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Vasectomy reversal. Did reversal help/fix arthritis/autoimmune?

I had a has a year a year ago. Had pain, burning, ,urgency peeing, prostate pressure, low sex drive, low arrousal, low daily drive, balls held tightly to body, and more Had noticeable relief from these since reversal 16 days ago. But one big thing was a sudden case of neck pain migraine etc 5 months in. Went to er symptoms of passing out numbness in head arms. They did a mri. They said I had two buldging disc in neck and MRI showed arthritis and fibromialga in neck and back. I have been out of work for 6 months since.

Did any of you who had a reversal who had same arthritis like stuff, get relief from the reversal?
Had my reversal 16 days ago.

In regards to arthritis/fibromialga. Constant back and neck pain, soreness, and tightness. All bones and muscles pop make sounds with any movement. From my waist up.

My arthritic/autoimmune stuff started after reversal and is raging now.

That sucks. Sorry to hear that. How long ago was your reverse. Mine for the past week has been like you sleep wrong and get a “Crek” in your neck x10. But won’t go away.

What are your symptoms?

I reversed 3 years ago. I don’t necessarily believe it was caused by my reversal directly. I do believe that all the antibiotics and antiinflammatories for the vas pain and post reversal (celebrex) have wrecked my gut and what’s happening with me might be the result of that. It’s a theory I have. I wake with gut pain most days and and have had salmonella poisoning and two bouts of diverticulitis in the past year. All three times high fever and pain followed by high doses of antibiotics. When your gut is off your immune system becomes unmoderated and can go into overdrive. If I have a lingerie infection. Or just IBS I could be having problems due to that.

BUT. I was relatively healthy before vasectomy. My health dropped dropped steadily following that.

I believe it did help me ! BUT I also have to watch what I eat. For me and my sensitive autoimmune issues diet is a huge issue. My advice try some of the autoimmune diet protocols and see what happens. You might be surprised.

Autoimmune meaning the anitbodies your body makes against your sperm? Or did some of you develop problems in that area because of that?

That’s the question for some of us. Did pre-existing unknown autoimmune issues lead to PVPS or did the vasectomy lead to autoimmune issue that maybe lead to PVPS.
These are all good questions. Obviously vasectomies work for the majority so why are we different ?

In my case vasectomy led to all autoimmune issues!, hoping reversal will help.
(I know it’s old post but I hope people still read it)

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My autoimmune symptoms went away after reversal. Unfortunately, the damage was done on my spine, and I succumbed to lumbar fusion 6-1/2 years post-reversal. The arthritis in the facet joints just got worse and worse.

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I can’t wait til my surgery, want to feel normal again.It sucks if arthritis doesn’t go away, but I have hopes. For example my shoulders where fixed in the past ( clavical recession, that’s where actually arthritis was in my shoulders from wear and tear and they cut part of clavical off) but since vasectomy my shoulders hurt again but my orthopedic doc. said everything looks fine on X-ray. So I still hope my joint pain will go away too.

Hi nameless,
I just crossed 8 weeks post reversal. Those first 2-3 weeks were horrible. With that said, I am stoked to be past it and very glad i had the reversal. I still have lingering pain but feel so much better than prereversal.

Make sure you keep your mind in a good place as much as you can. I got really low those first 2 weeks until I read a few books on healing (Mind Over Medicine, You are the Placebo, and Tapping for Pain). Also, I have an excellent PT working on my nerves. She’s done miracles like working on my stomach nerves which released sharp knife like pains in my testies in week 3. That pain has not returned. Good luck man.

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Good to hear you are doing good. I just had mine done yesterday, first sleepless night, pain is not too horrible (may be 5 on scale 1-10), a lot of discomfort!

Be sure to follow through with some good post reversal aftercare protocols. You only get one chance to recover. The first month or two are probably the most critical, but not limited to.

I assume your reversal surgeon gave you their recommendation, and I hope those recommendation’s are similar to what some of the best in the business recommend to their clients.

Good luck, and keep us posted.

Yes, I have read lots of posts on here about recovery, but honestly some things I read are controversial, some (actually most) say ice for few days, some say don’t as inflation gives your body a signal to start healing. My doc. Told me to ice for 24-36 hrs and then use heat. And my doc seems so optimistic for some reason, said that about 4 weeks I should be good to go to resume heavy activity, and said sex/masturbation is allowed after only 2 weeks, which seems like such a short time. At this point I’m afraid to even cough lol, just don’t want to cause damage.
And I want to thank all of you guys again for being on this forum, For sharing information and support!

Good luck man. I did ice for prob too long (a week or so). But it’s working out. My doc was conservative as said no release for 4 weeks. I am glad I waited as I would have hated to pop the stitches. Good luck. Read lots of books, stay away from negative posts on the blog.

Onward to success!

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Yea, there’s definitely a lot of controversial stuff on this site in general, including the wide range of post reversal aftercare protocols. Whether they hold any merit or not, at least you are aware of them.

I followed completely different post reversal follow-up protocols post redo reversal, and had completely different results. That doesn’t set any specific ideology in stone, but that’s my story. And because I had two completely different recoveries and outcomes, I am likely a bit biased as to the right way or the wrong way.

We have guys on this site that did everything that was recommended by highly experienced reversal specialists, including the one that did my redo reversal, and their reversal still failed around the ~6 month mark.

Good luck brother

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@Nameless How are your arthritis symptoms coming along post-reversal?

@BallsBuster unfortunately still have pain, shoulders, lower back and a knee. But at least I don’t feel ill after sex, all autoimmune crap is gone and testicular pain is 70-80% better.

Thank you for the update. I’m sorry to hear you are still in pain, although I’m glad some of your issues are doing much better!
You mentioned the autoimmune crap is gone, but you are having joint pain, which is something for me that was associated with the autoimmune effect. Do you attribute the lingering shoulder, back, and knee pain to damage that was done to the point it couldn’t be undone even once the autoimmune issues went away?

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