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Urologist meeting/appointment TOMORROW (6/3/19)

We’re meeting with a urology specialist at OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR) tomorrow morning, 6/3/2019.

On the list of things to discuss is …
GF nerve resection/neurectomy

Low T levels
Scar tissue affect/reduction of
Papaya seed extract/speed reduction
Alpha Lipioc Acid

Anything we should ask? Going on year 5 with zero improvement. Vasectomy in 2014, reversal at OHSU in 2015.



That’s a good, comprehensive list.

I wonder how much or how well a urologist will comment on GF nerve resection/neurectomy. Not many urologists perform spermatic cord denervation, and I bet even fewer perform GF resection.

Very interested to hear his/her view on botox. I’ve gotten good relief from it.

There are studies about radio frequency denervation of spermatic cord.
Please Google below article…

A novel treatment of chronic orchialgia.

Basal S, et al. J Androl. 2012 Jan-Feb.

I can’t sit in a chair for 15 yrs unbearable
Pain it’s totally fucked
Had the left nut removed but pain just migrated to the right, a wasted surgery.
Denervation done 3 yrs later, promised 90% efficacy and received ‘0’. Stressed over whether there was blood flow to the remaining ball—-So It’s not a given!
Result—Pain totally unchanged.
Lyrica used 15 yrs, not even sure what it does. Won’t stop cause Almost imp to get off of due to vicious side effects, many psychotic sleepiness nights for weeks.
Id stick with cheaper Gavapenton if I had a choice.
My best wishes for a terrible situation.