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Upper quad numbness after vasectomy

Hello everyone,
I’ve been reading through the forum to see if others have experienced something similar to this upper thigh/quadricep numbness I now have post vasectomy.

My right quad is always abit numb and feels tingley. Sometimes it gets worse and is full on numb. Its been about 5 days since my vasectomy and the pain/swelling of my balls/scrotum hasn’t subsided much and is incredibly painful (but I’m sure you all can relate). I’m more concerned with my upper thigh numbness. Did anyone else experience similar numbness? Does it go away? Permanent nerve damage wasnt something I knowingly signed up for.

My urologist said it was normal and to contact him at the end of the week if it doesn’t go away.

He told you this was normal? That’s hilarious. No, this is NOT normal. Perhaps it’s common but it’s not normal. The only reasonable explanation is nerve damage, mostly likely from the ilioinguinal nerve but it could be the genitofemoral nerve. If there’s a lot of swelling and tightness it could be putting pressure on the obturator nerve. I would ice, rest until it heals then start warm soaks. Hopefully the area will relax and take pressure off the area but I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t get sensation back. I hate to be a jerk but numbness it hard to recover from. Tingling is a good sign, numbness is not. Give it 6 months. Nerves can be slow to heal but after 6 months that’s about all you’re going to get. Sorry you are here.

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I get the numbness in right outer thigh but it comes and goes for me. It was worse early on with tingleness but has gotten better over the months. I don’t notice it as often lately. Give it time and rest and hopefully the swelling and inflammation goes down. You might also want to use anti inflammatory to reduce inflammation.

Thanks guys. Ben, how long ago did you get your vasectomy? Just trying to gauge the timeframe to expect.

I’m a litter over 10 months since VAS but my leg numbness hasn’t been a issue in 4 or 5 months. I do get some weakness on that side on occasion. Did you have any trauma or pain during your vasectomy?

I did have some pain when they were working on the left side but the numbness in my thigh is on the right. When I felt the pain he stopped and I think they gave me more anesthesia. I didn’t look but I didn’t have any more pain after that.

I wonder if they could be related?

After my vasectomy I had pain on both sides early on and all the left side pain went away. My pain side now which is right side was the side I was not properly numb which has happened to several on here. My advice would be to take it as easy as possible and give your body time to heal. It could take months. Rest and Ice. Most guys have full recovery. If you can and it’s not going to be easy try to avoid reading this site and thinking worse case scenario and give it a few months. Try to keep the inflammation down as much as possible which could be your main issue.

Thanks. I’m still optimistic that the tingle and numbness will go away. If it doesn’t, I can deal with it. Given the limited info that was in the vas pamphlet and what the result could have been I may be in the luckier side. I’ll post updates as I have new info.

Thanks again

Do you have PVPS on the right side? Mine is on my left and I’ve had a left hip/thigh problem since about 1.5 years after the vasectomy. The theory is that they’re related, although some docs I’ve spoken to think they could be unrelated because the left hip/thigh problem had a late onset.

What is the feeling you get in your thigh? Mine is tingle to numbness. At times I get sharp pain especially unexpectedly at night time… I’m still healing so I’m hoping it goes away but I’m starting to think it’s not going to get better

I have tingling in the thigh usually. Sometimes weakness in the hip. The weakness varies, tingling is pretty consistent. I’ve been to lots of doctors for this, had MRI’s, had shots, nothing works.

I had it done 7 days ago and my left quad is numb and tingly too… same exact thing… that’s what led me to search for this post. Did it go away? Is it still there… also the dates on these posts don’t show a year. So I’m not sure how old these posts are…

Sorry to hear about your pain. I had my vas done January of this year - 2019. For me the numbness stopped after about 4-5 months. It got progressivly less numb over time. After that point I would still get sharp pains when jogging or otherwise moving quickly. 11 months later I don’t get the sharp pain when jogging and the general numbness is gone but there is still a dull pain/numbness after activity. I don’t jog anymore because it’s uncomfortable.

Make sure you find a good sleeping position. I would get sharp nerve pains if I slept in a weird position.

It’ll hopefully get better with time. Good luck.

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Update… everything does seem to be getting better. I haven’t felt the tingling in the past couple days. Numbness seems to be going away. I did take people’s advice and sleep with a pillow in between my legs. I feel like that definitely helped.