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Vasectomy 7 years ago, lots of pain, what’s chance of fixing this?

7 years ago, me and my wife’s dr suggested I get fixed after we had our first kid because she had fertility issues and an additional pregnancy wasn’t good for her. So after our daughter was 1 year old, I went under the knife.

All seemed to go well with the vasectomy aside from a feeling constant pressure(but not really pain at this point ) until about 3 months afterwards at which point during sex one evening, I felt a very weird sensation like something ruptured on the right side only… I took note of this as I thought it was kind of weird but there was no pain yet.

Well over the next 3 months was where the problem really started. I noticed a drastic change in my appetite/ energy level and sex drive(and my wife noticed it also) we went from having sex up to 5 times in a day, to on a good week, I was up for it about once a week… about the 6 month mark is when the pain started and it is localized on the right side. It comes and goes, some times having sex activates it, sometimes it just hurts for no reason… and it is as painful as someone kicking me right in the junk at its worst to sometimes bing just a constant dull pain.

I went to my family dr and he simply said it was all in my head and I’m just getting old(I was 38 at the time) and I responded that I feel like I was 20 before the vasectomy and now I feel like I’m in my late 80’s… after 3 visits for this he finally sent me to get and ultrasound which supposedly said all was good/nothing was out of order… so again the message from my family dr was this pain is all in my head, and I’m just getting old(this took about 3 years for all the dr visits). At this point I just gave up… it’s been 7 years now and I was hoping the pain would eventually go away… it hasn’t, and the pain comes and goes, but is completely in the way of me having any kind of an active lifestyle, not to mention ruining me and my wife’s sex life. Also, with my change of appetite, I found I put on weight super easy. I went from a size 30” waist to size 36 even though I cut way back on what I eat. I used to eat 5000 to 10000 calories a day(as I was pretty active) and now I find I gain weight if I eat over 1200(which is pretty much starving myself)

I’m pretty sure whatever it was that sprung a leak is responsible for causing the pain and low testosterone. While I have no confirmation on this as my dr never wanted to actually run and tests…it’s obvious to me this has to be part of the issue. From what I’ve gathered is if the sperm get out where it shouldn’t, the body see’s them as a foreign body and attacks them, creating antibodies that not only attack sperm, but your testies that create the sperm and create testosterone…

Has anyone out there had any success on reversing this condition with a vasectomy reversal? At this point I want to drop the money just to stop the pain… but I’m hoping I can also fix the low testosterone.

I’ve talked to a Dr all the way out in Los Angeles who deals with reversals and recognizes that pain after a vasectomy is real… and he is pretty confident that the pain issue can be dealt with. I’m just Don’t want to get my hopes up unless I hear from real people who have success in reversing issues of this type…

Wow 7 years is a long time to be in pain, I’m about 2.5 months in and can’t imagine. I had a open ended vasectomy so I guess the idea is that you leak all the time, not working for me at all. Same here low T, I’m sure I had pretty normal numbers prior (although not tested prior), I was able to keep making pretty good gains and work hard at the gym, I’m guessing this would be tough to do with low T. Only a couple months later after V I barely get off the couch, yeah right, coincidece I’m sure. My doctor says the same now that my T is low, oh you’re getting old, like what!? I’m the strongest I’ve ever been in my life, stacked with muscle, but now I’ve had a vasectomy and conveniently I’m getting old all of a sudden, these doctors know they’re full of shit. My GP looks like he’s around 30ish, at 44 I look to be in better shape than him, yet he has the balls to say this kind of garbage, I don’t trust any of them anymore. Anyway, sorry to go on in your thread.

Do you get any swelling ? My lymph nodes are swollen all over, I’m guessing my immune system can’t keep up.

Get your T tested. I would say the vast majority of guys that end up on this site suffer from low T. It may not fix everything but it won’t hurt to try. If your doc refuses, find another doc. There’s plenty out there willing and able to help you. Also, don’t settle for the “low normal” answer when it comes to testosterone. That’s a common response because the range for normal T range is very broad. At your age, it should still be relatively high.

I’ve been on T three times now. Shots, cream, now shots again. I’m 37 and my levels have hovered between 300 and 450. I went from daily sex to monthly sex following the vasectomy. I’m finally back to sex 5-6x/week after 3 months of shots. It’ll help if you’re low which it sounds like you are.

The pain is complicated. People mutilate themselves trying to rid of the pain and there’s no perfect answer. Start with T and go from there.

