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Was hoping to never post here - 4 months out and still in pain


Hey guys, I had a vas on 1/27/19. I’ve read this forum for a while and really hoped I’d never have to post here. Kind of felt like that would be acknowledging that I have a problem. Anyway, some of the stories I have read are terrible and really sad. Needless to say, I’d probably not have had the procedure if I’d seen this site first. Although most of you would probably say the same.

I had no pain the first day whatsoever. Toward end of my second day of recovery, my right side hurt bad. Like 9/10 bad. But very minimal swelling. However, I could barely walk because of the pain. That went on for a couple weeks. The uro said that the right side was actually the easier of the two for him. He said he cauterized and used clips, which he has done for thousands of vasectomies.

Anyway, after 2-3 weeks the pain on the right SLOWLY subsided to about a 3/10. At about 2.5 months, I was having a good few days with almost no pain and then a bad week or so with the constant, dull, 3/10 pain. Again, only right side. I’ve been back to uro 3x. He said everything looks great. Tried antibiotics with no help. He is convinced this will go away but I’m at 4+ months now.

At this point, the pain is pretty localized to the top right side. I am constantly tender. I can jog with tight fitting boxer briefs but even getting bumped by one of my kids causes pain.

I know this is not as bad as many of you have dealt with, but, the constant pain is wearing me down. I have no idea what to do at this point and am starting to think I’m never going to get back to normal.

Has anyone heard of this type of experience (almost immediate onset of severe pain on one side, followed by months of dull pain)? My left side is 100% fine. This is so weird and awful. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Ya, been there, still there, 13 years now.But were all different. A lot of guys it takes about a year for things to settle. Your body has to get used to the back pressure from things not flowing anymore. Things are now plugged. The doctors tell us that the sperm stuck there will absorb back into the body… It does for some, others not, thus our problem. Your vas deferens and epididymis/balls will swell from sperm going nowhere. In some guys no problem, many it is a problem. When the vas and epididymis swell there becomes more surface area to absorb this extra sperm, and in some guys this will eventually allow the extra sperm to absorb, some not. Some guys report that after their vas and epididymis stretched enough that their problems became less. On average it takes 1-3 years for all the stretching to take place. But in some men the swelling causes the vas inner lining to rupture. Do some research yourself. Some guys it doesn’t cause problems, others terrible.
Got my vas at 43 after 9 wonderful kids, 6 girls in a row (2 were twins) then poof, 3 boys!. Also had problems with my testosterone levels dropping, more on that later. Been on this site & others for 12 years. My procedure was average, the consistent pain and problems started about 1-2 weeks after vas. My consistent problem is mostly on left side, right side flares up 1- 2x a year. It usually depends on which vas, epididymis or testicle is more sensitive to the backed up pressure as to which one hurts more, pretty common for one side to give more problems. So many guys report no problems after a reversal though. I’ve been saving to get a reversal. Wife went through menopause so i’m getting reversed.
My vas and epididymis continually swelled for the first 2-3 years and are 3 to 4 times as large as they were before vas. My doctor tied the ends of each vas back together after they were tied & cauterized so I can feel were the plug is and both sides of the vas. The vas upstream is a little smaller than the size of a pencil led. The vas on the plugged side about 1/8". That’s pretty common to. Left side at least a pain level 1 always, goes to a 3 several times a month. About 6 times a year pain goes to a 4-5 for a couple days, about once or twice a year pain goes to 6-7. 12 years ago I read on this site that some guys got relief from massaging epi, vas & testicle so I tried & it helped a lot. I massage every day, wife even helps. If I decrease my massaging or forget that’s usually when I get one of the higher pain episodes and im reminded to massage. So I massage when the pain goes up, the massaging hurts while I do it but I can actually feel the congestion dissipate/move as I gently squeeze and my pain goes down afterward until I forget to massage. The massaging didn’t help a lot the first year, but enough, then as the vas and epi stretched to accommodate the continual pressure the next two years (common again) the massaging became more helpful. Now about testosterone levels. Fortunately I had a full blood work done before my vas. My T (testosterone) was around 850 (high for my age). Within 2 or 4 weeks of my vas I was feeling sluggish but thought it was a cold. This went on and got worse over the next year, would come home beat from a job I always liked, would collapse on the coach, was getting nothing done at home, not playing w the kids, hardly any sex & losing my life. Having erection problems & hard to finish/ejaculate. My wife enjoyed sex & we had a lot more sex after vas at first but then I started having problems and that went away. After about a year my balls had shrunk about 30% (low testosterone) & I went back for annual checkup & for blood work, I asked for a complete hormone- T & estridol panel because I was just getting into researching my pain issues and energy level when I found these sites. My T came back at ~300! At 44 that’s bad, 300 is like a 90 year old. My doc gave me a shot of T at 9am… WOW, about 2-3 hrs later I felt like I was coming out of a thick fog! My brain started working, my energy was coming back. By 9pm I was 80% my old self, playing w my kids, doing dishes, mowed the lawn (freaked my wife out). It was wonderful to be back & sex that nite was great again for me & my wife. I did years of research after that. Heres the thing, when your balls & other stuff down there hurts it frequently shuts down you Testosterone production. Your body reacts to the pain. Get your testosterone check asap, if anything, just to track it just in case. Ive talked to about 400 guys and 90% of the ones IN PAIN had a significant drop in their testosterone over the months after their vas. Im on testosterone therapy and do my own injections. My GP didn’t know squat about hormone therapy 13 years ago and it took me years to get my levels good, mostly by myself. That’s a whole nother story. Give it a year if you really need to be sterile, if it gets worse, get reversed. Reversals are really successful at 1-2 years, if your vas doesn’t rupture. Sorry that “wait” is the only good news but that’s mostly what were up against. All the other procedures like epedidmies, nerve blocks-stripping ect are more risks.


