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What Factors might be correlated with onset of PVPS

Has anyone found any correlations between preexisting factors and later onset of PVPS that might be used as a diagnostic to screen people prior to vasectomies?

I suppose this would be harder with nerve related issues, unless an identifiable genetic marker could be used to ID different nerve morphologies. I’ve seen some here digest that perhaps some men have nerves running in different areas so that some are affected by cutting the vas while others are not.

I feel like predicting onset of conjestion might be easier if it was found that perhaps men with greater sperm production, or lesser sperm degradation, were more likely to develope this issue. Not that it is likely to happen anytime soon, but I would be interested to see prevasectomy sperm counts conducted to see if there is a correlation of onset of conjestion.

I’ve also seen it suggested that men with preexisting testicular pain are not good candidates for vasectomy.

I’ve alwys noticed that my boys, espically the left guy, are a bit sensitive. Maybe every one is like that or maybe it’s from a few too many hits during my life.

Anyway, any means of reliably predicting, to some significant probability, of men that are more likely to develope PVPS, could serve to help avoid this crap shoot more so than it is bound to be.

I know some guys here have been doing meta analysies of sorts, have you come up with anything?

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