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Urinary Tract Infection? - Update:Urine tested negative for UTI so Prostatitis?


Anyone else had a UTI after vasectomy? The head of my penis has a burning sensation that started yesterday and burns a bit when I pee.

I started on Antibiotics last night, and I really hope this pain is a UTI because my pain level went from a 0-2 to a 4-5.

I hate this whole damn thing…



As a follow-up just talked to Urology office and my urine sample was negative for UTI…so Prostatitis?

And of the course the nurse has no real answers…so much of what is happening is so similar to the many things you have all talked about, same diagnosis, same recommendations, same inability to have any good answers about the actual issue is and when it might bet better…

I’m not prone to depression, but Christ, my head is in a bad place today.

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@SunbeltRed These are all classic symtoms of vasectomy sorry mate. I have had exactly what you are saying and still have it yes it subsides a bit but flares up now and again to. No test ever found UTI or Prostate infection. All i can put it down to is its aggreviation to prostate but no infection. No matter how many antibiotics i got smashed with it did nothing. I wandered if they introduced bacteria in my system because i feel sick all the time but all test found nothing. Mate time may fix you keep fighting. We have lots of options remember that and tread carefully once bitten twice shy. I am off for another go in 2weeks reversal here in Australia i cant live like this. How long ago did you have vasectomy?



@SunbeltRed I’ve got the same symptoms and have had them off and on since my vas over 9 months ago.

I’m in Canada and for some reason we don’t really have the level of PVPS denial amongst docs that exists in the US, so although I was initially treated for possible prostatitis, my cultures came back negative and both uro’s I’ve seen have told me ‘if this started after the vas, then the vas caused it.’

Two weeks of antibiotics and months of anti inflammatories did basically nothing.

I’m going for a reversal in two months, and hopefully that will be the end of this crap.

Good luck to you brother and try to find a PVPS doc in your area, most uro’s have no idea what to do about PVPS patients.



@Loz - Thanks for the response. I had my vasectomy 9 weeks ago (early May). Was there anything you did to help manage some of the pain? Did you take any medications or anything?

Will this be your first reversal? Have you had any other surgeries done?



@vasregret - Good luck on the reversal. Where are you having it done at? Does the doctor think that it could help with the burning pain?

Also meant to add: I don’t think the Urologist knows what to do with me. They just keep saying wait, wait, wait. But without giving me any good evidence or facts to back up their strategy.



I’m having the reversal done at Mt. Sinai hospital in Toronto by Dr. Keith Jarvi. He’s probably the #1 PVPS guy in Canada and arguably one of the best in the world.

He flat out told me that the penis pain was unusual, but it could be referred pain, or perhaps CRPS.

He also said that he really doesn’t know if a reversal will fix me, but it’s a logical first step to try and ‘undo’ the damage that’s been done. He also literally said we have to ‘roll the dice’ and find out what’s next.

Sadly, no one really knows for sure what causes this or what will work to treat this. It sucks.

One thing Dr. Jarvi told me about waiting is that if you don’t start improving by 6 months, you’re probably not going to get better without surgery. They also have higher success rates with pain resolution the earlier it is treated, so you may want to find yourself a PVPS aware uro instead of sticking with your original guy.



This post prompted me to join this forum. I had my vasectomy on 2/16/17. My recovery was fairly normal, in that i returned to running and exercising about 6 weeks post vasectomy. From 6-10 weeks I was feeling pretty good, although the left testicle was still a bit tender and the left epi was swollen, but not sensitive to touch. At 10 weeks, I developed some dull pain on the back side of the left testicle, which freaked me out a bit (i’m underselling that, I freaked the f out). Then at 12 weeks, I developed the classed ‘prostatitis’ symptoms…that sitting on a golfball feeling, and the urethra pain/urgency to urinate. The uro who completed the procedure of course thinks its insane to suggest that there’s any connection between my prostatitis symptoms and the vasectomy, and if they were connected, they’d be listed as one of the potential side effects, lol. This prompted me to consult with Dr. P at the PUR Clinic…more on that later. It’s worth noting I’ve never had prostate problems before, albeit I did have a bit of an overactive bladder at times.

The initial prostatitis flair up was pretty bad, but Bactrim knocked it down 95% almost immediately, but the symptoms returned when the Bactrim cycle ended. I also took meloxicam concurrently. Hard to say if that was effective, as the symptoms seemed to be dependent on taking Bactrim, and i continued meloxicam for weeks after with little effectiveness. I’ve tested negative for infection and my bladder is draining ok.

