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Waffling Over Reversal


Yea, everyone is different man. I can totally relate to what you are speaking about in regard to finding out your reversal was a failure, and that alone brings on more anxiety, stress, anger etc, etc.

But, from my POV, not knowing, and posting this and that all about the reversal, the typical stuff, I see a lot of mind games going on by simply not knowing what’s really going on.

Unfortunately, people post these stories without any proof of what’s going on, and not only are they caught up in mind games, they have others believing the same crap to.



@Kyvas, what you are speaking of is actually a big part of why I post so many thoughts, and details regarding reversal (positive and negative). I’ve seen to much crap over the years, and I also don’t want others falling into the same pitfalls, bs, mind games, etc that I experienced myself years ago.



@Kyvas, funny that your not that concerned to be fertile again even knowing what’s going on inside your body in a vasectomized state. I see many guys post the same exact stuff, even though they are quite upset with what’s going on inside them (based on their previous posts). A big double standard in thinking if you ask me.

Another reason to get SA’s is, why wear condoms all the time post reversal when for all they know, they aren’t even fertile anymore, or never were. No point in torturing yourself, or your partner with condom downer syndrome.



Yeah, I definitely see the irony in that train of thought. My thinking is based off the facts that all of the top PVPS docs seem to agree that men get positive results even if the reversal doesn’t return sperm to the ejaculate. If they, or the research, said otherwise, I would obviously want sperm to return. I realize that’s counterintuitive, but I don’t want to have anymore children, hell that’s why we all had it done, and if I didn’t have pain, I would have considered the vasectomy a success.

My main reason for getting a SA would only be to know if we needed to use birth control or not. For me personally, I can totally see where finding out I’m not fertile though would be difficult on me mentally.



I just assumed I was flowing after reversal, it was probably best for me mentally that I didn’t check. Part of me wants the plumbing working as intended, part of me only cares about the pain, and part of me wants to be greedy and have no pain and no swimmers.

One reversal specialist (Dr. Shin in Hackensack, NJ) told me after reversal I could be fertile and still in pain, or pain free and sterile.

Dr. P knew I was suffering bad early on and that I was refraining from activity so maybe that’s why he never pushed me to get my SA done. One time I asked him if it were better for me to ejaculate or refrain and he said, “there’s no right or wrong”.



Once again, this is an opinion, and it comes from the guy that did your reversal which makes the opinion more specific to your case, that surgeon, and the style of reversal you had, etc.

As I mentioned in this thread, and others as well, follow-up protocols will vary surgeon to surgeon, and all vas to vas reversals are absolutely not created equally. All of this stuff varys surgeon to surgeon.

There is no “one path” for everyone. Everyone’s case is unique, and so are we as individuals, and so are our goals.

In the end it all boiled down to, “all I care about is the pain”. All this talk lately about pain psychologist’s, mental anguish, suffering, etc, I’ve been there, and while I’m a lot better than I was in my early days/years, I still suffer from it on some level.

As I’ve said in the past, and others have said as well, half the battle is related to all the suffering, and dealing with this problem as a whole on a mental level, let alone the physical aspect.



Nope, I got my SA results which show that at 1 year post-reversal I have severe oligozoospermia which I looked up on internet as being < 5million sperm per ejaculate. Dr. said I was about 1 million.




@crotalus97, I find it odd how your SA results are listed in your paperwork. The findings aren’t nearly as simplified, or easy to interpret as what I posted a few posts back.

Yea, your numbers are very low far as what your pre vas sperm count likely was. I suppose low numbers are better than total failure. I’d also say there’s a good chance your total count is coming from one repair (one testicle).

I still find it odd that you never had an SA till recently considering some of your thoughts you have posted regarding your case. I find it odd at minimum that your surgeon never encouraged you to get one in a timely manner either.

I suppose if you were in that excruciating pain post reversal for many months directly afterwards this may have deterred you from getting an SA on your own behalf, but if I recall correctly, you had a few good months immediately post reversal. Live and learn I suppose (been there, done that).

If you’re still trending better, don’t let your SA numbers bring you down, and keep moving forward.



Maybe try anti inflammatories for a short period and see if they help you with restoring better numbers @crotalus97? At this stage, you have nothing to loose