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Unwanted painful tissue after orchiectomy (inguinal)



After my unilateral inguinal orchiectomy I have a piece of hard tissue the size of a unpeeled peanut that is attached to the scrotum and narrows down to a string like soft tissue that dissapears in to my lower abdomen. Any idea what this could be. I passed 3 urologists but no result so far.


does it cause any pain? did the orchiectomy reduce PVPS? are you on TRT?


Yes - yes but no total relief - yes with gel


I had all sort of lumps and bumps including pains in the areayou are describing up to a year after my orchiectomy. All good now, hardly any pain at all, a bit numb, but that’s slowly coming back


It could be scar tissue if the testicle adhesed itself after the epididymectomy…i know mine did and was torn of when it was removed after and i do have some scar tissue inside there.

I still have what feels like phantom pain most of the time but low level not bad…when I sit it starts to get bad like 4/10 after about 10 minutes (no idea if its that tissue cause it or not.

Phantom type pain increases with any lifting at all…and pulled muscle pain at scar if any lifting and after long sitting.

7 months now, i think we are both still early days because of or previous surgerys.