The local uro put me on flomax, which proved to be very effective for the first week, but since then its effectiveness has waned a bit. I’m still taking it for another two weeks. Flomax had some side effects early, but all of those side effects subsided, along with the effectiveness of the drug. I’m also taking an over the counter prostate supplement called Prosta Q. This also seemed effective for about a week, but who knows if that’s just placeba effect.

Anywho, my symptoms are manageable, but uncomfortable at times. I’ve found stretching (multiple time every day), yoga and running are helpful in my case, which is also good for morale. The burning urethra/golf ball feeling come in waves, but haven’t been as bad as that initial flare up. My left epi is still really swollen and has been since day 1, but doesn’t seem to cause pain, and my left testicle pain has disappeared. I’ve even lost the tenderness that kept me in scrotal support for the first 12-16 weeks. I’m fortunate compared to many on this forum, but keeping realistic that things could get better, or worse.

But the prostatitis/CPPS symptoms remain, and it’s been 2.5 months. I consulted with Dr P earlier this week, and he says these symptoms are very common his patients PVPS. I’m going to finish out this cycle of flomax, then give his Cialis/Oxytocin blend a try, and perhaps try the medrol dose packs at some point. The goal is to calm down the nerves and inflammation as possible and hope my body adjusts.

I don’t even want to think about reversal right now. Although I’d be curious to see how reversals worked out where the prostatitis/CPPS were the only symptoms you had. Perhaps I just had a stress induced prostate/pelvic floor inflammation, but I probably know better. I’m trying to keep a positive attitude and do everything i can to attack these symptoms. If the pain levels remain ok, I’ll re-assess at a year post v and go from there.



Thanks MountainMan.

Do you have any burning pain in your penis at all? That’s what’s killing me right now. It has subsided a bit (I hate to even write this because so far my gambling luck seems pretty bad) since Wednesday, but it comes and goes in waves. I haven’t noticed that if feels like I’m sitting on anything, but my groin area just feels swollen and tight.

I gotta believe that the increase in my general level of anxiety is not helping my nerves one bit, but I haven’t figured out how to calm down (my blood pressure has been high the last few dr. visits).

You feel the consult with Dr. P was worthwhile? I think I might set something up for next week.



Yes, the way I describe it is a burning in the urethra. It comes and goes, and is definitely the worst symptom i’ve experienced.

Not sure how long you’ve been on antibiotics, but they tend to have some pretty strong anti inflammatory properties, so that may knock down your symptoms after a few days. It did for me, even though it returned after i stopped. In reading this site a bit, everyone’s experience is different in response to medications, in addition to the levels of pain felt. Just having a few days break from the symptoms allowed me to gather my thoughts and not totally freak out. Stress makes everything worse, so try to keep a level head.

I went to Dr P because I wanted to hear from someone who won’t deny this could be related to the vas. I found getting some additional input and alternative treatments to what my local Uro was offering to be comforting. They book out several weeks, however. I’ve been dealing with this for nearly three months and just talked to him for the first time this week. I have seen some results from current treatments, so didn’t feel the need to rush.

Right now, I’m using the local uro to rule out potentials causes, such as infections, bladder stones, etc. His initial recommendations were fine, in my opinion…Try antibiotics and anti-inflams. Moved on to Flomax now. I need to get him to buy into Pelvic Floor PT next if this hangs on a bit longer.



@SunbeltRed My reversal will be done in Sydney Australia here by Fertility doctor Robert Woolcott who does high volume reversals and he also treats PVPS people like us. Mate there is 50/50 chance i will get better, not good odds but i need to move cant live like this. I tried every medicine imaginable to get me by. I can assure you antibiotics do nothing its not infection.if you can tolerate i stress IF because they are terrible drugs try nerve calming medicine. It made me very sick and suicidal, but we all different. Tramadol, and long lasting endone. But at the end of the day its only a bandaid it wont fix you. 9 weeks you are very early do NOT do anything invasive till 6 months. I have had cord blocks, nerve blocks etc with steroid to calm things but did very little. Mate but at only 9 aeeks you may get better with time ride it out. I hate saying that line because i sound like a doctor that said that to me and continually lied to me. It does subside with time though or maybe i have learned to live with this shit. I am a changed man to before vas with all my issues. It even takes time to piss now dribble dribble lol no pulling up on side of road for quick piss it takes me 5 minutes. Anyhow all the best buddy keep strong.

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@SunbeltRed I wouldn’t rule out infection just because your uro had you pee in a cup. Did the vas alter your bladder or your reproductive system? Is your penis only used for urine? Personally, I’d ask for an ejaculation culture.

