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Weird sensations after vasectomy


My name is Mark, 32 years old and I’ve had a vasectomy 12 days ago.
I didn’t find this website before I got in, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it…

I’ve read on the internet & heard a lot of different recovery stories. It seems most guys only take a week to fully recover. I’m afraid that’s not the case for me. I hope you guys can put things in perspective for me, tell me if things are ‘normal’.

Gonna give you an overview of my surgery.
I had a conventional (scalpel) vasectomy. First, doc sedated me locally and started working on the left side. Suddenly, my leg twitched pretty hard for a moment (did he nick a nerve?). He added more sedation he said and finished up. He moved on to right side and that went well.

Back at home I followed all doctor’s orders: off from work during 3 days, no lifting, lots of ice, wearing jockstrap & underwear at same time. It took me a good week to finally touch the incision spots without hurting. Days earlier, it hurt pretty bad when I touched the incision sites & area around it.

Finally, day 9 wanted to ‘clear the pipes’ to see if everything was working properly. No blood in semen, but a weird slightly painful pulling sensation from top left side of my sack to my pelvis (thinking about spermatic cord or cremaster muscle). That pulling/stretching sensation only occurs when I’m hard and jerking off (at careful pace). I’ve never had that before my vas.

Does any of you have an idea of what it is? Will it heal from itself? I really hope it will…
Could it be related to the twitch in my leg during surgery (since it’s the left side)?

Anyways, next week I’m gonna call my urologist to ask for advice. In the meantime I hope you guys can help me by sharing similar experiences or by giving your medical thoughts.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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İ am not vasectomized but same sensetions after hernia surgery. İ saw people with same sensetions after varicosele surgery. Same sensetion after orchiectomy surgery etc. As i understand , during ejaculation, damaged trifecta nerves create this pain …

Did you find a doctor to help you with it? Does it subside in your case?
It’s not particularly during ejaculation, it’s during the jerking off I experience it.

İ feel much more pain during masturbation. Very little pain(compared to masturbation) during vaginal ejaculation. Pain is also available during handjob/oral Sex. İnteresting to not feel pain in vaginal Sex…
Pain is high during Arousal. This is he worst pain. İf i see someone very atractive then i feel pain.
Solution is no. İ spend to much money for solution but i couldnt find. İ visited famous uro, pain specislists. They dont know. All they say is wait…