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Vasectomy reversal. Did reversal help/fix arthritis/autoimmune?

Yeah, I have a feeling that the joint pain is going to be there forever, since the damage was done. ( and I suspect the hormones to be at play, I think that contributes to joint arthritis issues some of us develop). I want to wait another month or two to test my T level, I had blood work done right before reversal and my T was down about a lot about 35-40% roughly.

I’m sorry to hear that about the permanent damage. I agree with your theory on the hormones. I’ve had so many side effects and some of them are definitely hormonal. Then, when I started researching the other side effects, I realized all of them could be rooted in a hormone imbalance. I’m curious to see how your T test comes out. I plan to retest mine too (I never got a pre-vas reading, but I do have a post-vas/pre-reversal reading).

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