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Choohooo is right. Get your T-level checked. Post-vas and pre-reversal, I registered 2 counts of 285 and 325. Today, 13 years post-reversal and 13 years older, of course, I’m registering 650-750, and I’m not juicing. There are many stories like this where seemingly healthy guys end up with low T as a result of vasectomy. No guarantees that reversal will work as it did for me, but it’s at least worth looking into.

despite what doctors say, vasectomy can impact your testosterone. in hindsight i dont see how it can not have an impact. a vasectomy literally snaps the main line from your balls to your brain.

I agree with your intuition here, but so far I have not seen any studies that show that men have lower T after vasectomy. What is going on? Are the existing studies designed badly or something?

I have not put a ton of effort into researching the relevant studies, but so far I cannot support any vasectomy --> low T link with studies.

i don’t have any studies either but there is enough anecdotal evidence from men who have reported testosterone issues (on forums such as this) for me to conclude that there is a causal factor. i also would not be surprised if studies are being altered or manipulated to show that there is no impact on testosterone

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Maybe there is some kind of summarizing problem going on. For example, perhaps guys with PVPS tend to have lowered Testosterone, but guys without PVPS have raised Testosterone, and the effects cancel out when you aggregate them.

You have to really dig, but I’ve run across some studies done on soldiers (Who died in combat) that show major scarring of the testis on 100% of soldiers who had vasectomies. The scarring WILL cause lowing of testosterone wether you notice it or not. I would guess most don’t notice it.
I’ve seen several government studies done on animals that show the testosterone loss is pretty drastic along with the scarring of the testis.

So getting a vasectomy is damaging whether you end up with pain or not.

I’ve decided to go the route of a reversal, anyone out there recommend and good doctors? I keep hearing the name Dr. P… what’s his full name?

Dr. Parekatill at the PUR Clinic. He’s not the only one treating pain patients, but he and his partner see a high-volume of pain patients. He did his fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic under the uro who did my reversal in 2006, so it gives me a small connection to him. I’ve traveled to Orlando 3 times to be treated by him, but only for injections. I cannot speak to his skills on reversals. Tell us where you’re located, maybe a forum member will have experience with someone near you.

I live in Ohio.

it looks like I found Dr. Parekatill in Orlando, I also emailed Dr. Russell in Ohio and Dr. Werthman in LA… going to see who would best deal with doing a reversal.

I’m in Cleveland. The Cleveland Clinic has a pretty good history of treating PVPS. One of the pioneers, Dr. Thomas, did my reversal in 2006 shortly before retiring. Dr. Parekatill did his fertility fellowship under Dr. Thomas there. I’ve seen Dr. Sabanegh at the CC who replaced Dr. Thomas, but he’s been promoted in the last year or two to President of the whole main campus, and I don’t know who replaced him. I believe Mike @mklamut79 had a reversal with Dr. Sabanegh’s replacement.

Is Russell at Ohio State. Some forum member had a reversal at OSU a while back.

Dr. Sabanegh only does a select few cases nowadays, his replacements name is Dr. Sarah Vij. I have dealt with her a bit, very straightforward, and I guess not too compassionate. i always feel like I am dumb when i speak to her…BUT she did learn under Dr. Sabanegh and that is why I was going to go with her to do the reversal. I knew Dr. Sabanegh from working at the clinic, and asked him to come out and do the procedure for me. He is also a military Air Force vet and so am I, and we would always connect that way. I am 7.5 months post reversal, and still struggle with pain, especially at the reconnection sites. i am hoping it goes away with time, and Dr. Sabanegh did say it could take a year. I wanted to go with him since he learned from Dr. Thomas, and was the best the clinic had. They will offer you a package deal if you pay cash, and it will be $10,120. That is what I paid, unless they increased the cost from march. I believe I had the best surgeon do it, but I am still in pain, and that always makes you second guess. let me know if I can help you out in anyway.


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Once again I throw this out there, but guys who have had the reversals, were you still having issues of pain at the reconnection sites 7.5 months out? When did you feel relief? If ever? Still trying to wrap my head around how long this will take. But I attack each day with the hope of a little less pain.


I can’t answer yet, I’m still 2 months away from going back under the knife…

Hi Mike, do you know which technique she uses and her success rate? By technique I mean, two layer, three layer…

I don’t know that info bro, she didn’t do my surgery, and not sure if she does what Dr. Sabanegh does. She has been doing them on her own and teaching them now for 8 years.


Unfortunately, everyone is different. I’m five years out and the reconnection sites still hurt.

does the pain seem to subside at all as the years go by? or is it just the same all of the time?

If your question is for me, the pain has not subsided since the surgery. Taking Metformin has helped though.