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@JohnDoe2 they’re lying to you. Even skilled surgeons have complications. Obviously you want to go to an experienced surgeon when possible for every surgery but in reality the AUA statistics are probably independent of surgical skill. I would bet most men that have a complication have some sort of anatomical difference which nobody is aware, or have some sort of predisposition towards to complications. You wont know the answer to that question until you get a vasectomy.

It’s easy for doctors to avoid their patients that have complications. I’m going to bet mine doesn’t consider me a statistic because I stopped seeing him when he blatantly told me there was no way the vasectomy caused my issues. I will never let another person talk to me the way he did but I was in to much pain to argue.

None of us will ever tell you to get a vasectomy, but everybody’s situation is unique. That being said, go to a surgeon who is honest with you and provides situations where they have had to treat patients with PVPS.


I truly believe that a lot of providers are not capable of accepting the reality in the AUA guidelines. It creates too much cognitive dissonance for them to hold that thought in their head so they hallucinate and rationalize it away.


If you need to, show her my posts. I am a woman who felt the same way she does. Every month I was stressed that I was pregnant because I was no longer on the pill due to complications. My husband and I have 2 children and we both agreed we were done.

Although I never gave my husband ultimatums with sex and condoms, I felt the same way she did. As women, we are convinced that this procedure is safe and simple with a super low complication rate. To be honest, I never even looked into the complications because if they existed, surely they couldn’t be that bad. Maybe a little extra swelling or longer pain. Women talk to other women, and in my case my woman GP, and these is some pressure to push it on our husbands as well.

Needless to say I am here because my husband had complications. The regret and guilt is destroying me as I feel like I had a huge role in him getting it in the first place. I take the brunt of the blame for the happening as I never respected what my husband had to say or his concerns. I am currently struggling with depression and seeing a therapist because of the effect this has had on my family (and obviously my husband who is in pain all the time).

You need to be in agreement with this decision as ultimately if something does go wrong, you will be the one dealing with it for the rest of your life not her. You will have resentment and she will most likely have guilt and worst of all, your life will never be the same.

We’ve been to Jarvi for the complications and I’m surprised they are quoting that low of a complication rate. I’ve read up to 15% of men have longer pain and although less than that has chronic pain, there isn’t any magic “cure” that can help you.

If you decide to go ahead with the procedure, just be well informed and go to someone who really knows what they are doing, a reputable urologist. Jarvi does reversals to and ive seen suggestions in the past that if you are going to get a vas done to go to someone who does reversals.

Hope some of this info is helpful.

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You know the answer.

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Don’t do it. Numbers are all over the place but the AUA last quoted in 2014 that roughly 6 out of 100 seek further medical help because of ongoing pain past three months that are effecting their quality of life.

@raising4girls is right you know the answer, respectfully decline. Send her here. My wife would gladly talk to her on the phone and explain the hardships we have had.

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Thank you for all the replies… I’m going to keep my Urologist consultation appointment, but I think I know the answer already, thanks to this site/forum.

Just curious #1 - how many members are on this site?

And @Worriedwife1, may I ask which doctor/clinic you went to? I don’t know if there is a private message function on this site if you’re worried about calling this person out… maybe give me some hints like intersection and I’ll try to figure it out. Thanks. And good luck.

@JohnDoe2, 1 in 10000 is absolutely nonsense man.

This urologist, and many many others are breaking the rules far as being dishonest, and not siting the current guidelines. FYI, they are under no legal obligation to be honest with you about any of this.

The Americas have guidelines of 1-2% chronic pain. That doesn’t include others that weren’t so chronic. It doesn’t include sexual side effects, or other side effects either.

The NHS in the UK sites 10%.

Seems Canada sites 1-14%.

I couldn’t agree more with the other posts in regard to resentments toward your wife should you have complications. Don’t allow yourself to be pushed, bullied, or manipulated into having a vasectomy.

Weather it be pain, pvps/s, other complications, sexual side effects, hormonal, etc, etc. Anything is possible.

@JohnDoe2, here’s another thread I encourage you to read.

Open Ended Vasectomy anyone have anything to add?

Thank you @RingoStar. I understand this is a support group forum and I don’t mean to offend any of you for posting pre-vasectomy questions. Having said that, I hope you appreciate that this site has been extremely helpful for me and means it has prevented another vasectomy (and life changing event) from happening.

Please take comfort knowing that you have helped others like me. And in turn, I’m going to call out and alert my family doctor for referring me to these questionable clinics.


@JohnDoe2 my husband went to a General Surgeon not a urologist (first mistake although there are people here who went to urologists and have the same outcome).

A family friend of ours went to him and he had no issues and we were referred by our doctor.

We’ve seen Jarvi once and although people speak highly of him, he was dismissive of my husband’s symptoms of something else and stopped the appointment without probing further to my hubbys issues (although hubby didn’t speak up either).

