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Varicocele, back pain etc. - related to vasectomy?

I have lower back pain and, allegedly, a varicocele on the left side. I came across this forum, after suspecting these issues might be related to a vasectomy I had about 14 years ago. The varicocele can hurt when lied flat, which doesn’t match the usual symptoms. Seen a doctor, and a urologist (because I was stupid enough not to know any better) and, of course, they say it has nothing to do with the vasectomy. Just looking for answers: any help greatly appreciated.

Can anybody help, please? Also, has anybody tried any kind of supplements - I’ve heard horse-chestnut and rutin help?

Not sure what to say buddy. Type keywords into the search bar on this site. That may be helpful to you.

I experienced bad varicocele pain while laying flat after I had my varicocele embolization procedure on my left side. It radiated into my left hip, and down my left hamstring. Not so much localized varicocele pain tho. The side effects lasted many months, perhaps as far out as a year, but got better over time. I didn’t experience that kind of pain while laying flat pre embolization. It was an unexpected side effect.

I’ve never found a supplement that seemed to help varicocele pain. Anything that thins my blood may cause more problems. NSAID’s such as celebrex always helps me.

I know some stuff about varicocele’s. If you have any specific questions, ask.

Edited to mention…

It could be your back pain is the catalyst for for testicular pain, varicocele pain, etc. Or, it could be the other way around, or somewhere in-between. Based on everything I know, have experienced myself, etc, this stuff gets rather trivial.

FYI, I also suffer from lower back pain, a lower back injury, degeneration, etc. In my case, the lower back stuff came many years prior to my vasectomy. For a short time, I experienced varicocele pain many years prior to the vasectomy too.