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What does Epididymectomy Actually Accomplish?

Just curious as to what this is actually suppose to accomplish when it comes to PVPS?
I had a sperm granuloma removed, and now that seemed to make my pain worse than before
Doctor recommended having my Epididymis removed. How will this solve anything? Where would the sperm from my testicle go if there is no Epididymis? How will cutting another piece of me out help with anything?
It just doesn’t make any sense to me…

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It won’t solve anything and will make you worse.


Look into it carefully would be my advice. I had an epididectomy and it did nothing pain was still there. I was never told what would happen. First of all it is the last resort. The next step is to take ball man so my advice is don’t do it also if the do an epididectomy then they cannot reverse it it is completely sterile. They can’t reverse it. That’s if they do both sides. I know because I had the surgery one side only then only learnt when I went for a reversal be fully aware while vasectomy takes your choice an epididectomy leaves you with none.

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Yeah this is what I figure. The pain just really sucks. I’m suppose to go off light duty from work Monday and off my disability benefits and just not sure how I’m going to do it.
I don’t have an overly physical job, I think the hardest part is the sitting that I do.
I do have some lifting and twisting with my job but I honestly don’t think that’s the hardest part anymore.

Let me tell you what I don’t understand about it.

  1. They tell you that if you have PVPS, then your doctor might have cut the VAS too low, leaving you with less capacity for the backed up sperm.
  2. They tell you that you will eventually probably develop blockages in the epididymides vastly reducing the capacity for the backed up sperm.
  3. They tell you that removing the epididymis may solve your problems, completely removing all capacity for backed up sperm.

How is this supposed to work? Why doesn’t the pressure in the testicle reach rupture levels after all that space for the sperm to go die in goes away?

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I don’t think there’s any more logic to epididymectomy than “if it hurts, remove it.”

Removal of epidydimis. I was offered this and walked away from it. It was Dr M is N Austin.

Francis is correct; this would be a way of no return. Even the Dr told me that if the pain persists and issues don’t go away and things go down south they would remove a testicle.

A lot of the PVPS is related to epi, most of the guys here who complain one way or another are seemingly going through a mode of epidydimitis. However the solution may not be that radical to remove the epi.

That’s why I suggest you carefully consider this option.

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