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Update post reversal done by Dr. Burroughs 6/26

Hello everyone, it’s been a couple months since I last updated and wanted to do a follow up. I’m pretty much back to normal with the exception of being desensitized on areas of my penis. Not sure if it’s from over masturbation from all the years of not knowing that the vasectomy had messed me, from nerve damage due to the clips tearing up the inside of my ballsack, or just plain old aging (I just turned 44 on October 9th). Either way, I’m in good spirits because my last SA done last week shows that I’m firing on all cylinders and can get someone pregnant LOL. Here is a time line of the results.
Reversal 6/26
1st SA 7/19
Volume 1.3 mL
Total Count 71.5 million
Motility 15 percent
Total Motility 10.7 million
2nd SA 8/26
Volume 1.5 mL
Total Count 85.5 million
Motility 16 percent
Total Motility 13.68 million
(started taking folic acid and 1200 MG of Vit C daily along with high quality multivitamins)
3rd SA 10/23
Volume 1.6 mL
Total Count 113.6 million
Motility 57 percent
Total Motility 64.74 million
Its funny, ICVR Andrologist called it. He said after the first SA that it usually takes up to three months to get back to normal. He recommended staying hydrated and adding folic acid. I read elsewhere that Vitamin C is a sperm creating booster. My multivitamin has everything else I need in it. Like I’ve said before, it was one of my biggest mistakes getting the vasectomy, but literally my best decision was to go to AZ and have it reversed by ICVR. To those on the fence or who have had it reversed, I will say as hard as it is to stay positive during this time, it does help. Any questions I’ll gladly answer. Stay strong brothers… One love


Nice and stable numbers. Fingers crossed for a quick recovery for you mate :crossed_fingers:

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Did you have any bad autoimmune disorder stuff after vasectomy? I’m finally linking insomnia, general feeling not well, itch (thighs, butt area) after ejaculation, joint pain to my vasectomy 11 months ago. Considering reversing very much!

Thanks so much for sharing! I’m interested in how long it took for the fullness feeling / pain from congestion to start to subside or even completely go away? Curious if you felt there was any correlation to the SA numbers and ~4-month period to get to good numbers?

That is awesome. Great post and congrats. You are an inspiration for sure. I will be right behind you on recovery. Thanks for the optimistic post!