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Update - Positive response from cord and nerve blocks


I took a break from the forum for the past few months. I’m sure you can all understand, whether in pain or in remission, there are times to take a break from the PVPS nightmare. At times, it’s like watching cable news these days, all combat, all nerve-wracking, and not a lot of good news. I also didn’t want to jinx myself.

Summary is that I’ve had 2 months of virtually pain-free living while being totally off pain meds. This bout began April 2016. I was reversed June 2006 (not a typo) and recently shot a 78MM sperm count, so I know this isn’t congestive.

My most recent treatments were Dr. P’s botox/steroid cord block in June followed by another in October. Those got me to 50-75% better. On top of that, as a pre-surgery diagnostic, I had a GF block with steroid on 12/31. Unlike typical Pain Management who pride themselves on how little anesthetic and steroid they use, this block was done by a surgeon who coated the GF. @Cartman knows exactly who I’m talking about.

I’m still tentatively scheduled for laproscopic resection of the GF with hernia repair in April but if this trend remains in place, I will cancel.

I thought I’d post this because I’ve seen several other recent threads related to blocks. I’m the first to tell you the odds aren’t great and there are risks from scar tissue. But, considering the alternatives involve mind-altering drugs and/or scalpels, blocks (for me) have proven to have the best risk/reward. YMMV.

I learned the hard way, though, that Pain Management may not be the best place for treatment despite this being their specialty. While PM’s blocks and PRF did relieve my pudendal pain (over a year ago), they did nothing for my GF pain, the main culprit. Yet, four surgeons (Dr. P., Dr. Williams, a uro and a general surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic) were all successful in relieving my pain via blocks.

I was always sedated (nearly out) with the PM blocks, so I don’t know if they used ultrasound or just guessed, but I’m starting to wonder if PM’s block and subsequent PRF on my GF simply missed the mark that the others hit.



Good info and thanks for sharing. Ive seen your recent setbacks through other threads so its great reading that you are pain free right now. Who knows what the future holds so enjoy these moments and hopefully this has resolved everything once and for all!

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Do you know if they remove a part of the nerve during the procedure, or jus cut the nerve with minimal disruption?



Great question. I don’t actually know, and I think it truly depends on the situation. My strong bet is that they remove as little as possible. The two I’ve spoke with both discussed burying the nerve in muscle to prevent formation of a neuroma.

In reflecting on my conversations, I’d really like to know why the one does it laproscopically and the other does not. The one that doesn’t says he almost always cuts (or removes?) the GF and II/IH because of the risk of damage to the good one while cutting the bad one. To me, that sounds like an open surgery approach, not laproscopic. I wonder if, however, the laproscopic minimally-invasive approach prevents some of the dressing up of severed nerve. Benefit is smaller incision, higher risk of re-formation??? I don’t know but will ask next visit.



Was curious, as I’m regaining feeling on my left side after orchectomy now, about 75% back, and wondered whether pain would come back after nerves grew back? Maybe new nerves wouldn’t be as ‘active’ as previously? Idk



Yes they will regrow and find new pathways , just how soon there is no way to predict that. As for “how active they will be” there is no way of telling. I’ve had relief once for one full month post block. I had series of shots into the actual upper torso scar from orchectomy as yourself. But also had some shots into the lower area under scrotum itself. So one month of “pain free” once the surgery block wore off…but then one afternoon I was working and on my feet no more than usual and had weird SHARP throbbing. Only way I can describe it was like I was being stabbed by a small knife/blade or tiny needle. And pain began to radiate over whole inner left thigh region (if you look back in my original story you’ll see that it has been my left side that has been hurting from day of original Vasectomy and really bad the next day. going on 14 years and have some good days and some bad days). Years ago before I found out about and met Dr.P I was going to one Anesthesiologist who was willing to try different combinations of medicines and different dosages. Plus he was only doctor who wasn’t scared to try doing shots into groin. Because the few previous doctors I saw (Pain Management/ Anesthesiologists) kept trying to hit nerve pathways on my hip/back/lower abdomen but none were willing to try under scrotum.
So after having many shots/blocks and different procedures I can tell you that every time it’s a hit or a miss. I have had blocks that didn’t last but some hours and as wife drove back home 7 hours pain returned with a vengeance. As matter a fact I got so tired of trying and trying and bills began to add up that I stopped and just took pain medicine. For last 3 years just “deal with it” with meds but been hurting some days worse than others again and again , even with medicine. And so my dear wife called Dr.P in December 2018 so we could see if any new advancements or shots can be done differently or different medications. We made an appointment and came to see Doc once insurance and all went through.
Dr. Parekattil was able to do few blocks/shots into the scar site (from orchectomy) and groin again as before. And I can happily report that scar area is still feeling numb(better than before) and groin under scrotum area is also numb but like the usual throbbing has been dialed down to dull. So shots Dr.P administered worked and whichever medication or dosage used are much better than many times before. I just hope and pray this stays like that for long period and I don’t have that “stabbing pain” return