Whatever you decided to do, just be well informed but just know that if there are problems, you will regret the decision. It’s a gamble.

Don’t fucking do it! Full stop.

@JohnDoe2, I didn’t consider anything you have posted to be offensive. Actually, I’m glad you took the time to do some research, and post here.

I’m certainly not down with how you are being suckered into having a vasectomy by multiple people, and have been as much as lied to regarding the risks involved (short term, and long term), let alone all the possible side effects.

I start taking offense when people start hammering on this place with multiple threads about getting a vasectomy, and/or don’t seem to be listening to anything we tell them.

We also get some people that come here just to post their vasectomy worked out great for them. That’s a bit offensive as well.

Good luck


The odds are you would be okay if you had one, you just have little likelihood of getting a good Metric on pain or complications from just about anyone selling vasectomy.

I think most men armed with anything resembling facts (i.e. AUA guidelines, CUA guidelines, NHS website statistic on chornic pain after vasectomy etc.) will choose to go with latex until that time their partner goes through menopause. In my case I had only 10 years or so to go and my wife and I were never very fertile. It seems kind of silly to takes a risk on your entire life and sense of well being when you can just man up with latex for a few years and die with your genitals in tact with no regrets.

@JohnDoe2 - no worries on offending any of us. Of course, we’re a biased and damaged sample, but everyone is conveying the real risks if you’re unlucky enough to draw the short straw.

I’m glad you came here to solicit input. Of course, everyone here regrets his decision, but by this forum being discovered, it tells me sharing our stories is having an effect. The constant use of the word vasectomy on this website must be driving people here via search engines.

My beef is that the vasectomy industry downplays the risks and totally fails to admit they have no real cures for the 1%, 2%, 15% whatever % with chronic pain. That’s the real diabolic point at issue here. Lives are ruined. Imagine if 1-2% of planes fell out of the sky based on bad luck. You can bet planes would be grounded until the cause was found. The medical community doesn’t want its golden goose killed…many urologists do 4-6 vasectomies every Friday at $1,000 per crack. Nice work if you can get it.

Not as much anymore apparently from the decline that is apparently going on. Since about 2008 vasectomies have dropped significantly. Ironically this gives providers more incentive to lie to downplay the risks.

This site is having an impact. The internet has allowed a lot of guys no one ever would have heard from to say “I know I’m not the norm, but my vasectomy totally fucked up my life…”. Prior to the web we didn’t have any voice. Sadly we still get shouted down on other forums and discussions forums at the bottom of pro-vasectomy articles on the web. Just by telling our stories we are getting the word out that would never be conveyed by urologists and GPs that like the easy money. I just want guys to know this can happen and they need to know that going in.


Just imagine for a second if men were reported forcing their wives into taking the pill despite the many known cases of complications due to hormone intake.

This procedure is not a breeze and it can damage you forever.

I’ve been struggling with depression after I got mine and not because I feel less of a man or anything. But because I feel that I’ve been fooled into it. I was sold the lie of a simple, safe procedure with quick recovery and no side effects whatsoever.

No matter where you are or who the doctor is. Rub one out if the wife doesn’t want to do it. Wear a condom and get the hell out here before your become a member of this miserable club.

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I was pushed into vas by my wife and now in pain she dont give a shit. If its so easy tell her to get cut. My wife wouldnt do it thats why she forced me to do it or no sex ever. Well she fixed the problem because in that much pain now i dont want to have sex. The odds are way more than percentige they say.

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Hey John,

I had my vasectomy just north of you in Newmarket. I saw Dr. Jarvi at Mt. Sinai downtown Toronto during my PVPS recovery.

I wouldn’t trust any doctor that claims the probability of risk is 1 in 10,000. That claim is from an old copy of Campbell Walsh urology which has since been debunked by myself.

The claim of no PVPS for 9000 patients is almost certainly bogus. I would question how they got that number if I cared to know, but I would be genuinely shocked if they actually surveyed their patients properly.

I would recommend Dr Jarvi if you are going to get a vasectomy. At the least, Dr Jarvi will be able to assist you properly if you happen to get PVPS.

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good advise MikeO, I resent my wife because of the pressure she put me under and would not accept the fact that it is or was my body, I would never have asked her to get a tubal and that’s were women become unreasonable because they make the choice and say they don’t want another baby, and you get sterilized.
Never would I ever ever do it again mate never, I would leave her first if I had a next time around, the bit apart from the pain that I resent id the ED that followed, I liked sex.

Hey @johnDoe2 am currently still waiting to see Dr. Jarvi not for vasectomy but for PVPS consultant. He seems to be extremely busy… seeing i won’t get into see him for a few months like Sept/Oct… Not sure if you went through with the VAS or not and if so i truly hope all is well.