My wife has gotten 3-4 UTI’s since my vasectomy 2.6 years ago. Prior to that, she’d had one UTI in 13 years of marriage. One could argue that we have more condom free sex now. The truth is, we’ve got 4 kids and condoms were only used for the first three years of marriage and not much after that.

In 2009 during her second pregnancy, my wife tested positive for group B strep. This isn’t an std but rather a bug that lives in the reproductive tract. It can be difficult to rid of and can have a large impact on the baby during delivery. OB/GYN take this bug very seriously.

I’ve had 4-5 urine cultures and never once tested positive for UTI. After my wife’s last UTI, I talked my doc into an ejaculatiin culture. Surprise, surprise, my ejac tested positive for group B strep.

Imagine you pick this bug up 10 years ago and it infiltrates the seminal vesicles, vas, and testicles. Every time you blow your load, not only are you releasing bacteria but you are lowering concentrations of bacteria in your epididymis (life is good). You cut the vas and end up with an isolated stagnant petris dish inside your testicles. The bug is still thriving in your seminal vesicles. Retrograde orgasm pushes bugs into your prostate (ouch) and you forget to pee after sex leaving bacteria in your urethra. After a few days it really starts to burn. You go to your favorite urologist and they have you pee MIDSTREAM and tell you your bladder is clean and you are negative for UTI.

See any problems? Urine tests are for bladder. Vasectomies don’t involve the bladder.

Take it a step further. This body was once isolated from the rest of your body via the blood testis barrier. The vas broke this barrier and now the bug is holed up in your epididymis and leaching systemically. Medicine knows it’s hard to get meds through this barrier yet they still try and do it with a pill.



@Choohooo this is all possible yes. How did you get treated for that strep? And yes i understand the pipe is blocked now etc after vasectomy but i have taken enough antibiotics to kill a cow/horse and still did nothing. And my first 6 months i was always steering towards infection but now as time goes on i am thinking no its not because infection brings fever, or blood tests should show raised white blood cells and abnormalities in prostate etc. But i have had every test possible and nothing. But i wont write it off anything is possible.



I have not been treated at this point. I’ve considered vesicles flushing and epididymal injections but I’m hesistant to do that for obvious reasons. I don’t believe in oral antibiotics for this



Your early into this get a pelvic floor pt evaluation. Non bacterial chronic prostatitis is not caused by bacteria it is due to pelvic floor spasms and trigger points. Unfortunately most of us develop some type of this due to guarding from the testicle pain or congestion. I’d definitely start with pelvic floor pt to get ahead of things. Worst case they evaluate you and find nothing but I’d lay money that your pelvic floor is in spasms and referring pain to your penis or the spasms are irritating the dorsal branch of the pudendal nerve. Do you have pain sitting? Is some of the pain relieved when sitting on the toilet?(stretches pelvic floor) Look up the book a headache in your pelvis. .antiobiotics are not going to fix anything and usually they prescribe the potent ones which are known to cause ligament tears.

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Update: I had an ultrasound yesterday. The results came back negative for any infection or noticeable lumps. But I do have a Hydrocele in my right testicle, which I guess is indicative of inflammation.

Anyone had a hydrocele before and could that be the cause of some of my pain?



I’ll look into that. My body is super super tense right now, I just have not figured out how to relax at all, especially this week as new pain has popped up. I’m sure being this tense is not helping things at all.



After a year with no noticeable side effects, now for the last 4 years I have been using penicillin for what it seems a recurring it infection. Last year after the antibiotics the pain didn’t go away, the urologist orderd an ultrasound which didn’t show anything wrong, another round of antibiotics and nothing, the pain remained until I finally saw in a forum that a guy started doing exercises for the soas muscle. I checked a routine in Uribe and after doing that for a couple of days, bingo the pain in my lower right , back and testes went away
After a year is back again so I have started with the exercises

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Are any of the guys on this thread still active because I’m experiencing that same burning sensation and it’s horrible. It’s early days. I only had my vas 4 days ago but my penis has been burning now for 24 hours straight. I slept 2 hours last night. Feel awful. Got a fairly sharp ache throughout my lower abdomen as well. I’m just trying to find men who have exeperienced this burning sensation after a vasectomy because there is nothing online about it apart from this specific forum thread!

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You just had your vasectomy done. Just give it some time. Odds are you will feel better within a couple of weeks. Try not to focus on your symptoms do a lot of self-care. Take it easy don’t lift anything heavy do warm soaks in the tub Etc. Stay away from irritants like caffeine and alcohol and spicy foods for a little while.