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I, like many others have been deceived by the over simplification of the vasectomy procedure. Not that I am 9 months post reversal and still in aching pain, it is being suggested that I have Varicocele removed. These developed from the Vas and grew worse after reversal. Can anyone provide some some more detail on this and the change in your anatomy afterwords? Thanks

Hey @GoingNuts, as you likely know, I have never had a varicocelectomy, but I did have a varicocele embolization procedure and regretted it. I posted some images in a thread a while back, and linked it in one of your previous threads. I hope you found some of that interesting and/or helpful.

I know of several men on this site that had a varicocelectomy post vasectomy. Unfortunately the reviews aren’t all positive. Some of them did some other surgical things to themselves beforehand such as denervation, and perhaps that ties into why some of them men didn’t do so well with varicocelectomy. IDK. I wouldn’t let those reviews sway your opinion regarding considering having a varicocelectomy procedure yourself, because in a nutshell, what is posted on this site should not be assumed as anything, nor everything, nor typical. So many men post very little about their stories, so, don’t assume you heard about everything in those reviews. And, as you know, what works for one man may not work for another, and vice versa.

If I had any advice regarding varicocelectomy, I would tell you to search for someone that does that procedure regularly. IMHO, experience is key, and/or practice makes perfect. Varicocelectomy has the best success rate of all varicocele corrective procedures, but it’s not 100%. I have read or heard of men that had the procedure more than once, and in some cases, they never get where they want to be. That’s another reason as to why I suggest finding someone highly experienced with that procedure specifically. Find someone that can hopefully get it right the first time.

And I want you to know that if you read through some varicocele pain forums, you will see that like reversals, etc, recoveries vary man to man. They are or can be quite challenging just like other surgical procedures on that part of a man’s body.

Hopefully someone with some positive personal experience with varicocelectomy for pain will chime in. Until then…

Yes, I am familiar with you embolization and really appreciated the images you shared. I am getting a 2nd surgeon opinion next week, but welcome all first hand testimony from others. What is not clear to me is what veins are being tied off to fix the problem? Are they returning blood from the testicles? And if they are tied off, what is the new path of blood flow?

It’s kind of a funky system down there blood supply and blood flow wise. There are many inlets and outlets and some are tied together (incoming and outgoing). The left side vs the right side are shared to some extent, and anatomically different by default, but structural abnormalities aren’t unheard of.

Best I know, vasectomists do cut through at least one blood supply that runs parallel to the vas while doing the procedure. I’m not sure if that is an incoming or outgoing supply. Urologist’s claim that cutting that supply is harmless :roll_eyes:

Removing and/or tying off the veins that are varicose and bulging, likely on a hypersensitive nerve, is the key. Vascular congestion is a risk, but I’m not thinking it’s as an extreme of a risk as straight up embolization.

I had a guy contact me on my blog years ago that never had a vasectomy, never had any back pain, etc, and regretted his embolization for well over a year. It had a similar effect on him as it did me.

I know of at least one man that never had a vasectomy, and had varicocelectomy several times with no luck with pain relief, but claimed that a final push with embolization did the trick. A classic example of what doesn’t work for one man may work for another.

One way to know if whomever you are consulting with knows wth they are talking about is - they will be able to answer your questions with ease and in a way that makes sense. I’ve had them draw it all out on paper or on an ink board for me in the past. Some of them were clearly moreless trying to sell me a procedure, and had no clue about wth they were really doing, and/or how it all works down there. The guy I choose to do my embolization knew all the details about blood supply, etc, but was clearly uneducated about, or clearly downplaying the inherent risk of vascular congestion.

I’m to rusty to get into all of what varicocelectomy surgeons are doing, looking for, etc, without doing a lot of homework about it before I posted the specifics. Good luck with your second appointment.

Thanks. I’ll post what I learn!

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