My right side is 100% fine. Some guys on here are bilateral. Mine has always been a dull soreness. Just wait until you start having right leg or hip pain. Read the stories.


Thanks for the response. Much appreciated. I’ve read on here that some guys have gotten reversed as early as 7-8 months after the vas. I’m afraid that’s jumping the gun but I also don’t want more harm by waiting. You think, based on what you’ve seen here, that a year is ok to wait? I’ve heard someone else say it could take a year to settle down so I’m not totally against waiting. Also, for no reason at all, my pain will almost totally disappear for a few days or a week. It will then come back for two solid weeks… round and round.


I had my reversal 3.5 years after vas. Research shows that after 5 years, odds of fertility being restored go down.


Hi Andrew,

Very similar situation to yourself. Had the vas at the end of Feb 2019. Initial recovery was ok. But then started getting low level pain in right side (left is totally fine). Pain was constant for a few weeks. Went to see GP, who suggested ibuprofen! Since then pain has come & gone, sometimes for a few days at a time. But so far it has always returned. Sometimes a dull ache, sometimes 4-5 esp when sitting. Not sure what to do, wait I suppose. Though I am seriously considering a reversal.


Had mine almost the exact same day as you in January.

My pain seems worse on the left side but it’s definitely on both sides.

I can feel the epididymis and that’s definitely where the pain is at. On bad days it runs down my left leg and hurts bad!

I’ve tried all the antibiotics they do seem to dull the pain a little bit but nobody is sure why.

I’m currently 6 days into a more anti-inflammatory diet. So we’ll see if that helps.

Sex definitely seems to bring on a flair up.


That’s interesting… I cannot find any correlation between sex (or any other activity) to the onset of pain. I can run sometimes without issue. Other times, I just wake up in the morning and the pain is going strong as ever for no apparent reason. I’m meeting my my uro again tomorrow… he said we can “come up with a plan.” We will see what that means…

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Most uros are…(insert all kinds of bad words).
They don’t tell you the real risks. There was a book that all uros go by in school. I forget the name but there was a critical circular reference in the book. A circular reference is a series of references where the last object references the first, resulting in a closed loop. In other words the book said that fewer than 1 in 1000 vas have a problem. There was a doctor on this forum that actually found the error and reported it to the author. The book was revised! I wanted to make sure I was quoting the truth and I spent about 300$ to buy both the old and new revisions, it was true. The statistic now quoted by the “M” Clinic is “•Chronic pain, which can happen for 1 to 2 percent of those who have surgery”
What happened to the 1 in 1000 statistic? Ask your uro, bet he says 1 in 1000…
The M Clinic plays with the wording too! They say “Chronic pain” but don’t give any statistics for frequent, occasional, periodic, mild… New statistics report 30% of vas procedures end in some form of complication, 20% with a listing of moderate to minor complications and 10% major. That’s 30% of us suffering to some degree. I did have the reference to that 30% somewhere but I cant find it now. It was from a study done in Europe at a major university, because the USA is to afraid to study it.
One study from has a statement —
“However, the incidence of PVPS is difficult to estimate due to the lack of prospective studies. One prospective study cites up to 15% of men suffering from PVPS after vasectomy, although the estimate appears much higher than any of the other series…” from the study itself —
"In all, 65 (out of 585) men reported new-onset scrotal pain at 7 months (14.7%). The mean visual analogue score for this pain was 3.4/10. Four men (0.9%) in the responding group described pain after vasectomy as ‘quite severe and noticeably affecting their quality of life’.
The facts are out there. Studies from India and other countries report very high PVPS and these are from recognized universities. So there are some studies done in the US that point to up to 15% with problems after vas. Most studies report that non reporting of problems from men who are afraid to acknowledge problems could be as high as 30%… Between me and 15 other guys I personally know or have met over the last 13 years 6 have had significant problems…

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All uro’s seem to have forget the basic studies on vaso’s. That is histology on animals and even humans, in the late 70’s early 80’s. It’s shocking to see the histological alterations your tissues undergoes within the first day. After 2 weeks the cellulair damage is beyond repair. So the uro has no real plan. But hey we all know and the uro does too.

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