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Vasectomy to Vasectomy Reversal - My Journey, part 2 by

Once my ex walked out, I was starting a downward spiral into the worst chapter of my life. Of course, the first thing I thought about was I wasn’t satisfying her sexually. I had noticed that a couple years prior that she felt different. I chalked it up to getting older, being with the same person for years. So I best myself up over it for a few months. Then the masturbation started. That felt different. Difficulty keeping an erection, orgasms were so-so… I used to be able to hold a towel up with my junk, he felt weaker, seemed a little smaller, but nothing to worry about until one day I was peeing and it felt like I wasn’t finishing and was weaker than normal. I knew something want right. I went to the urologist who did the vas and they did an mri and everything and dismissed all my complaints. By this point my junk wasn’t feeling right. I had a strange sensation down both sides of my shaft whenever I came. The tip felt funny as hell and the ridge felt strange. I decided that all my problems would be solved by having sex. I had sex with a woman with a condom on, it was terrible. Couldnt feel her at all. Junk was flaccid, was the most embarrassing time I ever had in the bedroom. Prior to all this I was solid in the bedroom. Me and the ex have five kids for a reason. I determined that it had to be the condom. I’m not used to it anymore. So my friend and both got tested for everything and had sex unprotected. It was descent, not my best. Couple days later, as I was using the bathroom, everything felt funny down there. It felt weird on the underside of my shaft and I felt a mass on each side of my balls. Full panic mode. It was a Saturday night, so I went to the ER where I was misdiagnosed with and std. The idiot ER doctor felt the masses on the sides of my balls and was convinced it was gonorrhea although I told him it was impossible. He prescribed me Cipro (which is a whole other story in itself). His misdiagnosis and the side effects of Cipro built a massive mistrust of the medical community in me. From that point, the numbness in my junk set in, tired at times. I am fitness enthusiast so at times I had to force myself to workout. I masturbated a lot to knock down the depression but it really wasn’t helping with everything I had to deal with with the divorce, my ex wife literally sleeping with half the country, being mom ad dad to my kids, working, coaching, and dealing with my junk feeling like it didn’t exist. This went on for about three years until I was doing research about back pain and sitting in a small work truck. I came to the conclusion that being cramped up was crushing my balls which was causing my lower back pain. During this research I stumbled on to the term back pressure and then last October stumbled onto this site. When I started reading what everyone was going through the Vasectomy jumped out at me like a killer from the shadows… I KNEW something wasn’t right with me. Urologist telling me it’s in my head, every website saying try this that and the other to combat depression. Try this cream for sensitivity. Accept that you are getting older and your dick isn’t like it was at twenty. Etc. That revelation on October brought me to flying out to Dr. Burrows almost two weeks ago.


Read my posts.Almost exactly the same…

Dude I have a different destiny than yours but penis numbness and drop in sensitivity is what is common between you and I. If reversal fixes that I will do it. I know for a fact that this issue is the center of all my emotional and mental problems.
Please keep us posted on your reversal and how you feel afterwards.

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