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I have decided to put this up in the hope that I can help other men either in this situation or before they make their decision.All of what I state is factual of my experience so far.

I had a vasectomy a little under 6 months ago of which I wish I had never had,the decision to have this procedure was solely my own from no pressure from my wife.

I have experienced ongoing pain and sexual dysfunction since the procedure of which I didn’t think was possible before I undertook the procedure.

My vasectomy was carried out by Dr John McCormick of Vasectomy Ireland,he clearly states that the procedure has no effect on a mans sex life which I can assure you in my case is untrue.I would also suggest to read my consent form word for word of what I signed of which if you read through (of which I didn’t on the day ) will make you wonder why these points are stated if it is such a simple and safe procedure.

Don’t get me wrong most men have no issues although on further research the figures are much higher than stated ie the 1 in 2000 figure you will see stated is frankly bullshit (please check the NHS figures of 1 in 10) but if you do have an issue please be aware that it is by no means a simple fixable problem which was my understanding of what was the case before I had the vasectomy.

I’ll be honest the vastectomy has had a terrible impact on my life but I still remain hopeful and positive that I WILL beat this shit.

In the early part of my issues when I was extremely worried about PVPS I was told when I mentioned this forum “oh they are just a bunch of whingers” I almost believed this myself until I realised that they are a bunch of guys in pain from a "simple & safe procedure "who may I add have wives and children of which they love that also have to deal with this crap now.

Don’t get me wrong a lot of the chat on the forum flies over my head as I’m simply lost in what is being discussed but ultimately there’s a lot of guys here who take the time out to help other men in a truly horrible situation.

Any man who needs to contact me in the future please feel free to do so,I have limited experience with these issues but if I can help in any way that’s enough for me.

I want to also say that I hope I don’t offend any guys on the forum it’s just I have found very little help here in my country,the mention of doctors P and Jarvi etc these guys are not the guys next door I wish I could turn too,ie they are a good trip across the world.

Take Care,



You certainly don’t offend me brother. I will talk with anyone PM that needs help, or just needs to talk. I don’t generally don’t reach out to others, but when others reach out to me, I’m always glad to do what I can to be of any assistance.


Thanks Ringo,I can safely say I admire your commitment & help to others,even though you deal with your own shit.

Take care my friend


I sent this guy an email letting him know that we have recorded him as having a bad outcome. I went on to say he needs to be careful what he tells people in his informed consent because we are keeping track. I finished the email politely. I was pretty angry when I heard his comment about being whiny. He hasn’t live the hell I have for the last 10 years after all and probably can’t imagine how bad it can get. We can’t let guys like this get off scott free. The thing is, this is a vasectomy clinic, so of course they are going to say that/downplay the risk. They would not make much money if they were in the business of scaring men off by saying things like “Post vasectomy pain is real and affects 1-5% of men that opt for this form of birth control and the results can be devastating…”.


Hi Canon,
I’m Irish nd have had no help with any of the medical community in Ireland. I had a vasectomy in August 18. Issues started straight away with feeling of movement in my scrotum. 10 days out I had burning pain on the left side. My big issues are sensitivity to clothing and feeling of sunburn in both groin. At month three I started getting perineal pain whic hasn’t left. I can walk just about but definitely no exercise. I eventually gave in and started amphytripiline before Christmas as I was suicidal. I am seriously considering a reversal with Duncan Harris’s in the uk. Can you tell me who you used.?


@Cole19 just sent you a pm