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Waiting for the reversal

Hello people.
I want to share a bit of my history.
I am 26 years old, I never had any issue with my sexual life except for some anxiety before the moment I wear a condom, I never liked them and that’s the main reason why I had a vasectomy.
On March 2020 I had it, and inmediatly the day after or even the same day I started to feel problems in my bones. Yes, in my bones, my head would pop on the inside and that continues till today. It feels disgusting. Also I came across a lot of pain which, thanks to God, I do not feel anymore.
But oh boy, my erections… they are never full, never full again. Who would go through an operation like this knowing you wont get a proper erection any more? I repeat, I am 26 years old, never in my life had trouble with my penis.
Now its super sad, I cant FEEL like before (think of it like another part of my body and actually feel it)

I already contacted a clinic where an urologist can practice a reversal (I have been through 8 or 9 urologists, all of them told my vasectomies have nothing to do with erection problems, fuck them very much) and also its SUPER rare to find someone who practices a reversal. For giving you some more information, I live in Argentina, my whole salary is more or less 500 USD. They told me I would need to travel to USA to have a reversal and it may cost me 20 grands. I CANT MAKE THAT IN YEARS with my current job.

But again, thanks to God (if I can still have atleast SOME hope again in my life) I found a place where they know how to make a reversal. And for a lot less money than that.

Anyway, this is just a vent, please dont let anyone have a vasectomy. It feels unnatural, my testicles always hangs, they look awful and if I masturbate (with a lot of sadness from not having a big erection) they tend to hurt for a day.

They sold us a magical solution and there it is not, at least for me. If I am lucky enough I will have the reversal soon. Now the clinic is close, only opened for cancer patients.

Thanks for reading, I hope everybody gets better and we dont have to return to the internet for not commiting suicide (you know, of course I thought about it)


Sorry you are here mate, keep us posted

Thanks a lot. When I first entered here I was shocked by all the same symptons people were having, then I ve been in therapy for this very reason, now I know exactly what I need to go through… I know reversals are rough but I believe my body will be better after it, in this state I cannot stay with my arms crossed.

Try cialis! It works! And Anti inflammatories. Keep active.