cant really lift any weight at all…cant understand it and im at my most comfortable when taking it really easy. But this pain was created by epididymectomy not the removal.

Hope another 6 months-year from now I will improve. I no longer feel like I want to end my life because of severe pain.

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Hi @dsyejaculation, luckily all has gone now. No phantom pains or any other aches during or post ejaculation. I did ache fair bit for the first year, and had numbness extending to my inner thigh, but have noticed that the sensation is coming back. I’d say I’m 90% recovered on my orchiectomy side with occasional aches first thing in the morning, or after a run

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thanks for reply.
İ am happy for You…:slight_smile:

Did You feel ejaculation pain after orchiectomy?.

İf yes How long did it take to gone.?
Good luck…

All sorts of weird pains for about a year mate, nothing that stood out, just aches in general. Sharp pains after ejaculation too. scar was incredibly itchy , so I used silicone strips on it.

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I have same pain level in remaining nut.
Denervation done 3 yrs later —no change
Uro’s Eyes glazed over after 6 mid check in, cause? Of course, phantom pain— right, an easy out fir these arrogant Md’s, huh!